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K-Health Online Doctors Review 2023

Nicky Lowney

In a Nutshell

K-Health represents a novel approach to health care: it's a free smart app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to begin a conversation about your health and find answers based on a database of anonymized patient records. If the app recommends that you connect with a doctor, K-Health connects patients to doctors for the fee-based portion of services. You can get medical treatment from wherever you are; no doctor's office visits required.


  • AI-based app for convenience and speed
  • Affordable medical care on your phone
  • Free diagnostic tool via app


  • AI shouldn’t replace medical opinion
  • May need to answer multiple questions

K Health K Health Visit Site

K-Health at a Glance

How Can I Get Treatment?: Text, phone, app

Urgent Care Fee: $19/$49 annual

Accepted Insurance: No insurance required

Medications Prescribed: Yes

Hour of Operation: 24/7

Follow up Consultations: Yes

How Does K-Health Work?

Move over Google. K-Health is really changing the way patients can check their symptoms and reach out to doctors. It eliminates the need to wait for appointment availability, trek down to the doctor's office, wait in line, and discuss your symptoms or condition with a doctor in person.

Using artificial intelligence, the K-Health app tailors the conversation you have with the system to fit your requirements, symptoms, and condition based on your input. Here's how it works:

  • Download the app; it's free.

  • Start typing your symptoms.

  • K-Health will ask you questions pertaining to your symptoms.

  • Input your answers to get further clarification.

  • K-Health will suggest common treatments for people with your symptoms. The suggestions will be based on several factors, including your symptoms, age, gender, biological traits, body mass, and more.

All of that is free. It’s pretty simple and very straightforward. Additionally, if K-Health thinks you need to speak directly to a doctor, it will connect you to a professional immediately. You can choose to continue or not. There are 2 payment options if you decide you want to speak directly to a doctor.

The reason K-Health works (and is more accurate than a standard Google symptom search) is because it works with a database of more than a billion data points in the health industry. This includes doctor's notes, lab results, treatments, prescriptions, and more. The goal is to empower people to find the most helpful and most accurate information and to avoid misinformation, a common result of Googling your symptoms.

What Does K-Health Treat?

K-Health works with more than 1 billion data points from medical professionals across the spectrum. What this means in plain English is that you can get information and assistance about any medical condition. Whether you’re suffering from psoriasis, pneumonia, or asthma, K-Health experts can help.

What's more, K-Health has an entire section dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic. This includes a listing of symptoms and guidance for stopping the spread of the disease. K-Health also has a symptom heat map that tracks reports of common coronavirus symptoms by county. You can find testing centers near you and read updates from doctors about the virus, as well.

K-Health is not appropriate for medical emergencies in which your life is in clear and present danger. In such situations, you are highly advised to contact 911 or go to an emergency room or urgent care unit immediately.

How Much Does K-Health Cost?

One of the biggest benefits of using K-Health is the cost. You can enter your symptoms, compare your condition, and get an artificial-intelligence generated diagnosis absolutely free. K-Health will also tell you which treatments, medications, and tests helped others with your symptoms recover successfully.

If you want to speak to a medical professional directly, K-Health charges a nominal fee of $19 for the doctor’s visit. That’s incredible because it’s less than the typical co-pay from your health insurance provider. Here’s what’s included in the $19 doctor’s visit from K-Health:

  • Text with a professional doctor within minutes of being requested.

  • Ask your doctor unlimited follow-up questions for 2 weeks after your appointment.

  • Get prescriptions and lab work as needed.

That’s an incredible plan, and the savings just can’t be beaten. Actually, they can, because K-Health offers an annual plan that’s even more impressive. Here’s a look at the pricing plans and their differences:

One-time visit
Annual Plan



$49 per year

For less than $50, you can have access to doctors whenever you want, ask as many questions as you need, get prescriptions, lab work, tests, and more. In our book, that is an incredible savings option.

Does K-Health Take Insurance?

The other benefit we absolutely love about working with K-Health is that it requires no health insurance to be used. You can use the free app without any coverage, of course. But even if you want to use the one-off service or subscribe to the full annual membership plan, you won't need a health insurance provider to proceed. Whether you have health insurance or don't, you'll still only pay $19 per visit or $49 for the year.

K-Health Reviews — What Do People Say? readers give K-Health an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Users are generally "very satisfied with the price and the efficiency of the program." Short wait times, low prices, and friendly medical staff are some of the major advantages pointed out by our readers. However, some lament that the app can be confusing and difficult to navigate. One user (erroneously) pointed out that K-Health does not offer mental health services, which it does as part of its subscription-based membership.

Users on Trustpilot give K-Health an average of 2.4 stars, with opinions split off into two camps - those who are very satisfied with K-Health's service and those who are completely disappointed. Roughly 30% of reviewers sign the company's praises, applauding stellar service, short wait times, and great medical care, while a whopping 60% criticize exactly those aspects of the service.

User satisfaction seems to be heavily reliant on the specific doctor assigned to help you and customer service is often slammed as being non-existent. While K-Health's low prices make it easier to stomach the occasional bad experience, that might not be a risk you're willing to take when it comes to medical care. 

This sentiment is also echoed on the Better Business Bureau's profile of K-Health, which only sports one star. Users complain about being treated by a "rude doctor," electronic prescriptions never arriving, and dissatisfaction with treatment options provided. 

K Health K Health Visit Site

Bottom Line

K-Health is the latest in medical advancement, putting legitimate, accurate, and useful information into the hands of patients everywhere. Using artificial intelligence, K-Health can accurately diagnose your symptoms and advise you on how to proceed. What’s more, for just $19 a visit, you can speak to a medical professional directly, ask questions, and get labs or tests that are required.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does K-Health prescribe medicine?+-

Yes. You can get prescriptions, lab work, and tests from K-Health doctors.

Can K-Health give me a doctor’s note?+-

Yes. K-Health works with medical professionals qualified to write the necessary documentation.

Do I need a subscription for K-Health?+-

No. You do not need a subscription to use K-Health, 1-time services are available.

What hours does K-Health have appointments available?+-


Nicky Lowney is an accredited health communication expert and writer for Top10. Having worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, Nicky specializes in translating complex medical information into content that informs and helps people. Nicky has also written for Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Decision Resources Group, among others.

The author of this article has been paid by Natural Intelligence to write this article. Neither the author nor Natural Intelligence provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or your local emergency number immediately.

K Health customer reviews

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Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

3 years ago

It's good service and I had great experience for this product it's one of the best choice to be satisfied.

3 years ago

Having healthcare service through telecommunications is a big advance. The coronavirus is affecting healthcare.

3 years ago

Khealth was much cheaper than going to my own doctor and using my insurance. I had to wait less than 30 minutes to be seen, the doctor was very friendly, and I was able to get my prescription called into my local pharmacy.

3 years ago

Khealth is my favorite. It provides health services through the most innovative technology.

3 years ago

I really needed to consult a doctor while I'm holed up in my house because of Covid19. Khealth makes everything easier and I'm happy to leave this good review.

3 years ago

I love them and they are awesome and use the latest of the technology and they offer such good help and I love them so much.

3 years ago

I have no dislikes about it. It's free for me to use and that's great wait time it's like about 10 mins or so I'll always use it. The only problem is I have anxiety and they don't work with that.

3 years ago

Because they are very very affordable and they have great products and very very good prices.

3 years ago

I used this app for the first time about a week ago to obtain antibiotics for a tooth abscess. Not only was I very satisfied with the price and the efficiency of the program, but when the first round of antibiotics didn't fix the problem, they called me in a second for no charge!

3 years ago

This is so easy fast and user friendly. This is a customer kind service to use. I truly think that anyone would enjoy using this that has the ability to use it.

3 years ago

Their services and products are very smart and unique. They try their best to to serve the community and to make happy customers.

3 years ago

I'll give them a 4 star rating. They seem like a good company that I would gravitate to personally.

3 years ago

My family loves to use this app to feel more protected like a hand to help us when we need medical issues.

3 years ago

It was okay but seemed really, broad stroked I suppose you could say. Didn't seem personalised like I expected.

3 years ago

They are a good brand they haven't let me down and I appreciate that. They continue to provide the care I need.

3 years ago

A bit hard to understand and negative but overall a great company that I would recommend to others.

3 years ago

Khealth really helped my family in a time of need. It was easy to schedule an appointment and the patient portal was easily accessible.

3 years ago

They are not too good. Have some lack of service. I faced some problems. They should solve that.

3 years ago

They take its customers reviews into account as they are making new positive changes daily to suit customers taste.

3 years ago

It is a great way for me too spend my money.

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