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HeyDoctor Online Doctors Review 2024

Brittany Dick

In a Nutshell

HeyDoctor is a team of doctors, nurses, and researchers that provides basic healthcare services for a fraction of what it normally costs. From lab tests to prescriptions and general healthcare questions, HeyDoctor is available to answer questions and help work through your medical needs without having to go down to a doctor’s office. HeyDoctor has a lot of positive user reviews across the web and board-certified doctors in the network.


  • Healthcare services starting at $20
  • Prescriptions available online
  • Convenient mobile app


  • Services are somewhat limited
  • Not available 24/7

HeyDoctor HeyDoctor Visit Site

HeyDoctor at a Glance

How Can I Get Treatment?: SMS, phone, or computer

Urgent Care Fee: $20-$100

Accepted Insurance: No insurance necessary

Medications Prescribed: Most medications except ADHD, sleep, DEA-scheduled, or pain medications

Hour of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm PT

Follow up Consultations: Available, not included

How Does HeyDoctor Work?

HeyDoctor is a doctor consultation service that works via the web. You can get in touch with a doctor over the phone, computer, or SMS. Here's how it works:

  • Sign up for an account.

  • Tell HeyDoctor about any medical conditions, including symptoms, previous medical history, or other details that may be relevant.

  • You can send this information via the mobile app on your phone, over the computer, or by using the SMS chat feature.

  • The SMS chat is a secure, closed chat available only to you and to your HeyDoctor doctors. Here, you can include any details, including private medical details, without worrying about the information getting to anyone you don’t want to know about it.

  • The doctor will review your situation, make a diagnosis, and update you with their answer.

  • If medication is required, the HeyDoctor doctor will send your prescription to a local pharmacy. Alternatively, the prescription can be mailed to you if you prefer.

  • HeyDoctor can also help you find the local pharmacy where the medication will be least expensive.

HeyDoctor doctors will get back to you within 4 hours of receiving your request on weekdays, or sooner, depending on the volume of cases. On weekends, the wait can be a little longer (HeyDoctor says within 8 hours, though that’s not a guarantee).

We like the HeyDoctor mobile app. It’s well-organized, easy to use, and neatly displays all of the information you need to get your medical issues handled efficiently.

What Does HeyDoctor Treat?

HeyDoctor is not a full-service telehealthcare company like some other brands in this industry. Instead, it focuses mostly on prescriptions and lab testing. Within this field, HeyDoctor offers a great variety of services. Here’s a partial list of what’s available through the system:

  • Anaphylaxis prevention

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Cord stores

  • Eyelash growth

  • Internal condom prescription

  • Hypothyroidism medicine refill

  • Tuberculosis testing and relief

  • HIV testing

  • High cholesterol testing and relief

  • Birth control

  • Hair loss prevention and regrowth

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Vitamin D screening and treatment

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Metabolic performance analysis

  • Acne treatment

  • Naloxone for opiate overdose

  • Treatment to help quit smoking

  • Hepatitis C screening and referral

  • Pre-diabetes testing and referral

  • Find out your blood type

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) screening and triage (available in most states

HeyDoctor doesn’t address immediate medical emergencies either.

How Much Does HeyDoctor Cost?

Service prices range from $20-$100, with most in the $20-$30 range. Here’s a partial chart of HeyDoctor pricing:

Appointment type
Price per visit

Urinary tract infection


Internal condom prescription


HIV testing


Vitamin D screening and treatment


Metabolic performance analysis


Hepatitis C screening and referral


Birth control


Hair loss prevention and regrowth


These are decent prices if you are used to paying the co-pay on high deductible or high premium healthcare insurance policies. It is even more reasonable when you compare it to out of pocket prices (i.e., without any insurance). Some telehealthcare services offer more bang for your buck, offering monthly or annual subscription plans that work out cheaper than one-off visitation charges. However, compared to other types of services within the same niche, HeyDoctor is moderately priced.

What is unique about HeyDoctor is that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the service you receive, you’ll get your money refunded without question. As mentioned, HeyDoctor will work with you to find the pharmacies that offer your medication or treatment plan at the lowest rates.

Does HeyDoctor Take Insurance?

HeyDoctor does not require any health insurance in order to sign up or use these services. You cannot currently use health insurance to cover the actual doctor’s visits, though, you can usually use your health insurance to cover the prescriptions you are picking up.

What Do People Say About HeyDoctor?

“Helped me in a pinch! It was a Sunday and we’ve got a hurricane headed our way on Wednesday so there was no chance of getting in to see a doctor. I downloaded the app, gave my symptoms, took the photo with my ID, paid $20 and they sent me in a script for antibiotics. Easy!”

“I have been in the medical/pharmaceutical industry for 20 years. I am very proud of the accomplishments in terms of discovery of new beneficial treatments.I’m not proud however of the costs and difficulty in accessing these treatments. This is my first experience with your service and am extremely satisfied and impressed! Thank you for making the process much more accessible!”

“I was skeptical at first, but the doctor was able to call in antibiotics in under an hour. The medicine is working. I’ve recommended this app to all of my family and friends.”

HeyDoctor HeyDoctor Visit Site

HeyDoctor FAQs

Q: Does HeyDoctor prescribe medicine?

A: Yes, HeyDoctor prescribes many medications, including allergy, anti-inflammatory, and UTI antibiotics. It does not prescribe DEA-scheduled medicines, sleep or pain medications, or ADHD medications.

Q: Can HeyDoctor give me a doctor’s note?

A: HeyDoctor cannot give you a doctor’s note, though it does state that most patients can use their visit history as proof of illness.

Q: Do I need a subscription for HeyDoctor?

A: No, you can sign up and use the system whenever you want.

Q: What hours does HeyDoctor have appointments available?

A: Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm PT

Saturday-Sunday from 10am-5pm PT

Bottom Line

HeyDoctor is a convenient service if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your medications filled or refilled. While it doesn't offer the same extensive medical care appointments as some more involved telehealthcare services, HeyDoctor does provide a wide range of prescription and treatment services with the convenience of being online. Plus, HeyDoctor will send your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy. So, you can pick up your medications within a few hours.

Brittany Dick writes for Top10.com and is a once full-time, professional communicator turned freelance writer who specializes in crafting accurate health, wellness, and nutrition information. Since entering the freelance realm, Brittany has helped healthcare professionals tell the most impactful stories of their brand and deliver valuable health education to online audiences across the country.

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