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Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction 2021

According to studies cited by, erectile dysfunction (or ED) affects anywhere from 0.33% to 52% of men at some point during their lives. 

Though erectile dysfunction becomes more common with age, young people are not exempt and ED has been known to affect men of all ages and lifestyles. There are many factors believed to contribute to ED, ranging from physical conditions to emotional and psychological factors. For example, erectile dysfunction may be caused by everything from high blood pressure and low testosterone to depression, anxiety, poor diet, and stress. 

Erectile dysfunction is a sensitive topic and many men find it difficult or too personal to discuss with those closest to them. Today’s online doctors have made it easier for men to address the issue in a relaxed, discreet, and most importantly, professional forum. 

Why Speak to an Online Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be an alarming and confusing issue. To make matters worse, it’s a sensitive topic that many men don’t feel comfortable discussing with friends, family, partners, or even their family doctors. Telemedicine can be a healthy and approachable way to sidestep these concerns, allowing you to ask questions and get advice, treatment, and ED medicine in comfort. Some questions you may have include:

  • Is there something wrong with me?
  • What’s causing my ED?
  • What can I do to stop it?
  • Are ED medicines a viable solution?
  • Are there side effects to ED medicines?
  • What other steps can I take to manage my ED? 
  • How Can an Online Doctor Help You with ED?

Speaking with a board-certified physician, even remotely, can help you address and treat ED. They’ll listen to your issues and determine which if any treatments are appropriate, taking into account factors such as your age, diet, preexisting health conditions, and lifestyle. These discreet consultations offer many benefits for those hesitant to visit a doctor in person or discuss sensitive topics such as erectile dysfunction. Here are a few ways an online doctor may help:

  • Assess the problem and offer treatment advice
  • Help you understand the cause of your ED
  • Prescribe ED medication
  • Provide refills on ED medications 
  • Help you explore habits and lifestyle choices that can address the issue 
  • Direct you to professional resources to learn more about managing ED

How Do Online Doctors Work?

Online doctors embrace the use of technology for the better good of medical treatments. Using an online platform, patients can chat with a doctor, get a diagnosis, and receive treatment for a wide range of medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction. There are a few ways to get medical services via an online doctor, including text messaging, phone consultations, video chat, and submitting online requests.

Many services will let you send in a message containing your symptoms, current medical condition, or medical concerns and questions directly to a doctor via the online platform. Your messages will be reviewed by a doctor and responded to accordingly. This is the most efficient method if you’re just looking for direct answers to a particular question or a prescription for medications you need.

Alternatively, if you want to actually have a proper doctor’s appointment, you can use one of 2 methods, phone, or video chat. Here’s how that works:

  • Schedule an appointment for the near future or send in a request for an immediate appointment.
  • If you request an immediate appointment, then you’ll be put on the waiting list and seen by the next available doctor.
  • If you schedule an appointment for the near future, most telehealth services will allow you to pick the doctor you want to see. This is a great feature as it will allow you to select a doctor you may already be familiar with and are more comfortable with.
  • When you see the doctor, they’ll discuss your symptoms or medical condition in depth. You’ll be asked clarifying questions such as medical history or family history, lifestyle habits, diet, and more—anything that’s relevant to your treatment.
  • The doctor will diagnose your medical condition and recommend a treatment plan suited for your condition.
  • If you require any medication, the doctor will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy closest to you for pick-up. Most online healthcare services will provide same-day pick-up for medications.

Online healthcare services provide a convenient platform that includes all of your medical history and treatment history in one easy-to-access place.

How Much Do Online Doctors Cost?

There are generally 2 different types of pricing models when it comes to online doctors' appointments and medical services: the monthly plan/membership or the one-off rate.

  • Subscription plans and memberships

Some telehealth services offer monthly or annual subscription plans. If you tend to visit the doctor more than once a month, have a chronic condition that needs regular medical attention, or require frequent medications, then a subscription plan is the most cost-effective option for you. These online medical services give you unlimited access to all of the medical services provided for a single flat rate. This is also a good option for people who like to ask a lot of questions, have frequent medical concerns, or like to be in touch with the doctor when you are sick.

These services can range from $19 per month to $100. You can also sign up for annual plans ranging from $50-$1,200, depending on the services you require and number of people you want to cover (i.e., check out the family plans).

  • One-off fees

Alternatively, many online medical service providers work on a one-time payment basis. When you use the service, you pay. When you don't, you don't. If you don't generally visit the doctor very often, are generally healthy, or don't have any major medical conditions to worry about, this might be a better option than paying for a full subscription (though not always). Depending on how much the per-service fee is, you may be able to find monthly or annual subscriptions that are cheaper than the one-off fee. So, do your homework.

Prices per visit will also vary depending on the type of doctor’s appointment you want. For example, everyday or urgent care appointments will generally cost you less than a mental health session. Prices range from $55 a visit up to $299.

It's also worth noting that many online doctors' services work with your health insurance or employee health plan. If that's the case, the cost of visits, services, and sometimes membership will be covered, making telehealthcare services an obvious choice.

Why Should I Choose an Online Doctor?

Telehealth services are growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to understand why. Here are a few of the benefits of using telemedicine platforms over the more traditional doctor’s visit:

  • Convenience

You can book an appointment whenever you need one, talk to a doctor online, and get treatment all from the comfort of your own home, your office, or wherever you are.

  • Time

You don’t have to sit and wait in a doctor’s office or waiting room, wait for an appointment slot to open up, and wait for results. Everything is done on your schedule, and your medical e-card is automatically updated after each visit.

  • Availability

Most telehealth services work with a network of doctors, so someone is available 24/7 to help. Many platforms also offer unlimited messaging or free follow-ups so you can ask a doctor questions even after you've received a diagnosis. 

  • Affordability

Finally, telehealth services come at a fraction of what you’ll pay for urgent care or emergency room treatments. In fact, many of these services are cheaper than your average co-pay with your health insurance. With flat monthly subscriptions, you get unlimited access to medical professionals and services whenever you want.

Online Doctors: The Wave of the Future

Telehealth services are providing Americans with an easier, faster, and more convenient way to get the medical treatment they need. And with affordable pricing plans, 24/7 availability, and large networks of compassionate, board-certified, and professional doctors, online doctor’s appointments are the next step in evolutionary medical treatments for everyone.