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Eileen Bailey

In a Nutshell

Rocket Lawyer is a groundbreaking company that offers legal services for the general public. From drafting legal contracts and documents to protecting your intellectual property, planning your estate, or handling a messy divorce, Rocket Lawyer is available to help with all your legal needs. Users can expect fast responses, easy communication methods, and discounted rates while dealing with professional, practicing lawyers with this service.


  • Free 7-day trial and free 30-minute consultation
  • On-Call attorney network for quick legal advice
  • Unlimited document revisions and copies


  • Must file legal docs on your own
  • Not enough info about the practicing attorneys

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Best For?

  • Small businesses that are just getting started
  • Medium-sized businesses that need various legal assistance
  • Anyone who needs legal advice for a minimal fee

What Does Rocket Lawyer Provide?

Rocket Lawyer has a tremendous variety of legal services available to businesses and the general public. For new businesses that are just starting out, Rocket Lawyer can be particularly beneficial. Some of the most frequently used services for new businesses include:

  • Starting an LLC, non-profit, C-Corp, S-Corp that covers statewide legalities
  • Drafting a legally-binding business contract such as non-disclosure agreements, release of liability forms, or independent contractor agreements
  • Property rentals, including lease agreements, eviction notices, or applications for rentals
  • Intellectual property protection, including patents or trademarks

Larger businesses or more established ones can make use of additional services from Rocket Lawyer including:

  • Electronic signature tool
  • Library of legal documents
  • Online document builder
  • Cloud storage for e-files
  • Legal consultation and document review
  • Incorporation filing
  • Registered agent service
  • Idea protection
  • Property rental

Individuals can also benefit from Rocket Lawyer’s legal guidance for personal use, including:

  • Divorce contracts, child custody forms, or other family law matters
  • Estate planning (creating last wills and testaments, establishing power of attorney, or creating a living will)
  • Worker’s compensation settlements
  • Money lending, promissory notes, debt collection, debt settlement agreements, etc.
  • Property transactions that can include buying or selling a home, quitclaim deeds, purchasing agreements, and more

Online Divorce 

Rocket Lawyer offers free step-by-step instruction for creating and submitting a legally binding divorce settlement agreement. The entire document can be created, shared, and signed online as long as circumstances meet certain criteria including that both parties have agreed to the divorce and have already discussed division of assets. Rocket Lawyer also offers marriage separation agreements, demand for alimony payments forms, and on-call legal services for family law matters that require more in-depth guidance.

Pricing Plans for LLC Formation

Rocket Lawyer offers premium memberships or pricing for individual services. Premium membership gives you access to all of the services available from Rocket Lawyer - either at a discount or free.

Premium Membership
Legal documents: online sign in, downloadable, printable versions
Document Defense
$9.99 per document
Ask a lawyer service
$49.99 per question
30-minute consultation
$59.99 per consultation
Hire an on-call attorney
Varies based on case
40% discount
Business filing
Free for new members, 25% discount after
Registered agent services
25% discount

As you can see, the premium membership is a good value if you are interested in any of these services. Premium membership is available for free for a seven-day trial.

When you sign up, you will also gain access to the company's legal document library, a tomb of hundreds of legal forms and documents at your disposal. In addition to this, you can access a huge network of legal articles, legal dictionary terms, and the website's ever-informative legal blog. Members also have access to a team of attorneys from the Rocket Lawyer legal directory.

Rocket Lawyer Background

The legal system was created to help people. But with so many factors, laws, and regulations that vary from state to state, situation to situation, and year to year, most people are at a lost when it comes to legal matters. Rocket Lawyer founder Charley Moore had a mission to change that. His goal was to bring affordable, accessible, and unambiguous legal services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Launched in 2007, Rocket Lawyer has built a rock-solid reputation for offering professional, courteous, and affordable legal services to businesses that otherwise couldn’t afford such assistance. More than a decade later, Rocket Lawyer holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, positive reviews from its users, and all the social acclaim you could ask for.

What Customers Say About Rocket Lawyer

Here are a few reviews from previous Rocket Lawyer users to give you an idea about what customers think of their services:

“What amazing customer service! **** **** was fast, efficient, friendly and helpful and took care of my concerns immediately. Wish I could give 10 stars!” - Elizabeth, 12/11/2017

“I believe they offer an outstanding service, and they are very helpful and professional about it as well.” - Bilal F., 04/27/2017

“These folks are AMAZING! I'm a newly paid member and needed some documents filed for my new business. Every time I called with a question they were there to answer. No long time holding on the line. Even when I sent an email I got a quick response. The process of filing my docs through them went smooth, fast and easy. I'd give them a BILLION stars if I could.” - Destinee N., 10/17/2017

Customer Service

Rocket Lawyer has excellent customer service, including multiple support channels. You can reach out via email, phone, or online to one of the on-call attorneys and expect a quick response (guaranteed within one business day).

You can search through Rocket Lawyer's tremendous knowledge base, which is packed with articles, tutorials, and FAQs that address every question imaginable. Additionally, you can hire a lawyer if you want more personalized or more involved customer support.

Rocket Lawyer FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Rocket Lawyer:

Are documents stored on Rocket Lawyer’s website secure?
Yes. Rocket Lawyer uses state of the art security technologies to keep all information safe and protected. Practices include Secure Socket Layers for all data transfers, 128-bit AES encryption, and other policies that safeguard your information.

When I create a document on Rocket Lawyer, are they legally-binding and enforceable?
Absolutely. Rocket Lawyer has a thorough process that involves walking you through each step to make your documents legal and enforceable. There is a convenient legal checklist to follow, instructing you how to make legally-binding documents - according to each state and situation.

What types of legal services does Rocket Lawyer offer for businesses?
Rocket Lawyer has a wide range of services tailored to fit business needs. Some of these services include selling products or services, reducing business liability risks, collecting payments, changing or enforcing contract terms, managing taxes, responding to tax audits, and managing business finances. For a full list of business operations, consult the Rocket Lawyer website.

How quickly are documents drafted by Rocket Lawyer accessible to me?
Immediately. Upon completion of a document on Rocket Lawyer, it becomes immediately accessible online. You can print or download the document for more convenient use.

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Bottom Line

An easy to use platform, Rocket Lawyer is an affordable option for businesses (or individuals) that want to get professional legal advice or services on a budget. Services are extensive, covering every aspect of personal and business law, including LLC start up, tax filing, contract enforcement, and estate planning.

Additionally, Rocket Lawyer offers timely and informative customer support. With premium membership or one-off pricing, discounts on lawyer fees, and a 7-day free trial, Rocket Lawyer makes it easy for everyone to get the legal services they need.

Eileen is a freelance legal writer who writes for She earned a BA in English Literature on the mean streets of the University of South Dakota in 1983, and that’s the degree of which she’s most proud. Finally, her daughter studied modern dance and her son studied game design in college, and they are both currently gainfully employed.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Guadalupe, NC
a year ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Very good quality service, which has been conducted profesionally and with in timery maner. Gave us the help we needed on some legal info

Hudson, FL
a year ago

They showed me how to complete every thing that I needed to legally create some forms. They helped create a lease and also start a business. Their customer service was awesome too.

Billy, NY
a year ago

RocketLawyer is a very good one. They have easy access. Good value for money. Very nice customer service too.

Allison, MN
a year ago

They meet your every need and are very quick and efficient. They take care of their clients. Help you problem solve situations, and don't over charge for the services they provide.

Jayda, CO
a year ago

I like the brand very much and I give RocketLawyer five stars because it helps people to give their opinions.

Nancy, VA
a year ago

I haven't used RocketLawyer for over 5 years. Their documents are always professional easy to comprehend and they offer online fill in sentences customers can fill in details and everything that needs to be done.

Natasha, CT
a year ago

The best at what they do and very flexible. The customer service is very helpful and very refreshing.

a year ago

They do amazing work. Very good company and they really get the people's attention with the reliability of their work.

Kaes, FL
a year ago

Everything was easy and customer service was great. I give them a 100 percent for everything for helping legal documents.

Anonymous, FL
a year ago

I've always been the type to research everything myself. I love the fact that I can perform (to an extent) my own legal work with the help of highly trained individuals.

a year ago

Very easy to use online and the forms are terrific. I have used the forms for everything from a will to research for a lawsuit.

Dulce, NY
a year ago

I gave them a high rating becuase of their polite service and very low rates. They offer the best service when it comes to online business documents/legal service

Garrett, NC
a year ago

This service let me find and pick a lawyer in my area fairly quickly. I was sceptical about the service but it worked out well. Not guilty.

Ishaan, CA
a year ago

Very usefuly and with good features. It is a good choice for me, attractive and impressive.

Jaime, WV
a year ago

I have had all my questions answered with a high degree of success. They have also provided me with help with several legal documents for my family, including updating my will, and setting up a power of attorney for my grandparents. I've also had very pleasant experiences with the customer representatives, who are always very polite and considerate.

Kelvin, CA
a year ago

I am happy with there performance. I really enjoy there service. It's a brand that always help me do my work.

Melissa, MO
a year ago

They are authentic and professional everytime I use their services. I love using them to help with any questions and problems I have for them.

Naya, PA
a year ago

RocketLawyer has excellent customer service and has a great deal on prices and how to get things done.

Camila, CA
a year ago

I gave RocketLawyer a rating of two because my experience with this company was unpleasant to say the least.

Alaric, CA
a year ago

It is not so easy to use but I think that it is worth it, the customer service is excellent and it is affordable.

22 reviews