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Nolo Review

In a Nutshell

Nolo is a publishing company based in California that helps its customers create legal books and software packages to simplify their legal processes. Through its online platform, you can also create wills, powers of attorney documents or incorporate LLCs. As a company, Nolo has a long history of providing discounted legal services, but is it good at what it does? Find out in this comprehensive Nolo review.


  • Create detailed guides and legal encyclopedia
  • Huge attorney matchmaker network
  • Well-established company with a long positive history


  • ‘Find a Lawyer’ service doesn’t always work perfectly
  • Not BBB accredited

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Best for?

Nolo is perfect for new business owners and for anyone looking to take care of their legal matters on their own. It’s also a good place to learn more about law without needing confusing legal jargon.

What Does Nolo Provide?

Nolo offers legal forms, books, ebooks, and software. These are all easy to understand and promise to help you gain a better understanding of the law. But that’s not all, this platform can also be used to create custom legal documents such as wills.

For Businesses

Nolo provides a wide range of products designed specifically for businesses. Customers report great success with its LLC formation services which can be used to incorporate a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) in any of the 50 states. Nolo actually has several different incorporation filing options and, on the Nolo website, these are presented clearly along with guides to help you find the right type of business for your needs.

However, what makes Nolo unique is its product bundles. For example, Nolo’s Home Business Bundle is a set of books that will guide you through the basics of general business organization and explain how corporate tax deduction can work for you. Another great bundle is the Start and Run an LLC set which will show you how to submit all the paperwork required to form an LLC on your own.

For Individuals

Nolo’s best-selling services are, in fact, those aimed at individuals and families. Its will and trust making software, called Quicken WillMaker & Trust 2020, is incredibly well-reviewed and perhaps the best DIY estate planning option available for US customers today.

If you’re going through a divorce or custody battle, Nolo’s ebooks and guides are a great option to keep you fully aware of your rights. The material will get you ready to deal with the complex procedural aspects of custody and divorce hearings.

Pricing Plans for LLC Formation

While some Nolo products can guide you through your own LLC formation, as mentioned above, you can also simply purchase an all-inclusive incorporation package from Nolo. There are 2 different LLC formation and filing options, priced at $99 and $299 respectively.

Name Check
EIN Number Application
Member Certificates and LLC Seal
Express Processing

The Nolo Premier package likely represents the best value for most customers given that Federal Tax ID/EIN numbers are a legal requirement for any US-based corporation. Note that state filing fees are not included in either package, nor are they refundable.

Nolo Background

Nolo was originally created in the ‘60s to help those who didn’t qualify for free legal aid and couldn’t afford an attorney. Its founder, Ed Sherman, began making DIY legal guides for individuals and families to help correct disparities in legal representation.

Since then, Nolo has moved into creating legal software and other do-it-yourself legal services. It now offers access to a directory of US-based lawyers with specialties in all areas of the law. Nolo has also expanded the number of guides it offers and produces a comprehensive online legal encyclopedia.

Unfortunately, Nolo is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau where, at the time of writing, it holds an A- rating. On Trustpilot Nolo has mixed reviews. Generally, people seeking affordable legal help have come away mostly satisfied. Most negative Trustpilot complaints are from lawyers who are unhappy with Nolo’s lead generation.

What Customers Say About Nolo

“I have also used Nolo books on divorce, corporations, and patents going back almost 10 years. I found them all to be very helpful. The online resources are equally good. I recommend Nolo to anyone who is looking for good legal information.”
 - Steven Silverman

“Not having to pay every professional exorbitant fees for every Q&A dialogue, is serving the worldwide community in a meaningful way, to the ultimate advantage of society as a whole.”
 - Maury Solel

Customer Service

Nolo has customer service and technical support teams ready to resolve any purchase issues or software problems you run into. Its customer service and technical support departments are available during PT working hours through an online ticket service.

Unfortunately, there is no Nolo phone support for technical or legal issues. The Nolo billing department is the only one with a public phone number.

Nolo FAQs

Are Nolo products legal?

Yes. Nolo ensures the legal validity of its products with a team of lawyers who keep Nolo’s products up to date with current regulations and laws.

Will Nolo software products work on my Mac?

Only WillMaker Plus 2017 has a macOS version. Other software packages are Windows-only. However, Nolo eBooks and eForms should work on all computers.

Does Nolo offer general legal advice?

Nolo’s customer and tech support services cannot act as your legal counsel or answer direct legal questions. However, they can connect you with any lawyer in the company directory.

How do I register my Nolo product?

It is possible to register any current versions of Nolo products. Doing so makes you eligible for upgrade discounts and technical support. If you have a Nolo ebook then you’ll get the most up-to-date information possible by registering it.

Nolo Nolo Visit Site

Bottom Line

Nolo sets itself apart by offering a vast array of legal products in addition to document creation. In this Nolo review, you have seen the major positives of doing business with Nolo such as its extensive educational product catalog and its ethical ‘for the people’ approach.

However, Nolo isn’t without downsides, like a less than satisfactory customer service track record. At this point, you should have all the information you need to make an informed choice about whether or not to use this platform.

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