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 Jake Parker

In a Nutshell

Legal Nature is a well known US-based legal document service. It can be used to create a simple living will or obtain all the documents and filing services needed to start a new business. Its services are suitable for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses and landlords in the US and the UK. Legal Nature offers yearly and monthly plans that come with access to its entire document archive.


  • Document creation only takes a minute or 2
  • Fair price for legal services
  • Good customer service and money-back guarantee


  • Credit card info needed to start a free trial
  • Some niche documents may not work appropriately

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Best for?

Legal Nature is a great service for anyone who needs to get a hold of personal, business, or property documents in a convenient online format.

What Does Legal Nature Provide?

Legal Nature offers access to a wide range of legal documents, all of which can be accessed online. These include tax documents and documents which can be filed for personal legal protection. Furthermore, Legal Nature offers a range of business entity-creation packages.

For New Businesses

Through Legal Nature, you can obtain startup services for LLC, c-corporations, s-corporations, and not-for-profit companies. Before getting your documents, you’ll need to answer an incredibly easy-to-use questionnaire that makes sure the correct material is created and that you select the right business type for your needs.

After you’ve filled out the paperwork, Legal Nature reviews and submits it for you, eliminating the hassle of doing that step yourself. This guarantees that you’ll have to do less paperwork and that, after your business is formed, you can see all the details you entered in a simple online format.

The services Legal Nature provides are compliant to regulations in all 50 US states. When you file, you’ll see a price summary which shows how your state’s fees break down in an easy to understand layout.

For Established Businesses

For more long-term business or tax documents needs, Legal Nature still has you covered. By choosing one of its monthly plans, your business can get continual access to important HR documents like confidentiality or shareholder agreements.

For Landlords

Legal Nature has set itself apart with its emphasis on property and document services designed specifically for real estate. Landlords and commercial property owners will be pleased to see everything from eviction notices to mortgage agreements are available on the site.

For Individuals

Legal Nature offers a variety of products that will be useful for individuals such as ‘will creation’ and ‘power of attorney’ forms. The best aspect of Legal Nature is that, once you are signed up for a monthly package, you can access any document you need. Starting a business and want to do some personal estate planning at the same time? Legal Nature would be perfect for you.

Pricing Plans

Legal Nature’s services can be paid for monthly or yearly. These subscription plans are ideal if you’re going to need a large number of documents over a drawn-out period. It’s also possible to pay for a single document without committing to any long term plan. Unsurprisingly, prices vary depending on whether you’re based in the UK or USA:

Business Creation
Single Document
Payment Type
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Price UK
Price US
$34.95 - $78.95
All the forms you need to start an LLC
Choose from a wide selection of different documents
Obtain a single version of all document types at once
Unlimited versions of all document types

Overall, Legal Nature is priced very fairly. Do, however, keep in mind that the business creation filing is a separate expense and not included in the monthly plans.

Legal Nature’s money-back guarantee is reported to be reliable. You can, therefore, trust that if anything is unsatisfactory, you’ll get back any money you paid. The only exception is that state filing fees won’t be seen again since these are technically paid to your state and not Legal Nature.

Legal Nature Background

Legal Nature was formed by combining advanced legal training with cutting-edge technology, and effective business practices. The company’s goal is to provide affordable legal services and products to everyone. It is strictly a document service and doesn’t offer advice which is why their prices can be so competitive.

Currently, Legal Nature has 4 stars on Trustpilot, with thousands of positive reviews and mostly benign complaints. This service is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau with whom it holds an A+ rating.

What Customers Say About Legal Nature

  • “I needed a land purchase agreement that allowed for most contingencies and this one did. Both the seller and I were very impressed with the verbiage of the contract and got done in hours”
     - CH
  • “Excellent service and adherence to their advertised claims of service and product.” 
     - Daniel
  • “I needed a Power of Attorney for my parents and this site is just perfect.” 
     - Irene Trammel

Customer Service

Legal Nature has a solid customer service department. Its reps are available by phone during PT office hours and the Legal Nature online ticket service has a response time of 24-hours. There’s also a wealth of useful advice in the Legal Nature help center, so you should be able to answer most questions by visiting it.

Legal Nature FAQs

Can I edit my Legal Nature documents?

You can edit your documents by simply downloading them as a Word document and opening them on your computer.

Are the business documents state-specific?

Yes. All US business documents are customized to the legal requirements of each state.

How does the free trial work?

With the Legal Nature free trial, you get the ability to download documents for one week. After that, your card will be billed for the appropriate plan. If you wish to cancel, contact Legal Nature during the 7-day free trial period.

What is the 30-day money-back guarantee?

If you are unsatisfied with your product for any reason, Legal Nature will refund your fees with no questions asked for one month.

Legal Nature Legal Nature Visit Site

Bottom Line

During this Legal Nature review, I found it to be a reliable online legal document service that should be perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to hunt down forms or file their own paperwork. It’s also great if you need an easy and affordable way to incorporate a new business for the first time.

Jake is a freelance writer from Britain. After studying climate science, he began writing full time in 2018 and his favorite topics include sustainability and technology. When not travelling and writing, he can be found editing videos or trying to fix some mechanical problem, normally on his latest cheap vehicle.

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Ease of use

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Brand satisfaction

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Value for money

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Service quality

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

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Top Reviews

Giovanna, OH
6 months ago

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

It works well and functions properly. I like it a lot because it is efficient and trustworthy, and seems much cheaper than a lawyer.

5 months ago

They are a great company and meet all of my needs when it comes to business documents/information.

Brad, FL
7 months ago

They are very thorough and professional. I was impressed! I can't say enough great things about them.

Leland, TX
5 months ago

It helped reorganize the business. It has good legal advice. It's cheaper than a lawyer. It did what we needed with no problems

Kolton, MD
5 months ago

LegalNature is a good help in the long run, and right now. It really helped me figure out issues with my business when I needed legal help.

Anonymous, NJ
8 months ago

Legalnature is a great source for online documents. I've created a few using this app. It would be nice to actually be able to talk to legal counsel but since this is not an option, LegalNature is a good substitute.

Riley, SC
6 months ago

LegalNature is okay. They need to overhaul their website because it feels dated. Hard to navigate.

Nusy, MD
4 months ago

It was alright. Nothing special, gave us some legal advice and document help we needed at work.

Tomer, OH
7 months ago

The site was easy to use however they kept charging my credit card each month and I canceled it twice. Finally the 3rd month they didn't charge it but it was a run around game trying to get some answers and the charges to stop hitting my account.

7 months ago

It is not the best quality legal advice. For the amount of items that you recieve aren't the best quality, it's frustrating

10 reviews