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Divorce.com Legal Services Review 2024

Divorce.com is an online platform offering DIY divorce and more
By Kate StaceyBy Kate Stacey -
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2023
203 reviews
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From $299 + filing fees
Refund Policy
Within 30 days of purchase
Account Manager
No, customer support available

Our Verdict

Is Divorce.com Worth It?

Divorce.com is a full-spectrum online divorce resource that aims to reduce the stress involved with the divorce process. We like the platform’s range of offerings, including a DIY divorce service, mediation, and prenup preparation. With prices starting at $49, Divorce.com offers an affordable alternative to engaging an attorney. However, we recommend checking the pricing structure of your chosen service to avoid any unexpected charges. 

From $299 + filing fees
Refund Policy
Within 30 days of purchase
Account Manager
No, customer support available

Divorce.com at a Glance

Editorial Score


As low as $299, + one-time fee when account established, other services available at additional price


Personalized divorce form generated in 30 minutes, ready to file in a few business days. No mention of expedited service

Additional Services

Divorce services

Compliance Services

No compliance services

Customer Support

Technical support via email or phone available at no charge

Divorce.com Pros & Cons


30-day money-back guarantee
Efficient online divorce and prenuptial services
Available in all US states and Canada


More expensive than some online divorce providers
Doesn’t provide legal advice

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Wish I went here first.
No problems. Easy. Stress-free.
Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service
Easy to use and clear directions. Price was fair as well.
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Divorce.com at a Glance

What is Divorce.com?

Divorce.com is an all-in-one solution for simplifying the divorce process. Its online platform offers several products and services, including prenups, mediation, a network of independent family law attorneys, state-by-state information, and an easy-to-use online DIY divorce tool. 

Divorce.com aims to reduce the stress typically associated with divorce while saving you time and money. The platform’s DIY divorce tool is designed for uncontested divorces and only takes a few minutes to set up. Pricing for the Basic package starts at just $299 (plus filing fees), a fraction of typical attorney costs.

If you require more than document preparation, Divorce.com can connect you with qualified mediators and independent local attorneys. However, the platform isn’t a law firm and can’t provide legal advice. 

Divorce.com Features

User Interface and Experience: Divorce.com’s website has a modern design that is easy to navigate, with services appearing via a drop-down menu.

DIY online divorce: One of Divorce.com’s main features is its DIY divorce. The platform can help you prepare, finalize, and file your divorce papers in just three steps. If urgency is an issue, Divorce.com can prepare divorce papers in as few as two days. 

Divorce resources: The platform offers a range of divorce resources, including free state-by-state divorce information. If you and your spouse disagree on the divorce details, Divorce.com can connect you with mediators and independent attorneys for resolution. Plus, Divorce.com can help you prepare prenuptial agreements. 

Messaging and Communication: You can contact Divorce.com’s support team via your online account. 

Document Storage: Divorce.com’s online divorce packages include up to 12 months of document storage, giving you the flexibility to finalize your divorce at your own pace. 

Is Divorce.com Safe and Reliable?

Divorce.com has comprehensive terms of use and service that state your personal information will be handled in accordance with its privacy policy. The platform only uses this information to let you use the relevant service. Divorce.com’s detailed privacy policy on its website complies with data protection laws in the US and Canada. 

The privacy policy addresses many key data collection issues, including state-specific notices, for example, for California and Nevada. Divorce.com states in its privacy policy it has put in place “reasonable security measures” to protect your personal information. You can contact the platform with any privacy concerns or questions you have. 

How Divorce.com Works

Divorce.com offers several online services and resources, including the following:

  • DIY online divorce. Divorce.com can prepare your divorce papers in three easy steps, with or without the involvement of an attorney. This service is available in the US and Canada. 
  • Prenuptial agreements. Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are legal agreements outlining the division of assets in the event of a divorce. Prenups can be a valuable tool for simplifying divorce and protecting spouses’ assets. The process for preparing a prenup with Divorce.com is straightforward. You answer a brief series of questions to determine whether a prenup suits your situation. An independent attorney then prepares the prenup based on the information you provide them, after which you have a call with the attorney to finalize the paperwork. One of the features we like about Divorce.com is its quick turnaround time. The platform can prepare prenups in three days, if necessary. 
  • Mediation services. Where you and your spouse disagree on aspects of your divorce, such as division of assets, child custody, or spousal support, mediation may help you resolve these issues and proceed with an uncontested divorce. 
  • Assist in finding an independent family law attorney. If mediation is unsuccessful, your case may require the involvement of an attorney. One of Divorce.com’s standout features is its directory of experienced attorneys. Divorce.com can help you find independent attorneys in your local area who may be able to assist you. 
  • Free blog articles. Divorce.com’s website features various blogs covering topics like state-by-state divorce guides, the divorce process, and child custody arrangements. 
  • Divorce-related apps and services. Divorce.com also offers a suite of additional apps and services related to divorce, such as:
  •  coParenter: A co-parenting app with features like mediation, check-ins, records, and joint calendars. 
  •  QDRO Counsel: A service designed to assist with court orders for dividing retirement assets. 
  •  Family Law Software: A tool for divorce financial planning. 

How To Get Started With Divorce.com

It’s easy to get started with Divorce.com’s online DIY divorce. You simply enter your email and state on the website. Divorce.com then sends you an email with a link to a detailed questionnaire, which you can complete in a few minutes. This questionnaire requests information about you and your spouse, children, property, and debts. You can then register with the platform. 

Divorce.com Customer Service

Divorce.com’s customer care team is available 24/7. Support is offered via your Divorce.com account, email, and phone. You can also contact Divorce.com via a form on its website and request a callback. This is especially useful for questions before signing up for a product or service. 

Is There a Divorce.com App?

Divorce.com doesn’t offer an app. 

Divorce.com Pricing

How Much Does Divorce.com Cost?

Divorce.com offers both free and paid products and services on its site.

Online divorce
$299 + filing fees
Preparation of divorce papers and 12 months of document storage and revision access. With this option, you must file your own divorce papers. 
$599 + filing fees
All of the Basic plan features, plus Divorce.com files the paperwork for you and sends it to your spouse for their signature.
Attorney assistance
$899 + filing fees
All of the features of the Standard plan plus two 45-minute support sessions with an independent attorney
Prenuptial agreements
Prenup preparation
A session with an independent attorney, document preparation, and a follow-up session with the attorney about using your prenup. 
Prenup preparation plus spousal review
All the features of the prenup preparation package with an independent attorney to provide your spouse with advice about the prenup. 
Attorney assistance
Strategy session
Additional assistance
Standard hourly rates
Divorce.com users get a minimum of 25% off attorneys’ standard rates
Prices start at $49

Divorce.com offers convenient installment payment options for its online divorce packages. However, it’s important to note that these packages don’t include filing fees, which vary between states and counties. Filing fees can be hundreds of dollars, so it’s wise to check your local court’s website or speak to the court clerk’s office to confirm applicable fees. This approach will help you avoid any unexpected costs down the road.

Divorce.com prices its offerings separately. Be sure to check the individual app or service’s pricing details before committing. 

One feature we especially like about Divorce.com’s pricing strategy is its generous refund policy. Divorce.com guarantees the accuracy of the divorce papers it prepares. If the court rejects them due to an error by the platform, Divorce.com will fully refund you. 

Plus, if you’re dissatisfied with Divorce.com’s services, you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchase (minus the activation fee).

What can you do with divorce.com for free?

Divorce.com offers free blogs covering topics like state-by-state divorce guides, the divorce process, and child custody arrangements. 

Optional add-ons

Additional products or services that can be added to any plan (bulleted list with prices, where applicable.

Divorce.com Alternatives

How Does Divorce.com Compare to Other Online Divorce Services?

3 Step Divorce
$299 + filing fees
$159 + filing fees
$139 + filing fees
$299 + filing fees
DIY online divorce
3-step process
3-step process, requires self-filing
4-step process, requires self-filing
3-step process, requires self-filing
Refund policy
Within 30 days of purchase + court acceptance guarantee
Court acceptance guarantee
Within 7 days of purchase + court acceptance guarantee
Court acceptance guarantee
Customer service
24/7 via email and phone
Phone support Monday to Friday and email
Extended phone and email support
Phone and email Monday to Friday

Divorce.com vs OnlineDivorce.com

Divorce.com and OnlineDivorce.com’s processes are very similar. Both platforms confirm your eligibility, gather information about your divorce, and prepare your papers. However, Divorce.com can file your papers for you, while OnlineDivorce.com doesn’t offer this service. OnlineDivorce.com is slightly less expensive than Divorce.com. However, OnlineDivorce.com is only available in the US, not including Iowa. 

Divorce.com vs DivorceFiller

Both Divorce.com and DivorceFiller help you finalize your uncontested divorce quickly and easily. While Divorce.com can file your papers for you—for an extra fee—DivorceFiller requires you to do it yourself. Both platforms include a court acceptance guarantee. With Divorce.com, you can request a refund within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied with the service. DivorceFiller only gives you 7 days to do so. 

Divorce.com vs 3 Step Divorce

Divorce.com and 3 Step Divorce offer online services to streamline the divorce process. Their prices for this service both start at $299 + filing fees. 3 Step Divorce’s customer service is available Monday to Friday, while Divorce.com is available 24/7. 

Divorce.com Divorce.com Visit Site

Bottom Line (Is Divorce.com Worth It?)

Divorce.com offers various resources and services to help finalize your divorce quickly and easily. While the platform can’t provide legal advice, it can assist you in completing and filing your divorce forms. If you need any legal assistance, Divorce.com has a network of local family law attorneys to connect you with. 

If you’re proceeding with an uncontested divorce and don’t want the hassle of completing the paperwork yourself, Divorce.com is worth considering. We like that it’s available in all US states, plus Canada, and guarantees the court will accept your forms or it will refund your money. However, before proceeding with Divorce.com, make sure you closely read the terms and conditions to understand its pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use Divorce.com if my spouse and I have children?+-

Yes, Divorce.com can address child-related issues in the divorce papers it prepares for you if you and your spouse agree.

Does an attorney review my divorce papers?+-

Divorce.com Basic and Standard online divorce packages don’t include a review by an attorney. The platform uses state forms and attorney-reviewed templates to prepare your divorce papers. If you would like an attorney to help review your divorce, you must pay extra for attorney assistance.

Can Divorce.com give me legal advice?+-

Divorce.com is not a law firm and doesn’t provide legal advice. It provides information about the divorce process and prepares uncontested divorce papers. If you’d like legal advice about your divorce, Divorce.com’s network of independent family law attorneys can assist you.

Kate writes for Top10.com and is a lawyer with degrees in law and business management, combined with over a decade of experience in criminal and human rights law.

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Wish I went here first.
No problems. Easy. Stress-free.
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Great Customer Service
Great Customer Service
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Easy to use and clear directions. Price was fair as well.
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Great process during a difficult time
Very efficient and easy to follow instructions, I was updated throughout the entire process.

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