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CorpNet Legal Services Review 2024

Eileen Bailey

In a Nutshell

Need to start or set up a new company or business? CorpNet can help you incorporate LLCs, can automatically remind you about filing deadlines, or can help you dissolve a defunct business. It’s compatible with multiple corporation types including partnerships and non-profits. Based in the USA and offering services in all 50 states, CorpNet provides support to both English and Spanish speakers.


  • Prioritizes security by securing documents in a single location
  • Legal services can be accessed on mobile devices
  • Works with multiple business types


  • No support for international businesses
  • Fairly expensive to use

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Best for:

Businesses incorporating for the first time, or companies that want an easy way to guarantee compliance with legal obligations and filing deadlines. are likely to find CorpNet beneficial.

What Does CorpNet Provide?

CorpNet offers a vast range of  filing services. With CorpNet you can file paperwork to incorporate, dissolve a corporation or register a federal trademark.

But CorpNet doesn’t simply file paperwork, it also helps you  create professional meeting records with a suite of attractive minute templates. Plus, you can purchase corporate supplies from CorpNet help cement your recognizable brand for customers.

For New Businesses

When you purchase a CorpNet ‘Start a Business’ package, CorpNet’s Business Formation team helps you file all the necessary paperwork to register with your state attorney. And they can do this for any organization type, including LLCs, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, and Non-Profit groups.

Deciding what business structure to use isn’t always straightforward. Fortunately, you can read the thoughtful guide CorpNet’s expert lawyers have put together to help you make this determination. Next, check out CorpNet’s New Business Checklist. This resource covers important topics like naming your organization and designing it to comply with tax codes.

When you use CorpNet to incorporate, you’ll also receive a suite of other helpful add-ons, such as a Name Availability Check and a Business Licensing Research Package. The Research Package is put together just for you by CorpNet attorneys who track down licensing regulations for your local area. This can be a tricky process, as they often vary by county.

For Established Businesses

CorpNet is a useful service to consider if you’re running an existing corporation that needs to remain compliant with regulatory authorities. The CorpNet Business Information Zone (B.I.Z) is a bespoke software platform that will help you do exactly that, and it is included with most CorpNet packages or can be purchased separately.

B.I.Z ensures that you don’t fall afoul of regulators by automatically alerting you to filing dates in advance. It also simplifies your workload by allowing you to file online and to keep all necessary documents in a single location. This way, you aren’t scrambling to find them whenever a deadline looms.

The documentation you send through B.I.Z is likely to be highly sensitive, and any privacy-conscious users will be glad to know that CorpNet is just as concerned with client security, which is why B.I.Z only stores documents in a single location.

Existing corporations will be happy to hear that CorpNet can also be used to file Annual Reports, Reinstate a Business, or make a Federal Trademark Application. Because most corporations need to do these filing procedures regularly, CorpNet is worth consideration if you’re looking for a means of reducing your legal workload long-term.

For Individuals

As the name of the platform suggests, most CorpNet services are targeted toward organizations. But that’s not to say that individual users won’t find CorpNet to be a useful tool. For example, some individuals may wish to use B.I.Z to stay on top of their compliance requirements. Other single users may want to use CorpNet to file a Doing Business As (DBA) notice to tell their state attorney they are operating under a Fictitious Business Name (FBA) in a given jurisdiction. Another key CorpNet service for individuals is the ‘Close a Business’ filing package. This option is suitable for anyone who owned a business in the past but now wishes to disentangle themselves from it legally.

Pricing Plans for LLC Formation

CorpNet offers 3 different corporation formation pricing tiers. These vary from the $79 Basic Package to the $249 Deluxe Filing Edition. The Basic plan is suitable for most, but businesses who need a faster turnaround will appreciate the 24-hour preparation service the Deluxe plan offers:

24-Hour Document Check
Registered Agent Service
Federal Tax ID Number
Initial Report Filing
Employer Tax Registration
Name Check

CorpNet Background

CorpNet was founded by a husband and wife team, Phil and Nellie. Together, they’ve been building businesses for over 18 years and say they founded CorpNet because they wanted to offer others an easier and more reliable way to start their own corporations.

The CorpNet team believes in doing business ethically, which is why they are upfront with their pricing. At the time of writing, CorpNet holds an A+ BBB rating and over a 95% 5-star rating on Trustpilot, demonstrating that they stick to their principles.

What Customers Say About CorpNet

  • “I have found CorpNet to be very proficient in all that they do. They have been very responsive, evidencing concern for me and my clients. I switched at the beginning of 2019 and do not regret the switch”- Paul Cohen
  • “They have been truly amazing, providing information and helping get my businesses up and running with no issues.”- Brandon Bailey
  • “Working with CorpNet was simple and professional. The process of starting our LLC took a matter of minutes.”- Adina Ballerina

Customer Service

CorpNet staff can be reached during PST working hours. A range of contact options is available including phone, email, fax, and mail.

Unfortunately, no live chat service is offered. However, for most businesses, discussing filing matters over the phone is a better option anyway.

CorpNet FAQs

Will I get my money back if I’m not satisfied with CorpNet’s services?

CorpNet has a generous refund policy for customers who aren’t completely satisfied with their services. If you make a refund request, they’ll return all of the service fees you paid.

Do note, however, that you won’t get any of your state filing fees or shipping and handling costs back.

What kind of corporations does CorpNet work for?

CorpNet works for pretty much any kind of Corporation. This service offers packages for all of the following types of organizations:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • C-Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Not-for-Profit Corporations

Do I have to pay extra filing fees to use CorpNet?

CorpNet charges a flat rate for its filing services and shipping and handling costs, the latter of which is $29. However, state filing fees are not included and these vary from state to state. For example, Alaska charges $250, which bumps the total base price for LLC incorporation in Alaska up to $528.

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Bottom Line

Nothing about running a business is easy. There’s so much strategizing to do, from creating a watertight business model to calculating ad costs. And, on top of that, you have to make sure you’re meeting all your legal obligations. Fortunately, as demonstrated in this CorpNet review, the attorneys at CorpNet can help you with the legal side of things, allowing you to focus on your business goals.

Eileen is a freelance legal writer who writes for Top10.com. She has a Masters in Paralegal Studies from The George Washington University and is currently a full-time freelance legal writer.

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