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HomeAdvisor HVAC Repair and Installation Review

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

HomeAdvisor is a huge network of professional contractors designed to make finding an expert easier and faster. Tell HomeAdvisor the HVAC service you need, and the algorithm does the rest. It’ll provide you with 4-6 professionals in your area that can do the job you requested. So, there’s no repeat applications, long phone calls, or endless browsing. HomeAdvisor also has a great mobile app, thorough background checks, and licensed professionals.


  • Generous Happiness Guarantee
  • Extensive background checks on all businesses
  • Excellent online resources


  • Work is not guaranteed by HomeAdvisor
  • HomeAdvisor isn’t 24/7
  • Limited to the network

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HomeAdvisor at a Glance

Best For: Price comparisons

Average price range: $3,000-$5,500

Warranty: Varies depending on contractor

Response time: Same-day quotes after signing up

Main Services: HVAC installation and repairs

HVAC System Types Serviced

HomeAdvisor has a huge network of contractors working around the United States. So, these guys pretty much cover every type of HVAC system and service you could imagine. It's worth noting, though, that not every contractor will provide the same services. The way the HomeAdvisor system works is it will only recommend professionals that are capable of doing the work you need, so you don't really need to worry about the contractor not being able to fulfill your requirements. Still, it's always a good idea to check that you are both on the same page from the initial contact. Here is a partial list of some of the systems and services available through the HomeAdvisor network:

  • Single-stage systems

  • Multi-state systems

  • Humidity control

  • Zoned systems

  • Filtration systems

  • Ducts, vents, and floor vents

  • Dial thermostats

  • Smart thermostats

  • Replacing filters

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Cleaning condenser fan blades

  • Inspecting fan blades

  • 2-foot clearance maintenance

  • Lubricating condenser fan motor

  • Compressor unit shading

  • Weather-proofing units

  • Cleaning indoor evaporator coils

  • Cleaning drain pipes and evaporator traps

  • Installing ductless mini-split AC

  • Installing air handler

  • Installing dehumidifiers

  • Installing attic fans

  • Installing radiant barrier insulation

  • Installing ridge and roof vents

  • Installing chimney liners

  • Installing gas fireplaces

  • Installing propane tanks

  • Replacing AC evaporator coils, compressors, or other parts

  • Recharging AC freon

  • Solar panels

  • Heat exchangers

  • Gas furnaces

  • Blower motor replacement

  • Wood pellets

  • Standard AB servicing

  • Rebuilding a chimney

  • Tuckpointing or repointing

  • Heat pumps

  • Dryer vents


Since there are many variations on the theme of HVAC repair and installation, neither HomeAdvisor nor any of its partner businesses publish a static list of prices for these projects. In fact, every system can cost something different. For example, an American Standard HVAC unit can cost anywhere from $3,800-$4,900 to install. Meanwhile, some Coleman Echelon units will cost as little as $1,900 to install.

The average homeowner will pay an average quote of $5,500, but the pricing can range anywhere from $3,000 up to as much as $11,000 depending on where you live, what you need repaired or installed, and other factors. The factors that are going to determine your final price include:

  • Type of machine you have

  • Type of servicing you need

  • Size of the machine you want

  • Quality of machine you’ve chosen

  • Insulation type

Here are a few HVAC service price ranges to give you an idea of what to expect:

HVAC Service
Price Range

Geothermal heating and cooling unit installation or repair


Attic fan installation or repair


Electric baseboard heaters installation or repair


Radiant heating installation or repair


HomeAdvisor also has another type of service plan you can sign up for. It’s the Fixed Price Service, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. HomeAdvisor experts price specific projects. You can select the fixed price, book a convenient time, and pay for those services immediately. This is a faster way of getting the job done. Fixed Price Services are good if you need a basic repair or other home services like a window A/C installation, regular HVAC maintenance, or thermostat install.


“I am always confident of finding an excellent worker on Home Advisor, and I have received top service providers through them for many years. They are dependable and attentive. Thanks, Home Advisor!” - Ruthie R

“I've used them before to find another professional... and they are still working for me. Very happy!” - Kim Harding

“Excellent Resource - Twice in the last month, I have used Home Advisor. Both times I have found excellent, reliable, affordable providers for the services I needed.” - Lynn Taylor

Customer Service and Response Time

HomeAdvisor has a lot of customer service options. You can get in touch via email, phone, or even live chat. We don't like that there's no 24/7 option but remember that HomeAdvisor isn't the one fielding your calls in case of an emergency. If you need to be serviced in the middle of the night (burst pipe, cooling fan not working in the dead of summer, etc.), you should contact your HVAC specialist. Each business has its own hours of operation, but the vast majority of services in the HomeAdvisor network offer emergency call centers and same-day response times.

One thing worth noting about HomeAdvisor is its commitment to quality services. It has one of the most thorough screening processes we’ve ever seen. This includes an extensive screening process complete with:

  • Criminal background check: HomeAdvisor uses a third-party background check service to comb through the company’s criminal records. The background check also includes a cross-referencing of sex offender databases.

  • Licensing verification: HomeAdvisor verifies that every business in the network holds the appropriate state-level licenses required to perform HVAC services.

  • ID verification: HomeAdvisor verifies the Social Security numbers of the principal business owner.

  • State business filings: HomeAdvisor checks that the business is in good standing with the state when registered as a corporation or as a limited liability company.

Additionally, it's nice that you can get a quote before you hire a contractor. And with HomeAdvisor's fixed-price services, you already know what you're paying when you book the expert.

Live chat: Yes

Phone: 1-877-800-3177

Mobile app: iOS and Android

Social Media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

HomeAdvisor HomeAdvisor Visit Site


One thing that consumers will not appreciate is that HomeAdvisor does not have any warranty on the work done by its partner businesses. The work done is frequently covered by the contractors you sign up with, but it’s not a given. So, you have to check the terms of service before you sign a contract.

While HomeAdvisor doesn't offer a warranty, it does provide you with a satisfaction guarantee. The Happiness Guarantee states that customers will be reimbursed for the amount that they paid for the services and/or any damages done by the service provider if you are not happy with the end results of the project. This guarantee is subject to HomeAdvisor's sole discretion, but it's capped at $500,000. So, that's a pretty generous guarantee. The Happiness Guarantee does have a lot of caveats attached to it, though. For example, if you don't report the incident within 90 days, the agreement is void. HomeAdvisor's guarantee also doesn't cover certain things like lost pets, cash, or objects of fine art. So again, it's a good offer. Just read through the fine print before you make a claim.


HomeAdvisor is a good choice if you like comparison shopping. It has a tremendous network of professionals and gives you instant quotes on a huge range of HVAC services. What's more, HomeAdvisor has the best screening process around. So, you don't need to worry about professionalism. HomeAdvisor partners are located across the United States, and it's convenient that HomeAdvisor categorizes them by location.

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