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Goodstone Auto Warranty Review

very good
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In a Nutshell

Goodstone Auto Warranty is a car warranty aggregator that enables you to protect your vehicle against damages and failure. It offers instant quotes from reputable warranty providers, along with unlimited yearly claims and no pre-approval requirements. Goddstone claims to provide up to 60% off dealer prices if you go through it rather than through a dealership.


  • BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating
  • Instant quotes offered directly on the service website
  • Unlimited repair claims in a year, with no caps or restrictions


  • Plans might prove expensive for older vehicles
  • Most partners don’t cover damages caused by lack of maintenance

Goodstone Auto Warranty Goodstone Auto Warranty Visit Site

Goodstone Auto Warranty Plans

Goodstone Auto Warranty does not offer a selection of ready-made plans to choose from on its website. Instead, it serves as an aggregator to help you get a custom quote from one of the many providers that it partners with, such as Endurance, Carshield, and Protect My Car. However, getting a quick estimate of your plan isn’t challenging. The website offers instant quotes as soon as you fill out a simple form.

Goodstone’s partners offer a range of warranty plans to cover different budgets and requirements. For example, powertrain protection like Carshield Powertrain-Plus protects basic components like the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. A bumper-to-bumper plan like Endurance Supreme, on the other hand, offers comprehensive protection with fewer exclusions.

Optional Add-ons

Goodstone Auto Warranty does not offer add-ons of its own. It simply serves as an aggregator for its partners, which are warranty providers. However, common add-ons available via partners include accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and personal injury protection. 

Plan Exclusions

Goodstone Auto Warranty aggregates warranty plans from providers like Carshield, Endurance, and Protect My Car. Plan exclusions depend on the policies of the provider in question. A few common exclusions are acts of nature and external causes such as fire hazards and collision, damages caused due to lack of routine maintenance, and out-of-warranty modifications or alterations to the vehicle.

Goodstone Auto Warranty Plan Pricing

Goodstone doesn’t offer information on plans on its website. Instead, you must contact the service by filling out a form to get a quote. It claims that it offers up to 60% off in premiums if you purchase from through it instead of going through a car dealership. A typical warranty plan costs anywhere between $1,600 to $4,500 and lasts for anywhere between 3 to 6 years.

How to File a Claim with Goodstone Auto Warranty

If you need specific information on how to file a claim, it’s best to approach your Goodstone representative directly for information on your individual plan. However, regardless of the warranty provider you sign up for, you can file an unlimited number of claims in any given year with Goodstone. That’s a crucial feature to have as your vehicle gets older and breaks down more and more often.

Goodstone Auto Warranty also doesn’t require you to get pre-approval for your repairs, meaning that you can just drive to the nearest mechanic to have your car serviced. This saves you a great deal of time that would have otherwise been wasted on a tedious claims process.

Is Goodstone Auto Warranty Legit?

Goodstone Auto Warranty is an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Getting an A+ rating from BBB is no easy feat, as it requires a company to have many positive customer reviews and no outstanding complaints left unresolved. 

What’s Unique about Goodstone Auto Warranty?

Goodstone Auto Warranty offers unlimited repair claims and a claims process that doesn’t require you to obtain pre-approval for your repairs. You also get a discount of up to 60% on premiums if you go directly through the company. Goodstone claims that its warranty services are accepted by all dealers and mechanics.

Help and Support

Goodstone Auto Warranty does not have a dedicated FAQ or blog page. However, it does put you in touch with a customer service representative who can personally handle your questions and concerns as soon as you request a quote for your warranty. 

What about the Goodstone Auto Warranty App?

Goodstone Auto Warranty does not have an app for smartphones or tablets.

Goodstone Auto Warranty Goodstone Auto Warranty Visit Site

Bottom Line

Goodstone Auto Warranty is an accredited car warranty aggregator service that enables you to insure your vehicle against various repair costs as it continues to age. With Goodstone, you get unlimited repair claims in any given year and the possibility of a significant discount on premiums if you purchase through it instead of going through a car dealership. Getting a quote for your warranty is easy too—all you have to do is fill out a brief form on the company website.


Does Goodstone Auto Warranty offer its own warranty plans?

No, Goodstone does not offer its own warranty plans. Instead, it helps you get a quote from one of its partners, such as Carshield, Endurance, or Protect My Car. To request a quote, visit the company website, and fill out the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

Can I transfer a warranty from Goodstone Auto Warranty?

All plans from Goodstone are transferable if you decide to sell your vehicle.

Where can I get my vehicle repaired with a Goodstone Auto Warranty plan?

Goodstone Auto Warranty is accepted by all dealers and mechanics with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification.

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Goodstone Auto Warranty customer reviews

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Ease of use

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8 months ago

I like it because it is not neccessary, but it is good to have just in case something happens.

10 months ago

I have never had any issues, but haven't needed them in a while, as my car has been fine. The price is good for what you get.

a year ago

They are too much money to spend on auto insurance, not everything was covered. They did not even cover some basic stuff like oil changes. battery changes and tire checks.

a year ago

Goodstone auto warranty is a great example of an extended car warranty because of the quality warranty service it provides to its customers.

9 months ago

It helps with auto repairs, things that happen that normal auto insurance will not cover. It is accepted at all dealers and most mechanics.

a year ago

They have great personalized service, deals, and packages that fit your need.

9 months ago

I would like them to have discounts for members and maybe a promotion for an add-on in account.

a year ago

It gets the job done cheaply but is very hard to interact with and use so I can't get too excited.

8 months ago

I have an older car and I believed an extended warranty was a wise decision. After my research and after I talked to an older trustworthy friend, I realized an extended warranty was not a financially wise decision. I feel taken advantage of and not covered the way I thought I would be by adding this policy.

Goodstone Auto Warranty
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