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Deluxe Auto Warranty Review

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In a Nutshell

Deluxe Auto Warranty is a car warranty aggregator that helps you find and buy extended warranty plans from its partners. It provides instant quotes and offers unlimited repair claims per year.


  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Get instant quotes from the company website
  • No caps or restrictions on repair claims per year


  • Might prove expensive for older vehicles
  • Most plans don’t cover accidental damage

Deluxe Auto Warranty Deluxe Auto Warranty Visit Site

You can get up to 60% off dealership prices if you approach Deluxe Auto Warranty directly, as the company doesn’t hike your premiums like car dealerships often do. However, be aware that it is an aggregator that collects quotes from partner websites rather than offering warranty plans of its own

Deluxe Auto Warranty Plans

Deluxe Auto Warranty doesn’t have its own ready-made plans for you to choose from. Instead, you can request an instant quote by filling out a brief contact form on the company website. Enter the make, model, year, and mileage of your vehicle to get accurate quotes from one of its partners, such as Carshield, Endurance, or Protect My Car. Deluxe Auto Warranty also claims that you get up to 60% off on premiums if you purchase directly from it.

Deluxe Auto Warranty partners with several warranty providers to offer plans to suit different consumer needs, like essential powertrain warranties and complete bumper-to-bumper protection. A few popular plans from its partners include Endurance Secure, Protect My Car Supreme, and Carshield Powertrain-Plus.

Optional Add-ons

Deluxe Auto Warranty does not offer add-ons of its own. Typical add-ons you might find from partners include accident forgiveness and roadside assistance.

Plan Exclusions

Deluxe Auto Warranty partners with companies like Carshield, Endurance, and Protect My Car, and plan exclusions will depend on the individual provider. Typical exclusions might include fire hazards, collision damage, unapproved modifications, and damages caused by lack of maintenance.

Deluxe Auto Warranty Plan Pricing

Deluxe Auto Warranty does not offer pricing information on the plans it sells on its website. Instead, fill out a simple form to get an instant quote with custom pricing based on the make and model of your vehicle. Warranty plans typically cost $1,600-$4,500 for 3-6 years.

How to File a Claim With Deluxe Auto Warranty?

When you purchase a warranty plan through Deluxe Auto Warranty, you can file an unlimited number of claims per year and don’t have to worry about caps or limitations.  

Deluxe Auto Warranty claims that its providers are accepted by all dealers and mechanics, and you don’t need to get pre-approval for your repairs. If your vehicle breaks down, just pop into the nearest mechanic and get your vehicle serviced without the need for pre-approval.

Since Deluxe Auto Warranty plans are offered by multiple providers, expect details of filing a claim to depend on your specific plan. If you need more information on the terms and conditions of your warranty plan, you should contact your representative directly. However, the above benefits are guaranteed regardless of which plan or provider you choose.

Is Deluxe Auto Warranty Legit?

Deluxe Auto Warranty has received an A+ rating and has been verified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). An A+ rating means that the company has many positive reviews and no outstanding complaints left unresolved. 

What’s Unique About Deluxe Auto Warranty?

Deluxe Auto Warranty offers unlimited claims per year and does not require you to obtain pre-approval for repairs. This means that no matter how many times your car breaks down, if the damage is covered by your plan, you can always get it repaired for free. You may also get a discount of up to 60% off if you purchase through Deluxe rather than through a dealership. Deluxe Auto Warranty claims that its partners’ plans are accepted by all dealers and mechanics in the US.

Help and Support

Deluxe Auto Warranty’s website does not have a dedicated FAQ or blog. The website provides only an online form for obtaining quotes from warranty providers.

What About The Deluxe Auto Warranty App?

Deluxe Auto Warranty doesn’t have an app for your smartphone or tablet devices.

Deluxe Auto Warranty Deluxe Auto Warranty Visit Site

Bottom Line

Deluxe Auto Warranty is a BBB accredited A+ rated business that connects you with reputed warranty providers like Carshield, Endurance, and Protect My Car. It claims to get you premiums that are up to 60% cheaper than if you go through a car dealership. To purchase a plan through Deluxe Auto Warranty, visit the company website and request a custom quote. All in all, it’s a great choice for older vehicles at the risk of accruing high repair costs as they wear down with age.


Does Deluxe Auto Warranty offer its own warranty plans?

No. Deluxe Auto Warranty does not offer its own plans and merely serves to connect you with providers like Endurance, Protect My Car, and Carshield.

Can I transfer a warranty from Deluxe Auto Warranty?

All plans from Deluxe Auto Warranty are fully transferable should you decide to sell your vehicle.

Where can I get my vehicle repaired with a Deluxe Auto Warranty plan?

Deluxe Auto Warranty is accepted by all dealers and mechanics.

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Deluxe Auto Warranty customer reviews

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Brand satisfaction

Value for money

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

1 months ago

Great pricing and product. I have used them on a few occasions for repairs and they did a great job.

2 months ago

I really like having this service. It gives you the peace of mind that you are covered against anything that might happen when you're initial warranty runs out.

2 months ago

It is a great warranty to have. It provides protection when you need it. I like that it covers most repairs.

2 months ago

I had to have an expensive repair done on my car, which was completely covered by my Deluxe extended car warranty. I am very pleased with their service.

25 days ago

They fix my car whenever it has a problem very fast and easy. Their people are nice to work with.

a month ago

They took good care of my claim at the end, but I didn't like that originally they argued with my mechanic on a mileage issue.

a month ago

The one time I had to make a claim on damage that was done to my car they paid it quickly and I had no issues with the service.

a month ago

Good response from their repair service team. Customer service is really good. I feel it's an excellent value for the money spent.

2 months ago

I like the ease of coverage and that they have auto repair shops to choose from in my area. When I used them I did not have to wait for repayment as they covered a lot of repairs.

2 months ago

Deluxe auto warranty is accessible to almost everyone is affordable and easy to use when you need repairs. It's a good warranty and serves its purpose well.

3 months ago

It's great for allowing your vehicle to be repaired at no cost because you already paid for the extended warranty. This comes handy especially when you don't have the money to service your automobile.

3 months ago

Customer service is very kind and easy to reach. I plan to keep my membership and actually told my relatives and friends about the great services they have.

3 months ago

Great for me when I found out my original warranty expired. They have reasonable prices, 24-hour assistance, and free rental cars, and you can save money. After reading the great reviews I thought it was a good deal so I signed up.

3 months ago

Deluxe does a great job of getting the repairs done quickly. The work is very good and I can't think of anything they need to improve upon.

a month ago

I like the service and the protection against costly repairs. They should make their website more user-friendly as it was hard to find what I was looking for.

2 months ago

Deluxe auto warranty offers some of the top auto mechanics from top dealerships in my area so I know I'm getting quality service.

2 months ago

I haven't had to use the product yet, but it appears to cover most of the items that could eventually go wrong with my vehicle. It's reassuring for me to have it.

3 months ago

I have not had to use my auto warranty, so I am not sure how easy it is to make a claim. I like having the ability to make a claim if something goes wrong. Having this security is the reason I purchased it.

2 months ago

The only time it was needed we got a run around. We finally fixed it ourselves and we didn't renew.

Deluxe Auto Warranty