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Chaiz Car Warranty Review 2024

Car warranty aggregator for all of your coverage needs

Top10.com Staff

In a Nutshell

As an independent car warranty aggregator, Chaiz makes finding the right vehicle coverage easy. It only shows you options that are relevant to your specifics. Chaiz requires your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN), registration state, and mileage. Then, it finds quotes to see what kind of coverage you qualify for. This service lets you buy a plan online without going through various sites or sales talks.


  • Offers helpful guides on buying vehicle protection
  • Doesn’t require your number or email before generating quotes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Some quotes take you to external sites
  • No auto insurance options

Chaiz at a Glance

Editorial Score


3 types of coverage plans: Basic, Basic Plus, and Best Coverage, detailing components like the engine, transmission, and electrical systems.

Additional Benefits

Immediate quotes, and the ability to buy directly online

Repair Options

Customers have flexibility with repair options due to the variety of plans offered from multiple providers

Customer Service

Email: hi@chaiz.com, Call (833) 942-4249, Visit: 1608 Maple Ave Austin TX, 78702


Free quote, buy directly online

Chaiz Chaiz Visit Site

What Is Chaiz?

Chaiz is an online marketplace that aims to squash myths about extended car warranties, such as the idea that only car dealerships can offer them. It also works to make the car warranty industry more transparent and fair. Instead of selling coverage directly, Chaiz acts as a middleman. 

It has partnerships with several providers and lets you get real quotes from multiple companies through the website. You can directly compare various coverage options and prices on the platform. After choosing a plan, you can buy it directly from the site. This approach helps you effortlessly shop around and find the best extended car warranty for your needs.

These auto service contracts extend your original warranty’s terms and cover specific repairs or services listed in the agreement. Coverage varies by provider, but most packages on Chaiz fit into one of the three categories below:

Powertrain—Basic Coverage

(Best for older or high-mileage vehicles that need essential coverage)

Powertrain Plus—Basic Plus Coverage

(Best for those who want essential coverage with a few extras)

Most Comprehensive—Best Coverage

(Best for new and used cars that require extensive coverage)

Air Conditioning






Cooling System

Drive Axle




Electrical Components

















Transfer Case














Optional Add-Ons

There are no optional add-ons. 

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above, Chaiz offers the following features to simplify your car warranty search:

Plan Categories

Chaiz categorizes all plans into three tiers: Basic Coverage, Basic Plus Coverage, and Best Coverage to make comparing them easier. On the website, you can click on each level to see what’s included. Of course, this is just a general guide. Your actual coverage depends on the plan you pick and its terms and conditions, which you should carefully review before making a decision.

Powerful Search Tool

Chaiz’s search tool helps you find quotes suited to your car. Each includes an additional details section where you can review the comprehensive list of items covered under that specific plan. When you find the right package, you can complete the purchase process entirely online through the Chaiz platform.

Online Guides

Chaiz has a blog full of helpful guides that provide transparent and relevant information about vehicle service contracts and other protection plans against mechanical failures. These resources can give you the necessary insight to choose the coverage that best suits your needs. The library also hosts posts that can provide you with advice on when to check your wheel alignment or tips to get your car ready for winter.

Extra Protection

Since there are 69 million vehicle breakdowns in the US annually, it’s reassuring that most providers working with Chaiz offer 24/7 roadside assistance. If you have an issue with your vehicle while on the road, you’re supported anytime and anywhere—with immediate help and no extra cost for services like towing, a rental car, or a place to stay. The service can also walk you through what you need to do after a car accident.

Full Flexibility

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. These providers also allow you to cancel your contract at any time. With this flexibility, you can reassess your contract whenever you need to and even end it if necessary without worrying about losing all your money. But since certain car repairs can cost over $4,000, it’s best to have a plan in place so you’re not stuck with expensive bills if your vehicle needs major work.

Plan Exclusions

Chaiz’s partners’ plans don’t offer coverage for cooling systems, fuel components, or gaskets. There are also no auto insurance plans available on the site.

Is Chaiz Safe and Reliable?

Chaiz works with leading companies like Endurance and autopom! to give you access to multiple car warranty quotes. Plus, it has a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

Additionally, the platform maintains a strict policy of impartiality. It doesn’t accept incentives or favor certain providers over others. It also won’t sell your personal info or send you unwanted communications. In fact, you can get quotes on the website without providing your phone number or email address.

How Chaiz Works

Within just 30 seconds, Chaiz presents you with several quotes from reputable car warranty providers, allowing you to compare and choose the best fit for your needs.

The process is simple:

  1. Enter details about your vehicle, including the make, model, year, license plate number, and current odometer reading.
  2. Explore the available plans tailored to your vehicle’s specifications. You can filter and compare the options using various criteria, such as coverage level, rating, price, and duration.
  3. Once you’ve identified a promising plan, take the time to thoroughly review the details, including the contract terms and conditions, to ensure it meets your expectations.
  4. If everything looks good, you can buy the plan right on Chaiz’s website, which can save you up to 60% compared to purchasing through other channels.

How to Sign up for Chaiz

Getting a car warranty from one of Chaiz’s partners is simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Vehicle information: Once you’ve chosen a package, enter your vehicle’s VIN, make and model, or license plate number, along with the state where it’s registered and the current odometer reading.
  2. Create an account: Sign up on Chaiz by entering your personal details like name, address, phone number, and email. Press “Payment Details.”
  3. Buy your plan: You can buy your car warranty plan right from Chaiz’s purchase portal. Here, you can pay in full for a discount or make a small down payment with monthly installments. 

How to file a claim with Chaiz

Chaiz doesn’t handle claims. If your vehicle breaks down, your claims administrator reviews and processes your claim. You can find their contact information in your warranty or by logging in to your Chaiz account. Alternatively, your agreement should contain instructions on how to file a claim. You can view your contract in the Chaiz client area.

Note: All plans have a 30-day/1,000-mile waiting period before claims can be filed. 

Chaiz Customer Service

If you have problems with your warranty provider, Chaiz advocates on your behalf and promptly resolves any issues. That’s because Chaiz maintains close relationships with its partners. You can contact Chaiz by dialing 833-942-4249 or sending an email to hi@chaiz.com. Although there’s no live chat option, a support rep should get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.   

How to Cancel or Pause a Chaiz Subscription

Chaiz isn’t a subscription service. Instead, it helps you compare car warranties to help you find the ideal coverage for your car. If you’re not happy with your warranty contract, you can cancel it within the first 30 days to get a full refund. 

After 30 days, you can still cancel your warranty coverage at any time, but you may be eligible for only a limited refund. To end your contract, contact customer service via phone or email.

Is There a Chaiz App?

No, Chaiz doesn’t have an app. You can only access generated car warranty quotes via the website.

How Much Does Chaiz Cost?

Chaiz doesn’t charge any fees for compiling quotes. However, your monthly car warranty premium depends on your chosen plan and provider. You can expect to pay between $60 to $130 per month for coverage in 2024.

Pricing can also differ according to your location, car make, and model. For example, if you own a 2024 Acura 2.2CL and live somewhere in Alabama, your monthly premium may fall between $56 and $81. Or, if you’re from Massachusetts and drive a 2021 Toyota Camry, an extended car warranty from one of Chaiz’s partners may cost between $55 and $75 per month.

What Can You Do With Chaiz for Free?

You can get quotes from Chaiz partners for free. There are no hidden fees; you only pay when you find and choose a specific plan that’s suitable for you.

Chaiz Chaiz Visit Site

Bottom Line

Chaiz is an online car warranty aggregator that lets you easily browse and compare different plans. It partners with well-known and reputable providers and offers an unbiased selection of their products based on your information.

These standard extended warranty plans deliver basic to comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage, so you can choose the level of protection that best suits your vehicle’s needs and your budget.

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