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Last Updated: Jul 2024

10 Best NFT Marketplaces for 2024 - Where To Buy & Sell Nfts

NFTs are taking the crypto world by storm but knowing where to buy and sell them can be challenging. Here's our top 10 best NFT marketplaces for 2024


Best for: Extremely large selection of NFTs

Platform: Polygon and Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 80m+


  • Supports new tokens added to the ERC721 standard

  • Easy and intuitive interface that is fast and modern

  • Mobile friendly


  • New players will have some trouble getting into NFT trading as it requires access to an Ethereum wallet

  • Limited customer support

OpenSea is one of the largest decentralized marketplaces that makes it easy to buy, sell and discover unique items in an open market. It provides a secure platform for users to find the best deals on crypto-collectibles, tokens & games with no hidden fees or restrictions.

OpenSea has some nifty features for users, such as the unique tag system, which allows you to track and discover the rarest items in the market. There is also an option to relist items for sale if they are not sold the first time. It supports 150+ types of ERC721 tokens, with added support for new tokens as they are added to the ERC721 standard. It is a no-brainer for users who want to get their hands on some NFTs and participate in the market.

The main tradeoff with using OpenSea is that the platform does require users to have an Ethereum wallet. However, once that step has been completed, the rest of the process is fairly straightforward and easy to understand, even for casual users.

Opensea Opensea Visit Site

Axie Marketplace

Best for: Buying and trading Axie digital pets

Platform: Etherium Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 270m


  • Millions of NFTs available

  • Very active community

  • High trade volume


  • No fiat currency accepted

  • Slow customer service

Axie Infinity is a world where players can collect and breed digital pets called "Axies", used to compete in a turn-based card game. These creatures are ERC721 tokens (non-fungible tokens), which means each individual pet has its own unique traits, making them all very special. Axie launched in 2018 and has already gained quite a following. There are two main gameplay modes for these creatures, collecting and breeding.

Collecting means that players can fight against other Axies to gain experience points that help them level up their own pets. Breeding allows users to mix different types of Axie together to produce new ones with varying characteristics. True Axie fans can also purchase decorative items like clothes for their pets online via the Marketplace.

Players need to buy an Axie from the marketplace to get started in the game. These come in different rarity levels with their own unique looks and abilities. In-game items are bought through ETH, which can be used to purchase new Axies or upgrade existing pets within a breeding session.

Axie may be one of the most complex NFT marketplaces to use in the crypto-collectibles space, but it's well suited for experienced users who understand how blockchain games work.

Axie Infinity Axie Infinity Visit Site


Best for: Buying and selling rare digital assets

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 500k+


  • Strong and active community

  • Easy to use website

  • Wide selection of different types of NFTs available for sale


  • Not a decentralized marketplace

  • No escrow services are available

Rarible is a unique marketplace to buy and sell unique digital goods powered by the Ethereum blockchain. By focusing only on selling rare digital assets, Rarible aims to become the best place for rare NFTs. The platform currently has over 500k+ different types of NFTs for sale, and more are added daily.

Rarible is extremely easy to use, even for people without much knowledge or experience with blockchain technology. The online store allows its users to buy rare digital assets by using either fiat currency, Ethereum, or any other ERC-20 token. All of the transactions are stored on the blockchain, and every time a new transaction occurs, Rarible receives a fee.

People who actively trade rare digital goods will benefit from using this marketplace and enjoy all of its features like a clean and easy-to-use platform, a wide selection of different types of NFTs, a responsive customer support team, low fees, a referral program, and more.

Rarible Rarible Visit Site

Larva Labs - CryptoPunks

Best for: Pixel-painted, blockchain-based collectible digital trading cards

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 10,000


  • The original collectible digital art platform

  • Good if you're looking for prestige

  • Each NFT is unique


  • Expensive to purchase

  • No other NFTs available

The CryptoPunk set of NFTs is a 10,000-card series of digitally rare, unique pixel-painted characters. The CryptoPunk platform was the first of its kind, and it pioneered the concept of collectible digital graphics being tradable on the blockchain. As a result, other platforms have copied this idea creating their own unique twists to the same initial concept.

The originality of the CryptoPunk platform is what makes it stand out, and it’s the computer-generated art itself that defines this platform - separating it from other NFT marketplaces that have since come onto the scene. But if you're after a large NFT marketplace with many different types of NFTs, then the CryptoPunks marketplace may not be for you.

Larva Labs - CryptoPunks Larva Labs - CryptoPunks Visit Site

NBA Top Shot Marketplace

Best for: NBA themed NFT marketplace

Platform: Flow Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 500,000+


  • Great for collectors and NBA fans

  • Easy to jump in

  • Easy to use website


  • Hard to search for items

  • Doesn’t support many currencies

The NBA Top Shot Marketplace marketplace was created by the NBA and combines the love of basketball with Flow Blockchain technology. The NFTs are player cards, team cards, unique edition cards, and even video highlights.

Dapper Laps, the company behind the marketplace, have made it easy for just about anyone to jump in and start trading. You can link your Google account to Dapper, and then verify your phone number. Afterward, you can purchase packs and start trading using Flow, Etherium, or your credit card.

The marketplace is still in its early stages and has significant potential for growth. If you're thinking of joining the bandwagon as early as possible, it's an excellent time to jump in. While the website is straightforward to use, with simple search functions and filters, it doesn't have many cryptocurrencies to purchase NFTs in.

NBA Top Shot Marketplace is an excellent place for collectors and NBA fans alike but isn't the best marketplace if you're looking for one with multiple currencies or a wide range of NFTs outside the NBA.

NBA Top Shot Marketplace NBA Top Shot Marketplace Visit Site


Best for: Digital artists and art collectors looking to sell and buy NFTs

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 26k+


  • Only has heavily curated NFTs

  • Active community with social media

  • Lots of activity


  • Not as mainstream as other marketplaces

  • Hard to get noticed and listed as an artist

SuperRare is a blockchain-based platform that provides an opportunity for digital artists to sell their work. The marketplace is built around the premise of only listing high-quality, unique artworks from creators who the staff at SuperRare has vetted. SuperRare only has around 26,000 NFTs listed on it, so there isn't a large number of digital art pieces available compared to other platforms. However, everything you find will have been expertly curated.

The community on SuperRare is smaller than some of the other marketplaces out there, but it is very active, with lots of artists participating.

SuperRare is suitable for digital artists who want to sell their work on the blockchain and buyers on the lookout for a curated selection of NFTs.

SuperRare SuperRare Visit Site

Nifty Gateway

Best for: Quality Ethereum assets with low fees

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 6k+


  • Low fees

  • High volume

  • Easy to sign up and use


  • Only accepts USD and ETH

  • Small selection of NFTs

Nifty Gateway may not have thousands and thousands of NFTs. However, what it lacks in numbers,it makes up for in quality, with only 6k+ NFTs listed. It's truly a gateway to quality Ethereum based assets. Fees are low. It's easy to sign up and use. And best of all, it accepts USD and ETH.

Nifty Gateway is already famous for selling a large number of expensive and rare NFTs, such as Beeple's CROSSROAD, which went for $6.6 million in 2021. Similar to Rarible, and SuperRare, the listings are heavily curated, and you'll often see NFTs from famous artists like Emienem and The Weeknd.

Nifty Gateway is ideal for collectors spending their crypto on specialized pieces but stay away if you’re looking for a wide range of cheaper NFTs.

Nifty Gateway Nifty Gateway Visit Site


Best for: A creative playground for artists to experiment

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 125,000+


  • Easy to use for buyers and sellers

  • Innovative idea

  • Excellent community to learn about NFTs, including organized events


  • Only accepts ETH

  • Limited number of NFTs

The Foundation blockchain-based marketplace for digital assets is a one-stop-shop for all things related to NFTs. The decentralized platform allows artists to share their rarest pieces of art with potential buyers without worrying about the security or backup of their work. There are over 125,000 (and counting) NFTs currently listed on the Foundation platform, including images, games, and 3D models. Unfortunately, the platform only accepts ETH, making it challenging to make purchases if you don't currently hold any.

Foundation has lots of resources for users to learn more about NFTs and blockchain. There are plenty of detailed posts about articles about NFTs for anyone looking to learn more or become an NFT expert, along with educational materials about digital art and the benefits of using blockchain to store your artwork.

Foundation is all about giving creators the tools they need to make a living off of their talent. They have a unique commission system in place, available to all artists, making it possible for them to make money from their creations without paying a third party. Artists also have the option of creating unique pieces with customized licensing agreements.

Foundation Foundation Visit Site


Best For: Beginners looking to buy and sell NFTs

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain

Number of NFTs: 28.5m+


  • Easy to use interface for NFTs and cryptocurrency

  • Customizable trade statistics

  • Fees are well indicated


  • No wallet integration or token storage

  • May not offer the best possible prices for your NFT

Mintable is an Ethereum blockchain-based marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and track their collectibles. Unlike other marketplaces which rely on quality over quantity, Mintable focuses on collecting as many NFTs as possible and making it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

One of Mintable's substantial selling points is its ability to let creators mint all different kinds of NFTs. This allows Mintable to have one of the largest collections of NFTs on any marketplace while allowing users to buy and sell collectibles from a wide range of categories.

Mintable also has a stats feature that shows trade history, an easy-to-read market price feed, one-click functionality for finding popular listings, and an intelligent search function with live suggestions.

Mintable is great for beginners or anyone looking to buy and sell NFTs without having to go through the technical know-how of finding an exchange that supports your NFT. However, this doesn't mean Mintable will have the most competitive prices around.

Mintable Mintable Visit Site


Best for: A decentralized marketplace for crypto-collectibles

Platform: Ethereum blockchain.

Number of NFTs: 45k


  • One of the largest NFT marketplaces

  • Decentralized system

  • Discover rare NFTs


  • May require ID verification

  • Hard to search the marketplace

KnownOrigin is a decentralized marketplace for crypto-collectibles, where users can discover and purchase unique digital items on the blockchain. Their goal is to build a marketplace with no barriers to entry for users while providing access to rare NFTs not available on any other platform.

They currently have a limit of 45,000 tokens and may increase it in the future. However, the search function on their marketplace leaves much to be desired, as it contains no advanced search parameters and only allows users to filter items by tags.

KnownOrigin is a decent marketplace for users interested in purchasing unique digital items on the blockchain. While it is decentralized and provides access to rare NFTs that cannot be found anywhere else, the lack of search options limits its use to those who already know what they are looking for.

KnownOrigin KnownOrigin Visit Site

What Is a NFT Marketplace?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a special cryptographic token/digital asset thatcontains information about a single item. It is also used to represent ownership in the blockchain world. Individuals who own NFTs can create limited or unique items and sell them on a marketplace for other people to buy.

NFT Marketplaces are the place where you can buy and sell NFTs. There is a range of different types of NFT marketplaces offering various services, but all in one way or another allow individuals to purchase NFTs and sell them. There are specialized NFT marketplaces for games, art, learning, and heavily-curated marketplaces which only sell a limited number of NFTs.

In the future, you might have NFT marketplaces that focus on your favorite sports team or items from your favorite movies. The possibilities are endless.

How to choose the best NFT Marketplace?

These are the questions you should ask yourself to help identify the best NFT Marketplace.


The first thing to consider is which currency is supported by the NFT Marketplace. As you might know, most of these marketplaces only support cryptocurrencies. Yet, some platforms also accept fiat.

User Interface.

You should always look for user-friendly marketplaces because nobody wants to waste their time on a complicated website with an awful design and hard to search options.

Supported Assets.

The most popular NFT Marketplaces usually support the sale of art, blockchain-based games, collectibles, and cryptocurrencies. Yet, some platforms provide additional features like an over-the-counter bulletin board where you can trade digital assets or even a decentralized exchange for ERC-20.

Size of the Marketplace.

If you are selling an NFT, the size of the Marketplace is very important. This means that bigger marketplaces have higher liquidity, meaning more offers for your item.

Fees & Commission Type.

As most NFT Marketplaces are not open-access, they need to set fees for listing and selling items, plus deposit and withdrawal fees. The marketplaces usually calculate their fees in two ways: per item or percentage of sale. This means that you should check the costs of listing and selling items. These fees are either fixed or calculated per transaction for deposits and withdrawals.


The marketplace's trustworthiness is very important because you don't want to start using a new platform and lose money in the process. For example, decentralized marketplaces like OpenSea are more reputable than others, with established businesses behind them and positive reviews from users.

Support System.

Bad customer support is a common pain point among users of all types of marketplaces, so it is important to check what the customer support is like before making up your mind on which NFT Platform to use. For example, how easy is it to contact customer support? Do they have helpful guides or an in-depth FAQ? Do you get all your questions answered in a reasonable timeframe?

Security Measures.

This is another important criterion for NFT Marketplaces, which we consider to be vital for safe trading and maintaining of liquidity on the platform. Most platforms use multi-signature wallets and advanced infrastructure to keep your assets safe.

How To Buy and Sell at an NFT Marketplace

The process of buying and selling NFTs at an NFT Marketplace is quite simple.

First, you need to create an account on the marketplace. Most platforms will require you to verify your email so they can send out notifications when someone wants to trade with you. This usually takes a few minutes, after which you can get started with browsing and selling.

You should check the marketplace's rules regarding listing your NFTs. Usually they are either per-item or percentage fees.

How do you know if there is any interest for your specific NFT? Some platforms use centralized search systems that show active trading activities on the Marketplace itself, while others might prefer using decentralized solutions like OpenSea's Discovery feature, which shows all of the NFTs listed on their platform.

Another option is to install a browser extension that tracks NFTs registered on specific marketplaces and their values. This way, you can monitor your items before selling, even if you are not currently at your computer.

Once someone is willing to buy your item for a price that you find appropriate, you can finalize the sale, and after the payment is received, they will receive their new NFT.

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