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10 Reasons to Use a TV Streaming Service

Kate Stacey
10 Reasons to Use a TV Streaming Service
On-demand TV streaming services are dominating the home entertainment landscape, and it’s easy to see why. They offer affordability, convenience, and access to a huge range of quality content at your fingertips. If you’ve yet to join the trend, here are 10 reasons why you should subscribe to a TV streaming service.

1. TV Streaming Services Can Save You Money

Internet streaming services often offer better value for money when compared to cable subscriptions. With some starting around $5 a month, you can even sign up for a few different services for less than the cost of getting takeout. 

Unlike cable, there are no installation fees or setup costs when it comes to streaming services. Most run on monthly subscriptions so you’re not tied into a long-term contract and can cancel at any time. This gives you the flexibility to stop and start your subscription as you’d like. 

Before settling on one, it pays to compare streaming services. It’s a highly competitive market and there’s a range of plans available at different price points. With some research, you’ll find the best streaming subscription to suit both your budget and your viewing needs. 

2. You Can Watch Commercial-Free TV

Is there anything worse than a badly-timed ad break? Just when you’re about to find out who the murderer is, which team wins, or whether the guy asks the girl out on a date, you’re interrupted by a commercial. 

The good news is that most TV streaming services are ad-free or offer ad-free plans, so you can watch your favorite shows and movies without disruption. 

Not only does this save you from interruptions at crucial moments, but it also saves you time. When you’re juggling a lot of daily responsibilities, your leisure time is precious. Using a streaming service means you’re not wasting it watching commercial breaks. 

3. You Can Sign Up for Free Trials

Most streaming services offer a free trial period, enabling you to try before you buy. Seven-day trials are the most common, but 14 or 30-day trials are also available. Before choosing a streaming service, take advantage of these trials to compare several different options.  

This enables you to explore a service’s content catalog and see how easy it is to use. Most trials give you access to the service’s full range of content and features and enable you to cancel at the end of the trial period, no strings attached. 

If you’re unsure about whether to subscribe to a streaming service, these free trial periods are a great, commitment-free way to try them out and find the best TV streaming service for your household’s viewing needs. 

4. You Get Access to a Range of Content

One of the main attractions of TV streaming services is the unparalleled range of high-quality content they give you access to. The size of their content libraries means you’ll never run out of options!

Most streaming platforms have thousands of hours of content across all genres–news, movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports–to choose from. They include everything from your old favorites to the latest releases for both adults and children. Some services have even started producing their own award-winning content. 

The choices can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where the next useful feature of streaming services comes in. 

5. Content is Tailored to Your Preferences

Most streaming services use an algorithm to recommend shows or movies you may like based on your viewing history. The content is curated just for you. Streaming services also recommend trending shows so you can keep up with the latest releases and never miss an episode of your favorite show. 

Many services also offer streaming bundles, enabling you to combine access to two or more providers under one subscription. This enables you to customize your streaming subscription to suit your household’s viewing preferences. 

Not interested in sports? Don’t include sports channels in your subscription. Love reality TV? Subscribe to all of the channels. Streaming service bundles are an ideal way to avoid paying for a service you won’t use. 

6. You Can Watch TV and Movies on Any Device

Streaming services give you flexibility when it comes to viewing content on multiple devices. Most enable you to connect multiple devices per household, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, putting an end to arguments over who controls the TV remote. 

With remote device connectivity, you can view your favorite series and movies from anywhere, anytime on your mobile or tablet. This makes TV streaming services ideal for people with long commutes or while traveling. 

Some services also enable you to download limited content. If you don’t have internet connectivity while flying, for example, you can download your content beforehand and catch up on your favorite show during the flight. 

7. The Viewing Schedules Are Flexible

With free TV and cable, you’re restricted to viewing your shows and movies according to the programming schedule. A TV streaming service, on the other hand, gives you access to the exact content you want, when you want it. 

With on-demand content available at any time, you have complete control over your viewing schedule and access to quality content 24/7. You no longer have to resort to the home shopping channel when you come home from a late shift. Instead, you can choose something you actually want to watch. 

And with a TV streaming service, you can pause a show and come back to it later, rewind to a part you missed, and rewatch your old favorites. This flexibility is what makes streaming so popular. 

8. You Have More Control

Streaming puts you in control of the content you watch, leading to less couch potato time and more intentional viewing. Rather than just watching a show because it’s the only thing on TV, streaming platforms encourage you to watch a specific series you’re following or a movie on your “to watch” list. 

This reduces mindless TV viewing and the inevitable channel surfing while you search for something passable to watch. By using a TV streaming service, you’re in total control and have access to the content you like.

9. It Doesn’t Require Any Storage Space

If you want to start using a streaming service, there’s no need to invest in another hard drive or increase your device’s storage capacity. When you stream a program, the service transmits a remotely-stored media file to the device you’re using in small data packets. 

You’re not downloading the media, so all you need is a good internet connection to be able to view high-resolution audio and video content.  

This also means you don’t have to sit around and wait for the show or movie you want to watch to download. With a streaming service, you have immediate access to it and can start watching from the moment you press play. 

10. It’s Convenient

Streaming services offer users maximum convenience when it comes to home entertainment. With immediate, on-demand access to the latest shows and movies, subscribers can watch their favorite content whenever they want, from wherever they are located. 

What’s more, streaming services often release full series at once, so you don’t have to wait for a new episode every week. This feature sets streaming apart from the cable or free TV models.

On top of this, they’re easy to set up and use. Once you’ve chosen the best streaming TV service for your household, you simply subscribe and then log into the service’s site or app to start. There’s no equipment required, and you have immediate access to an endless source of content. 


It’s easy to see why internet streaming services are so popular. They’re easy to use and give you on-demand access to a huge range of high-quality content to suit everyone’s viewing preferences. The flexibility of streaming bundles also enables you to tailor a subscription to suit your household’s needs. You won’t end up paying for a service you don’t use. 

Streaming services are an affordable alternative to cable and offer much more flexibility than free TV. If you want to see whether streaming is for you, sign up for one of the many free trials on offer to test it out.

Kate Stacey
Kate writes for Top10.com and is a lawyer with degrees in law and business management, combined with over a decade of experience in criminal and human rights law.