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U-Haul Review - Self-Storage Unit Rentals

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

U-Haul is known for its flexible and convenient moving services. But the snazzy orange logo is also associated with affordable self-storage rental units. That’s because U-Haul has indoor and outdoor storage unit locations all over the country, available in a range of sizes, and suitable for a variety of uses, whether you’re a business owner, relocating, or freeing up space at home. U-Haul units are very affordable, and the first month is free.


  • Climate-controlled units
  • 24-hour access, usually
  • One month free, no contracts


  • No full-service option
  • Not all features available in all locations

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U-Haul at a Glance

Main services covered: Self-storage, car/RV/boat, business storage, moving storage

Participating states: Nationwide and Canada

24-hour security: Yes

Climate-controlled: Yes

What Services Does U-Haul Cover?

While there’s no full-storage option, U-Haul has several self-storage services including:

  • Self-storage

Self-storage is the most common service U-Haul storage is used for. Customers utilize these units for everything from seasonal gear like skis, surfboards, and hiking equipment to entire home contents that need to be stored because of an extended trip away from home (sabbatical, wanderlust, renovations, etc.). Self-storage is also a good option for items you just don’t have room for but don’t want to get rid of like seasonal clothing, furniture items, and books.

  • Business needs

U-Haul also has business storage options. You can customize your storage unit to suit your business needs. U-Haul has some convenient features that make it a good choice for businesses including autopay and authorized users.

  • RV, boat, and vehicle storage

This type of storage is a good option if you have issues with neighborhood parking ordinances, parking space restrictions, and the like. You can store your RV or boat during the off season, and access it whenever you want. These units have additional features (only available at selected locations) including valet parking, electrical outlets, dump stations, and 24-hour access.

  • Portable storage units

Finally, U-Haul offers the ultimate in convenience for people preparing for a move. You’ll get a U-Box storage container delivered to your home. Pack up the containers, store them at a U-Haul facility or in your driveway, and even have U-Haul move the containers when you’re ready to go. Guess that’s a perk of renting storage space from a nationally acclaimed moving company.

It’s free to reserve a unit with U-Haul. Nice. And what’s more, everything can be done online. That means you can do it 24/7, totally contactless, and avoid the lines. Here’s how U-Haul online works:

  • Search for a unit in your area

  • Choose the size based on your needs

  • Enter your details (payment and personal), and add your e-signature

  • Receive your access code and move in

  • Enjoy 24-hour access to your unit

U-Haul Facility Features

U-Haul offers indoor and outdoor storage units. Indoor units are more protected from the elements, obviously. Units will have added security and climate-control features depending on location. Indoor units are better for furniture, electronics, paintings, and other items that might be damaged from exposure to the elements. Climate-controlled units are kept between 65 and 85 degrees and automatically regulate temperature and humidity levels.

Outdoor units from U-Haul are drive-up accessible. This makes it convenient to drop things off or pick them up whenever you want. Outdoor units are better for items you want to access frequently, tools, outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and the like. These ground level units are easier to load and unload since you don’t need to deal with stairs, hallways, or doorways.

  • Climate control

  • State-of-the-art security systems

  • Auto-pay

  • Online payments and reservations

  • No admin. or deposit fees

  • Tenant insurance

  • Per month contracts

  • Storage rental 24/7 online

  • First month free

  • 24-hour access

  • Online account management

  • Drive-up storage

  • Valet parking

  • Electrical outlets

  • Dump stations

  • Controlled gate access

U-Haul Security

U-Haul has a multi-layer security system called MAX. The system includes things like security cameras, individually alarmed rooms, electronic key access, intercoms, fire sprinklers, and access limitations including building or even floor limitations. U-Haul has one of the best security systems out there in self-storage. In fact, it’s one of the company’s most popular features.

U-Haul Storage Unit Details

U-Haul has tons of different types of storage units, ranging in sizes and locations. Which one is right for you will be determined by how much stuff you have that needs to be stored. U-Haul has an excellent sizing guide on the site that gives you examples of what can be stored in the various units available. Here’s a sample, but definitely check out the guide if you’re in doubt as to which size unit you need:

Small Units

0–50 sq. ft.

Miscellaneous items, fishing gear, bikes, skis, household items

Medium Units

51–150 sq. ft.

Small home or apartment belongings, good for remodeling, downsizing, or travel

Large Units

151+ sq. ft.

Storing an entire home’s contents

The sizing guide on the website is a lot more detailed. It breaks things down into more specialized sizes and specific items. For example, the 5’x5’ storage unit is compared to a closet space. U-Haul recommends using this for items that you’ve run out of space for in your own home. Things like mattresses, books, seasonal clothing, sporting equipment, file boxes, and holiday decorations. It also gives common uses for each type of storage unit (e.g., decluttering, storing seasonal items, storing dorm-room items between semesters). Bottom line, it’s very helpful, so check it out.

How Much Does U-Haul Cost?

U-Haul units vary in pricing based on location, unit size, climate control, and other features. Typically, small storage units begin at around $60 and go up based on the factors we mentioned. For an exact price quote, you’ll need to go online and enter your information.

U-Haul offers month-to-month contracts. This is a convenient way of doing things because it means you won’t be tied down to a long-term contract you might not have a use for shortly after signing. It’s also nice that U-Haul lets you upgrade or downgrade your storage unit size at a moment’s notice. So, if your needs change, you don’t have to live out a long contract before you can switch to a more suitable option.

U-Haul has packing materials available for purchase, a convenient addition. What’s even more convenient is that you can get dollies and hand trucks to lug around your stuff directly at your storage unit location. These are free of charge for U-Haul customers.

U-Haul Rental and Leasing Options

Good news for unsure consumers. U-Haul doesn’t tie you down to long-term contracts. Instead, you’ll commit just one month at a time, for however long you need. That’s flexible.

U-Haul Customer Service

U-Haul offers several customer service methods including email, phone, and the ever-popular live chat. You can also get help from the FAQ section on the website.





Live chat: Yes

U-Haul​ U-Haul​ Visit Site

What Are People Saying about U-Haul?

“Staff were courteous & helpful. Storage unit & area was clean, well lit & secure. Would definitely choose U-Haul again.” – Sandra H

“Great customer service, everyone was very professional and friendly. Truck and storage unit was ready when I arrived and both very clean. Would highly recommend for any moving needs!” – Laura E

“The process was easy and smooth. Their customer service people were nice and able to answer all my questions. I discussed with them over the phone what I needed stored and they handled everything with care. I felt my items were taken care of and safe. All in all, my experience was positive. I was completely satisfied with their service and I would use them again.” – Michael

Bottom Line

U-Haul has already established itself as a leader in the moving industry, but it is also making quite a name for itself in the storage sector. With state-of-the-art security ensuring your belongings stay safe and sound 24/7, U-Haul stands head and shoulders above the competition. Add to that climate-controlled units, a wide range of sizes, easy-to-use online process, and month-to-month contracts, and U-Haul soars to the top of the charts.

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