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The Best Storage Unit Companies of 2024

Sarah Badani
Best Storage Unit Companies

Storage is a big problem for a lot of people, and public storage companies are the obvious solution. Offering affordable storage units to stock your stuff, full-service and self-storage options abound.

People store their belongings for any number of reasons. You might have an excess of belongings that can’t fit in your home anymore. Or you might be in the middle of a move or other type of transition in your life. Maybe you’re taking a year-long sabbatical or have extended travel plans. Public storage containers are even useful for businesses. You may have an online business and need a place to stock your inventory, or you’re a retailer looking to warehouse seasonal stock.

Whatever the reason, public storage units are a great option. They offer a clean, secure, private, and easy-to-access location where you can keep all of your belongings. Storage companies range in price and service packages. There are indoor and outdoor storage units, climate-controlled units, easy-access, full-service storage, self-storage units, and so much more. Bottom line, you’ve got plenty of options. You just have to know what your needs are, and the storage facilities will help you along with the rest.

So whether you’ve inherited belongings, are trying to accommodate a senior moving into a new living situation, are a college student who needs to stash their stuff for the summer, or own season-specific gear (like motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, sports equipment, industrial tools), here are the best full-service and self-storage companies to keep your belongings safe and secure while being stored.

Breaking Down our Top10 Choices: Which is Best For Your Needs:

  • GetStored - Best for full-service
  • Make Space​ - Best for SMBs
  • Public Storage - Best for price
  • U-Haul​ - Best for flexibility
  • Extra Space - Best for availability
  • Cube Smart​ - Best for customized storage space
  • Simply SS​ - Best for insured storage
  • Clutter - Best for 24/7 security
  • Neighbor - Best for crowdsourced solutions
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The Best Storage Unit Companies - An In-Depth Look

  • 1


    • Starting price$119 per month
    • Self-storage or full serviceFull service
    • States availableAcross the US and Canada

    GetStored has partnered with Atlas to combine both these companies' fields of expertise. Now it is one of the top-rated full-service storage companies in the country. With state of the art, high-security storage warehouses situated across the US and Canada, GetStored has plenty on offer for those looking to store their belongings safely and securely. 

    GetStored has professional packing options, so you can have the pros come to your home and pack up everything from beginning to end. Once enclosed in a security unit, GetStored will pick up and deliver your items to you whenever you want them. And with protection plans that cover every eventuality even while in transit, GetStored is the ultimate in storage convenience.

    • Full protection plans
    • Full-service packing and storage
    • Free packing materials
    • No private access
    • One-time pickup fee
  • 2
    Make Space​

    Make Space​

    • Starting price$69 per month
    • Self-storage or full serviceFull-service storage
    • States available31 cities

    MakeSpace is the full-service storage company you’ve been looking for. It offers free pickup, complete with professional movers who come to your home, wrap up your belongings, and move them to a storage unit for you. MakeSpace will also deliver your belongings back to you on demand. You can use the handy mobile app to request specific item deliveries whenever you want. MakeSpace includes free packing supplies and basic insurance in all its plans.

    MakeSpace facilities are all monitored by 24-hour security presence, motion-sensor cameras, and state-of-the-art alarm systems for maximum security. MakeSpace also offers basic insurance coverage included in the price of storage. If you want to upgrade your insurance, you can purchase more coverage as well.

    • Full-service storage, pickup and delivery included
    • Photo inventory app
    • Free packing supplies
    • Only available in a few locations
    • No self-storage option
  • 3
    Public Storage

    Public Storage

    • Starting priceAppx. $15
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available39

    Public Storage is synonymous with storage, and it’s not surprising. The company has been around for roughly 50 years. And it’s made quite a name for itself in that time. Today Public Storage stands for quality, flexibility, and convenience. With climate-controlled units, easy access options, and tons of storage unit sizes to choose from, Public Storage is an obvious choice for movers, businesses, and anyone else looking for reliable storage solutions.

    Public Storage offers an outstanding $1 first-month promotion and month-to-month contracts. Plus you can reserve a unit for free without any obligation. Public Storage has a convenient sizing guide on its website to help you figure out which unit is right for your needs. And you can easily change your unit size at any point.

    • Lowest pricing around
    • Climate controlled
    • Flexible rental terms
    • No full-service option
    • No 24-hour access
  • 4


    • Starting priceAppx. $60
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available50

    U-Haul is a nationwide household name. While it’s more commonly known for its moving options, U-Haul is also a great solution if you’re looking for all types of storage facilities. From indoor, climate-controlled, and full-security units to outdoor, drive-up, and conveniently accessible units, U-Haul has them all. You can store anything from furniture to seasonal items to sporting equipment to RVs and boats. U-Haul also has 24-hour access to some of its storage units, a tremendous benefit for many consumers.

    U-Haul has flexible rental terms with month-to-month contracts, your first month for free when you rent a truck, and a tremendous array of unit sizes. You also get the benefit of a state-of-the-art security system that includes cameras, intercom systems, and restricted access to units, buildings, and even floors. U-Haul also offers storage insurance and convenient online account management.

    • 24-hour access
    • First month free with truck rental
    • Several types of storage units
    • Not all features available in all locations
    • More expensive than some competitors
  • 5
    Extra Space

    Extra Space

    • Starting price$10 per month
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available43

    Extra Space is storage made easy. You can visit one of the thousands of locations across the country, or do it all online. Extra Space provides businesses and private consumers clean, well-lit, and secure storage units of every size. Secure units are individually alarmed, covered by video surveillance, and guarded behind electronic gates with an access code. 

    Extra Space has reasonable rates, with units starting as low as $10 a month for small units. You can sign up for monthly contracts or set up autopay for more convenient payment options. Extra Space also offers insurance for as little as $11 a month to protect your belongings, making it a safe and affordable option. 

    • Excellent security and protection features
    • Regular pest and rodent treatment
    • Online discounts and reservations
    • Possibility for 24/7 access
    • No full-service option
    • Rates vary significantly from one location to next
  • 6
    Cube Smart​

    Cube Smart​

    • Starting price$26 per month
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available40

    CubeSmart has a great reputation for being customer friendly. It also has great discounted rates on storage services, making CubeSmart a popular choice for businesses and consumers on a budget. With plenty of storage units to choose from, CubeSmart has multiple sizes and categories to fit every storage need, from outdoor to indoor, climate-controlled, increased security, and even office space for businesses.

    CubeSmart tosses in loads of freebies including free truck rental for local moves, Wi-Fi access, and a lounge for business rentals. What’s more, CubeSmart has customized storage units, so you can get the exact specs and features you need to make your storage solution fit like a glove. CubeSmart has some great security measures in place including an on-site manager to keep an eye on things round the clock.

    • Discounts, giveaways, and contests
    • Monthly contracts
    • Lots of additional services provided
    • Only accessible during open-gate hours
    • Insurance not included
  • 7
    Simply SS​

    Simply SS​

    • Starting price$11 per month
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available23

    Simply Self Storage (or Simply SS as its friends like to call it) provides a range of storage solutions from mini storage units to vehicle storage and even business storage solutions. Units are climate-controlled for maximum protection, and Simply SS provides state-of-the-art security systems at all facilities. More impressive, many of the Simply SS locations have 24/7 access, a big perk for anyone who values flexibility and convenience.

    You can get drive-up storage access, month-to-month contracts, and online rental contracts, as well as rental discounts when you book online. Simply SS also offers long-term storage solutions, a more affordable option for customers who need to store their belongings for an extended period of time. 

    • Get insurance coverage included
    • 24/7 access at most locations
    • Good security measures
    • Not a lot of locations across the country
    • No clear pricing info online
  • 8


    • Starting priceVaries based on services and locations
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage and full-service
    • States available9

    Clutter is one of the very few storage providers that offers both self-service and full-service storage options. For self-storage, Clutter gives you 24/7 access, low monthly pricing, and locked-in rates. Plus, you’ll get a move-in shuttle free of charge. Clutter will send you a cargo van and driver to help you transport all of your belongings to the storage unit.

    For full-service storage, Clutter really delivers white-glove service. Professional movers will come to your home, expertly pack and transport your belongings to the storage unit, and deliver items upon request to your door. See what you have in storage at a glance using the Clutter mobile app with full photo inventory. All Clutter units are clean, climate-controlled warehouses with 24/7 security.

    • 24/7 access
    • Photo inventory
    • Free cargo van and driver
    • Very limited service area
    • No next-day returns
  • 9


    • Starting priceVaries
    • Self-storage or full serviceSelf-storage
    • States available50

    Neighbor is a radically different type of storage service. Harnessing the power (and savings potential) of crowdsourcing, Neighbor connects storage-space seekers with private storage-space providers in the area. So you get convenient access to storage locations right around the corner. And best of all, Neighbor’s storage solutions prices are typically 50% lower than comparable conventional storage services.

    Neighbor is built on trust, which is why it verifies all storage offerings and uses secure payment platforms. What’s more, Neighbor provides renters with a $1M guarantee. Private storage solutions vary from one area to the next but generally include climate-controlled units, long-term storage, RV, car, and boat storage, monthly parking, and more.

    • Much cheaper than a regular storage unit
    • $25,000 protection guarantee for your possessions
    • Search/filter by storage type, size, and price
    • Requires you to put your trust in someone else
    • Packing and transportation not available

How to Choose a Storage Company

What Are My Storage Options?

When you start researching the different public storage options out there, you’ll quickly notice that these services can be divided into 2 main categories:

  • Self-storage facilities

When you rent from a self-storage facility, you do all the heavy lifting. You pack up your belongings and bring them to your self-storage unit yourself. Obviously this costs you more time and effort, but it’s the way to go if you’re looking for affordable storage since self-storage facilities are often significantly less expensive than the full-service alternatives. Self-storage facilities also have the advantage of being accessible whenever you want (within open-gate hours if not 24/7). Full-service public storage companies don’t allow you to visit your storage units at all. Instead, you have to pay for delivery and pickups, adding to the price of your rental unit.

Self-storage units usually come with a variety of additional benefits like easy access, moving supplies, and flexible contracts.

  • Full-service storage

Full-service storage companies offer the works. They’ll come to your home or place of business, pack up your belongings, and transport them to the best storage units they have. When you want an item, these storage companies go to your unit, pick up the item, and deliver it to your door. This is the option for those who value extreme convenience, and minimal time and labor investment. Of course, you’ll have to pay more for this type of storage solution, but that’s the price of convenience.

There is one other category that you might notice called pod storage units. This neat innovation is basically a storage unit on wheels. You’ll get a storage container that is planted on the back of a truck. Pod storage companies deliver a portable container to your home. You fill it up with your belongings and store the pod in your driveway, at another location, or within the storage company’s secure facilities. Because they are portable, pods are the best storage containers for moving. You can load/reload it over an extended period of time as and when it suits you, then keep it at your home until you’re ready to unload it in your new location. Pod storage units are not a good option for long-term storage.

What Type of Storage Units Are There?

In addition to the types of storage companies available, there are different types of units including:

  • Indoor full-service and self-storage units

Indoor storage units are more secure and the better option if you have delicate items that could be damaged by being left in the more exposed outdoor storage units. Indoor storage units usually have the option of climate-control. This is an important feature for fragile items including photos, film, electronic equipment, cameras, wine, certain materials, record albums, musical instruments, antiques, artworks, and other sensitive belongings. Climate-controlled units protect your items from the possible damage caused by heat, humidity, and cold.

Indoor full-service and self-storage units are more secure since they’re stored inside a building (that’s usually protected by a full security system).

  • Outdoor full-service and self-storage units

Outdoor storage units are also good options, especially if you are storing bulkier items. These units aren’t actually outdoors, think of them as large motel-like structures that you have private access to. You can access the outdoor unit from outside, hence the name. These public storage units come with benefits like drive-up accessibility (easier for loading and loading), on-site managers, and video surveillance.

What Features Should I Look for in a Storage Unit?

The features that make up the best storage units for you will vary depending on your needs and personal preferences. For example, if you want to be able to access your storage unit whenever you want, bring things to the unit, take things out of the unit, and basically have more control over your belongings, then self-serve storage services are a better bet for you. 

Alternatively, if you generally hate the idea of lugging your belongings in and out of places and are looking for professionals to take care of everything for you, the full-service storage units are going to be more your speed. 

Trying to narrow down the best storage units for you? As with any service, read up on public storage reviews before investing in a unit. Also compare the following features:

  • Security

Is there 24/7 security? What type of security system is in place? Are there video cameras, electric gates, code access, on-site managers? 

  • Climate-controlled units

As mentioned, this is an important feature if you have sensitive belongings. Make sure your self-storage units will protect your items.

  • Accessibility

Some storage companies offer you unlimited access to your self-storage unit while others are more exclusive about their accessibility. Some self-storage facilities require you to make an appointment to drop off or retrieve items to and from your storage unit. If you plan on taking things out, or adding to, the unit regularly, accessibility is an important feature to consider.

  • Pricing

Storage unit pricing is generally based on the amount of space you need. The storage service will offer units ranging in size measured in square footage. You choose the size of unit you think will hold the amount of stuff you want stored (e.g., 5′x5′ [25 square feet], 10′x10′ [100 square feet], etc.). Good storage services allow you to upgrade or downgrade easily without having to start a whole new registration process.

If you’re looking for affordable local storage companies, you can do a quick Google search for “storage units near me.” Prices are generally not displayed though. You’ll need to put in a zip code and/or contact the company directly. 

  • Lease option

Is there a long contract requirement? Month-to-month? Can you set up autopay?

Also find out if you’ll be able to get additional materials from the storage service. Things like packing materials, labels, markers, boxes, bubble wrap, and more can often be purchased for a discounted rate from these services as they buy them in bulk. So ask before buying packing materials on your own.

Do I Need to Pay to Insure My Belongings in a Storage Unit?

Professional storage companies require you to have some sort of insurance for the items you are storing with them. This is a precautionary measure, and anyway, it’s a good idea for the owners as well. Good news is that insurance is easy to come by. Most people are already insured through their home-owners insurance. But you should check your policy to see the exact terms and whether or not your stored belongings are covered. If you are covered by some other type of insurance, be sure to bring a copy of the policy with you when you go to rent your unit in case they ask for it.

If you aren’t covered by an existing insurance policy, most public storage facilities will have insurance coverage available for purchase. These policies will usually offer an amount of coverage (up to $1,000, up to $2,000 etc.) for a monthly fee. Some really great storage companies also include basic coverage for free within the rental agreement. You can opt to upgrade your insurance policy for higher coverage amounts if you choose. This is recommended since the basic coverage is usually a fraction of the actual value of the items.

The Best Storage Units Are Just a Click Away

The best storage facilities offer a fully online rental process. You can reserve, sign up, and pay for your storage unit without coming into contact with anyone. This is something to consider, particularly in today’s current health climate. Avoiding excess public exposure and contact is always a plus.


Selecting the right storage solution for you comes down to knowing exactly what your needs are, in terms of space, cost, and level of service. Think carefully about how you will use your storage space before deciding which company will best fulfill those requirements. Happily, there are many flexible, affordable, and professional options out there to choose from.

Sarah Badani
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