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Angie’s List Plumbing Review 2024

Real User Reviews on Plumbers Near You

Sarah Badani

In a Nutshell

Angie’s List puts it best when it says the purpose of the site is to borrow from other people’s experiences. After all, the best way to find out about a service without actually using it yourself is to ask those that have used it about their experience. That’s the goal of Angie’s List: helping homeowners find local and experienced plumbers (and other experts) to do the jobs they need done efficiently, economically, and professionally.


  • Millions of real user reviews to research
  • Free accounts available
  • Thorough background checks performed on businesses


  • Policy changes since its merger
  • Support is based on membership level
  • Not an actual plumber

Angie's List Angie's List Visit Site

Angie’s List at a Glance

Specializes in: Verified reviews and ratings

Average price range: Varies based on plumber

Warranty: Varies based on plumber

Response time: Varies based on plumber

Best For: All types of plumbing work, piping, gas systems, etc.

Plumbing Services Offered

Angie’s List doesn’t actually provide you with any plumbing services. Rather, this is a reviews and ratings platform that helps consumers find qualified and reliable plumbers in their area to get the job done. There are millions of reviews on the Angie’s List website, with approximately 60,000 reviews added every day. So, you can get a clear picture of a company by looking through these reviews.

The network of plumbers and plumbing services found on Angie’s List is unbelievable. Here is a sneak peek at some of the services available:

  • Drain clog or blockage cleared

  • Drain line breakage (camera locate)

  • Sewer line main cleared

  • Faucets, fixtures and pipes repair

  • Faucets replacements

  • Plumbing for a remodel or addition (installations)

  • Bathtub installation

  • Bathtub replacement or repairs

  • Clawfoot tub installation

  • Gas piping

  • Shower installation

  • Shower replacement or repair

  • Sink installation

  • Sink repair

  • Steam shower installation

  • Toilet installation

  • Toilet repairs

  • Walk-in tub installation

  • Walk-in tub replacement or repairs

  • Whirlpool bathtub installation

  • Whirlpool bathtub replacement or repair

  • Well pump repairs

  • Well pump servicing

  • Sump pump repairs

  • Sump pump replacement or servicing

  • Sump pump or interior foundation drains installation

  • Well pump installation

  • Well pump repairs or replacements

  • Water main installation

  • Water main replacement or repair

  • Septic system installation

  • Septic system replacement

  • Septic tank cleaning

  • Septic tank pump outs

  • Drain clog and blockage clearing

  • Drain link breakage (camera locate)

  • Septic system repairs

  • Sewer main clearing

  • Sewer main installation

  • Sewer main replacement

  • Sewer main repairs

  • Lawn and garden sprinkler system installation

  • Lawn and garden sprinkler system repairs

  • Outdoor mist cooling system installation

  • Outdoor mist cooling system servicing

  • Outdoor mist cooling system repairs

  • Sprinkler system for lawn and garden winterizing

  • Activating sprinkler system for lawn and garden

  • Solar water heater system installation

  • Solar water heater system repairs

  • Tankless water heater installation

  • Tankless water heater repairs

  • Water heater installation

  • Water heater replacement

  • Water heater repairs or servicing

  • Water treatment and purification system installation

  • Water treatment and purification system replacements

  • Water treatment and purification system repairs

  • Water treatment and purification system servicing

  • Gas piping

  • Boiler heating system installation

  • Boiler replacement

  • Boiler repairs

  • Boiler servicing

  • Radiator heating system installation

  • Radiator heating system replacement

  • Radiator heating system repairs

  • Radiator heating system servicing

  • Hot tub or spa installation

  • Hot tub or spa replacement

  • Hot tub or spa repairs

  • Hot tub or spa servicing

  • Pre-fabricated fireplace unit installation

  • Pre-fabricated fireplace unit repairs

  • Radiant floor heating system installation

  • Radiant floor heating system repairs


Angie's List is not a plumbing service, as we've already mentioned. So, whatever pricing you pay is not for the actual plumbing jobs you need done. Instead, you are paying for a membership to the reviews platform. If you aren't interested in paying for this service, you can join as a free member with the Green Plan. This is a relatively new addition to the Angie's List services and a good one at that. Green Plan members can view all of the reviews on Angie's List and ask questions. You are limited on the support you get, though.

In addition to the free plan, members can opt to pay for the Silver or Gold plans. These membership plans offer a few benefits, including:

  • Complaint resolution assistance

  • Angie’s List Magazine subscription delivery

  • More advanced and priority customer support

  • Emergency service line

  • Insta-hire

  • Project scheduling

  • Service quality guarantee

Green Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan



$24.99 per year

$99.99 per year

Customer support

Basic email

Specialist email support and live chat

Specialist email and phone support and live chat

Complaint resolution assistance




Fair price guarantee




If you’re just looking to find real user reviews, then the Green Plan is enough. But if you want to be more interactive in the Angie’s List community or website, then you’ll do better with one of the paid-for plans.


“Before Angie's List, selecting a service provider was like throwing darts blind folded. Those who report on Angie's List have helped me make informed, logical, educated decisions. I am truly grateful.” NANCY|ST. PAUL, MN

“Angie's List took the stress out of a very stressful situation.” MARSHA|STRONGSVILLE, OH

“When I had a problem with a service provider, Angie stuck up for me, and I got action immediately. I wish I would have called earlier!” ROBERT|COLUMBUS

Customer Service and Response Times

Angie's List provides tiered customer service, depending on the type of membership you have. Green Plan members can reach customer support by sending an email via the website, and Silver Plan members get live chat and special phone support. Meanwhile, Gold Plan members will receive one-on-one customer support and priority scheduling.

In terms of the scheduling times, how fast the plumber will arrive, and what the arrangements will be, these details are determined by the individual plumbers. Check out their profile pages to see what type of customer service you can expect.


Angie’s List doesn’t provide any specific warranty or guarantee on services provided by the businesses reviewed on the site. What Angie’s List can give you is this: thousands of real user reviews telling you about their experiences using these plumbers. The great thing about Angie’s List reviews is how detailed they are. People are very generous when it comes to both criticism and praise of these services.

By reading through some of the reviews, you can get a good idea of what kind of a company this plumbing service is, how good they are at their job, and how fast and efficient they are. You can even find out more inside details such as how good they are about cleaning up after themselves and whether or not they are friendly to work with.

Angie’s List also assigns a grade to each business from A to F, so straight off the bat, you can see the level of quality you can expect from a certain plumber. And Angie’s List also does thorough background checks, licensing checks, and proper insurance checks.

Angie's List Angie's List Visit Site

Other Services Offered

Angie’s List is a full-service business review platform. But the reviews are far from limited to plumbing services. In fact, you can find a review for just about any type of business or industry. Here’s a partial list of the other services available for review on Angie’s List:

  • Additions and remodeling

  • Air conditioning repairs and installation

  • Appliance repairs and installation

  • Appraisers

  • Architects and engineers

  • Audiovisual and computer technicians

  • Awnings installations

  • Brick and stone workers

  • Cabinet builders, installers, and repairs

  • Carpenters

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning

  • Ceilings

  • Central vacuum installation and repairs

  • Cleaning and maid services

  • Concrete workers

  • Countertops installation and repairs

  • Decks

  • Demolition services

  • Designers and decorators

  • Disability services

  • Disaster recovery services

  • Docks

  • Developers

  • Doors installation and repairs

  • Drywall and plaster

  • Electricians

  • Excavators

  • Home security

  • Insulation

  • Landscaping

  • Locksmith

  • Pest control

  • Painting

  • Swimming pools

  • Stained glass

  • Windows

  • Wallcoverings

  • Waste removal


Angie’s List is a free site to use (if you choose) and a valuable resource for consumers looking to compare professional plumbers against the opinion of real users who have already had experience with these experts. The network is tremendous, and you can find thousands of reviews within the specific area of expertise you are searching for. Angie’s List also has detailed information about each company, so you can make an informed decision.

Sarah Badani writes for top10.com and has extensive research and review experience in the finance industry. With a degree in psychology and education, she brings a level of depth and understanding to her writing along with her own flavor to spice up each topic in a unique and inviting way.
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