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Last Updated: Jul 2024

Top 10 Best Online Appliance Stores

Buying appliances online is a quick and easy way to find anything from freezers to ovens at affordable prices.

How Do Sites With the Best Appliance Deals Work?

Online appliance stores are another notch on the belt of modern technology. In an era where people are doing everything online from booking their dentist appointments to managing their personal banking, it’s only natural that consumers would turn to the web to make their purchasing decisions. Even with these larger ticket items like washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens, the internet has become the new go-to for savvy shoppers. And for good reason.

Online appliance stores offer consumers big benefits in the form of convenience and door-to-door delivery options. What’s more, you can get some things from an online store which you simply cannot from a brick and mortar alternative, including:

Easier shopping experience

There is no comparison when it comes to convenience. Online appliances allow you to sit on your couch, browse pages of your specifically-requested appliances, and select the one that works the best for your needs, budget, and preferences. You just can't get anywhere near that when you walk into a store.

Better prices

What's more, online appliance stores have more competitive prices. That's because they don't have the same overhead that brick and mortar stores require to maintain their business. Those savings frequently get passed on to the consumers, thank you very much. But even less altruistic online appliance stores can save you money. That's because they make comparison shopping much simpler than land-based stores could (more on that in a minute).

Huge selection

Best of all is the selection. Online appliance stores open consumers up to the worldwide web of options. You can sit and browse through page after page of your appliance of choice, finding the exact brand, color, and features that make your heart sing. No matter how big a box store you walk into, there’s just no comparison to the variety and selection that online can offer.

How to Make the Most of Online Appliance Stores

The best online appliance stores will provide consumers with a convenient, efficient, and overall positive user experience. The entire experience is pretty straightforward:

  • Search for the appliance you want.
  • Read reviews so that you know what you're getting yourself into.
  • Order the model, size, features, etc. you want.
  • Get it delivered.
  • Rinse and repeat for other appliances.

It doesn't get much simpler than that. But for those who dread shopping on all levels, even online shopping may seem overwhelming. Here is the best way to get the most out of your soiree with online appliance stores:

Price compare

The biggest benefit of using online appliance stores is that it gives you the ability to comparison shop. See a refrigerator you like on one site? Take those specs over to another online store, and see what kind of a deal you can get from them. Do this just a few times, and you'll quickly be able to see which online appliance store is offering our refrigerator at the best price. Savings in the bag!

Don’t skip out on the extended warranty

While you might be trying to save money wherever you can, the extended warranty is not the place to do this. Warranties range in price, depending on which company you’re getting it from and how long the warranty extends for. For example, a 5-year warranty can cost you anywhere from $150 (from Abt) to $235 (from Home Depot). When considering the different price range, realize that you may be comparing apples to oranges. After all, if one service provider offers you a 30% off on filters, a hefty food spoilage reimbursement, and 50% reimbursement if the warranty goes unused and the other does not, that guarantee might be worth the initial added expense (since you’re getting it back in the long-term anyway). Things that are often included in an extended warranty are:

  • Getting money back if the warranty goes unused
  • Reimbursement for filters that need to be changed periodically
  • Preventative check-ups

Choosing the Best Place to Buy Appliances Online

There are a lot of online appliance stores out there. How do you know which is the right one for you? Like most things, you can take the word of friends and family members who’ve had positive experiences already. Additionally, you can take these important factors into consideration:


Delivery is a big deal for appliances (after all, who wants to lug a 200-pound washing machine up four flights of stairs?). But not all delivery services were created equal. When comparing online appliance stores, look into the delivery service provided. Ask a few basic questions like is delivery free, will they deliver to your door or into the room you want it? Is delivery to your front door? Curbside? Does delivery include installation? Does it include takeaway for old appliances? How flexible is the delivery scheduling? Will you be allowed to pick a day of the week, a window of time, or even an hour? Oh, and one other thing. Make sure the online appliance store actually delivers to your area. It would stink to put in all the effort of picking out the perfect gas range only to find out the store won't deliver to your town.

Warranty claims

Who handles the warranty claims if something needs repairs to replacements? Does the online appliance store handle this themselves, or do they ship this out to a third-party service? Will the store work on your behalf with the manufacturers to help move claims along?

Brands and selection

What kind of selection does this online appliance store offer? Do they carry a wide range, or is it a more limited selection? If you aren't picky, then selection may not matter. But if you are particular about a certain brand, make sure the retailer carries it.

Customer service

As with anything else online, you want to know someone is available when you need help. So look into a store’s customer service to see what kind of help you’ll get if and when you reach out. An online appliance store that’s not available when you need them isn’t worth much at all.

Which Online Store is Best to Buy Appliances From?

1. Best Place to Buy Fridges: Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a popular option for people who like variety. That’s because the store is known for having a wide range of top name brand appliances, from Samsung to Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Maytag, LG, and Bosch. Lowe’s also has good prices and doesn’t come with the membership fees that some other companies on the list do. And best of all, Lowe’s has a price-match policy that’ll match the price of local competitors and next-day delivery!

2. Best Place to Buy Ovens: Sears 

Sears is a household name around the US, and its online appliance store is every bit as memorable as the rest. In terms of pricing, you won’t find better deals than Sears. The brand even has a leasing option that requires no credit check at all. What’s more, Sears offers professional installation. This comes with a 1-year warranty on all work, complies with local and state codes, and is fully monitored for premium quality assistance.

3. Best Place to Buy Freezers: Best Buy

Best Buy is tops when it comes to convenient online shopping experiences. Whether you want to shop online and take advantage of the ready in 1-hour curbside pickup or like the idea of fast and free delivery, Best Buy has the perks that consumers really want. You’ll get expert guidance if you have trouble while shopping with virtual consultations, pro installation, and next day delivery, plus financing options to make any appliance affordable for just about anyone.

4. Best Place to Buy Washing Machines: Home Depot

Whether it’s a laundry pair you’re looking for or a chic French door refrigerator, Home Depot has the selection you could only dream of. Appliances range from gas and electric ranges to vacuum cleaners, washing machines, fridges, and more. You can even get smaller appliances like mixers, carpet cleaners, and wine coolers. Home Depot has really upgraded its online shopping experience with features like search by image or voice that lets the tech do the work for you. Home Depot also offers faster curbside pickup if you want it on the same day or free delivery on most items.

5. Best Place to Buy Vacuum Cleaners: AJ Madison

AJ Madison is not just about the sale. The site itself has oodles of useful information for consumers, like maintenance tips and extended warranty information. And AJ Madison even offers consumers helpful tips before you buy, so you know you're getting the right appliance for your needs. With 150+ brands to choose from, you can find just about every name out there from Avanti and Bosche to Zephyr and ZLine. Customers can also get a full year of no-interest financing, fast shipping, and fair return policies.

6. Best Place to Buy Dryers: Abt

Free shipping, award-winning customer service, and free tech support are just a few reasons consumers love Abt for all of their appliance needs. It also helps that the brand has a great selection, financing options, and a low-price guarantee. Abt also offers an extremely useful measuring your home buying guide. This helps consumers measure the area where they plan to put the new appliance to ensure that it will fit in properly (don’t forget doors!). This is a major frustration-saver!

7. Best Place to Buy Microwaves: Goedeker’s

Goedeker’s really covers all of the bases when it comes to happy customer shopping experiences. It’s got a great selection of top name brands like AGA, Blue Star, Bosch, and Whirlpool. Plus, you can get free delivery on most orders, no interest for 12 months, and a low price promise. Goedeker’s also has an install and haul away program, exclusive online coupons, and rebates for more savings.

8. Best Place to Buy Dishwashers: House

Australian-based House offers a radically different online shopping experience from what most consumers are used to. It pays attention to the finer details, creating a more personal, more comfortable, and more user-friendly experience. Offering things like gift wrapping, personal shoppers, and friendly return and exchange policies, House knows how to put the customer first. House is also a good place to turn to if you’re more selective about your brands, or are in the market for something unique or high-end.

9. Best Places to Buy Kitchen Appliances: Costco

Ah, Costco, home of the wholesale items, giant tubs of everything, and heavenly 12" cheesecakes. Who wouldn't revel in the idea of purchasing home appliances from their beloved marketplace? Even if you aren't a member of this fabulous club, you might consider Costco as a good option for home appliances because of its fair prices, flexible delivery options, professional installation, and, most of all, customer-friendly policies. Plus, get free delivery, free installs, and additional warranty coverage.

10. Best Place to Buy Cameras: Abe’s of Maine

Abe’s of Maine isn’t like most of the big brand stores on this list. A smaller fish in the sea of seemingly-endless faceless corporations, Abe’s of Maine is a family-owned business that runs out of its state-of-the-art showroom in New Jersey. The online store offers the same low prices (50% off many name brands), fast turnaround, and flexible payment options. Plus, Abe’s of Maine has free shipping and clear product specs and reviews pages, so you can know exactly what you’re getting when you order an appliance from the online store.

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