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Domain Hosting: How to Get a Free Domain

Top10.com Staff
Things To Look For When Choosing A Free Domain Name
Domain names that are truly free are available, but care should be taken in ensuring that they are truly free. Free domain names can be a great option in particular for someone who is looking to create a small website.

The First Steps:

Some web hosting companies will offer a free domain name just for utilising their hosting service, but it's possible to get both free hosting and a free domain name separately.

  • Firstly, search for free domain names. There'll be a lot of information available, but some offers will not quite be as free as they seem.
  • Ideally, for the sake of convenience, it's best to look for a company that offers you a free domain, and which can host your site at the same time. Consequently, if any problems arise you will be dealing with the same company.

Decide On Which Domain Names Are Truly Free

While getting a free domain name is often a good option, there will be some 'free' domain names on offer that may involve something in return. If it doesn't, then it can be classed as truly free.

  • Some 'post to host' companies can seem inviting initially, but you will often have to post dozens of posts in forums to meet their criteria and be eligible for a free domain name. As you're actually having to work for the right to have a free domain it's certainly not a straightforward 'free domain'.
  • Some companies have also given away free domain names in the past in return for offering ideas that help that company. Again, it's debatable whether these can be classed as truly free domain names.
  • Advertising. Look to avoid any domain names that are free as long as you allow ads. You will have no control over these ads, so they may alienate your visitors.

Ensure That Your Needs Are Met

If you are choosing free web hosting along with your free name then it's important to check that the hosting company meets your needs, in terms of disk space and bandwidth. Having a free domain name hosted by a site that keeps crashing, because it's space and bandwidth is very limited, will make having a free domain name as part of a hosting deal pretty pointless.

Many people who utilise a free domain name will be inexperienced when it comes to creating websites. So, in this instance, look for a hosting company that offers a site builder tool. If you want to use a domain name for blog posts, i.e. WordPress, then look for a hosting company that includes a one-click installation. It can appear more professional for a newbie blogger to place their blog on their own website, and a free domain name can be ideal for this purpose.

Beware Of Offers That Seem Too Good To Be True

Be wary of putting a free domain name into the hands of a hosting company that offers huge amounts of disk space and bandwidth. The "if it seems too good to be true it probably is" adage applies here.

Top10.com Staff
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