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CAROL Bike Review 2024

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In a Nutshell

The CAROL bike uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to create a customized, high-intensity workout tailored specifically for its rider. At $2,395, it’s an expensive investment. Users willing to pay will enjoy a super efficient workout—8 minutes on the CAROL bike is better than a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training session. Due to its high price point and intense routine, the CAROL bike is best suited for expert riders.


  • Uses machine learning to create custom workouts
  • Only product on market offering REHIT workouts
  • Short and efficient workouts averaging 8 minutes


  • Expensive product with a highly specialized use case
  • Highly repetitive workouts might get boring for some users

Carol Bike Carol Bike Visit Site


CAROL’s product is an advanced exercise bike that uses artificial intelligence to personalize a short, high-intensity workout for the user. The CAROL (CARdiovascular Optimization Logic) bike and some accessories (chest belt, floormat, water bottle holder) are the brand's only products, and users can also purchase a monthly subscription to take advantage of the bike’s full range of features.

The bike has AI-controlled diagnostics that automatically measure the rider’s heart rate, revolutions per minute, and optimal resistance. After the first 6 rides, these diagnostics are used to create a customized workout tailored perfectly to the rider. 

CAROL’s bike is designed for a new type of workout called Reduced Exertion High Intensity Interval Training, which involves a warm-up, two 20-second bursts of activity, and a cooldown. The entire workout takes only 8 minutes, and research at Western Colorado University  suggests that it’s more effective at building strength and improving cardio than a traditional 30-minute high-intensity interval training session.

CAROL Stationary Bike Review

Stationary bikes are an at-home workout option that builds lower body strength, improves cardiac health, and burns fat. Working out on a stationary bike has all the benefits of a bike ride, but in the comfort of your own home, available 24/7, rain or shine. Let’s learn more about how CAROL revolutionized the stationary bike game.

CAROL Stationary Bike Review

The CAROL bike uses AI-driven analytics to craft the perfect workout experience for the rider. Using two built-in sensors, one in the handlebars to measure heart rate and another in the pedals to measure optimal resistance, the bike gathers data about the user's strength and cardiac health. It then uses this data to build a customized 8-minute, high-intensity workout that is just hard enough to challenge the rider while still being achievable. 

Its ongoing analytics means that the user does not need to measure their progress manually. The bike will automatically raise the challenge of the workout as the rider’s strength and stamina improve and reduce it if the user takes an extended break. In addition to the AI, the CAROL bike comes equipped with a touchscreen display, dual front-facing speakers, and a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars.

At $2395 the CAROL is priced on the high end of the exercise bike market. However, for buyers that are comfortable with the price, the CAROL bike offers a unique experience with unparalleled dynamic workout features.

CAROL Training App

The CAROL bike comes with an associated app, available on the  App Store and the Google Play Store . When a CAROL rider enables dynamic analytics, the bike calculates an internal “score” for that rider based on the algorithm’s assessment of their performance. Riders can use the CAROL app to track their score over time and compare their scores to those of other CAROL riders around the world.

Apart from that, the CAROL app does not offer any specialized training functions. It’s possible to connect Bluetooth-enabled third party training apps to the bike when using its “free ride” mode; however the AI will be disabled and the user will have to control pedal resistance manually.

Users who are specifically looking for a guided training experience might be better suited with an alternative product, as the CAROL app does not provide these functions. 

Pricing & Special Offers

The CAROL bike can only be purchased online directly from CAROL, with free shipping available to the United Kingdom and the United States.  

The CAROL bike can be purchased in one of three bundles. Each bundle includes the CAROL bike, a warranty, and, in the case of the last two pricing tiers, a set of branded accessories.

Essentials Bike Bundle

  • CAROL bike
  • 1-Year warranty

Standard Bike Bundle

  • CAROL bike
  • Chest belt with improved heart monitor
  • Tablet holder
  • 2-Year warranty

Premium Bike Bundle

  • CAROL bike
  • Chest belt with improved heart monitor
  • Tablet holder
  • Floor mat
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Bottle holder

CAROL Payment Options

The CAROL bike can only be purchased via credit card. CAROL accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, and JCB cards.

There is also a payment plan option. Buyers can finance the bike for 12 months with 0% APR (service provided by Affirm). Financing is available for all 3 packages, with the essentials package coming out to $199.58 monthly.

All purchase tiers come with a 100-day home trial, meaning that users can try the bike for 100 days and return it for a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the results during that time. 

Every pricing tier comes with a warranty, with the basic (Essentials) tier including a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers any defect to the physical structure of the bike within the warranted period. If such an issue occurs, the bike will be replaced or repaired. It will continue to remain under warranty after the repair or replacement until the warranty period concludes.

Notably, CAROL’s warranty does not extend to any software errors, nor does it cover damage to the bike that is the result of “normal wear and tear.” 

Service and Support

Customer support is available on CAROL’s website through online chat or web form, or by contacting the direct phone line provided on their website.  Additionally, there is a thorough knowledge base available that provides troubleshooting information, describes warranties, explains shipping policies, and outlines the science behind the workout.

Customers praise CAROL for its responsive customer service, with the online chat responding quickly to their concerns. We tested the responsiveness of CAROL’s customer service team and were put in touch with a live representative through the online chat within 30 seconds.

Carol Bike Carol Bike Visit Site

Bottom Line

The CAROL bike is a unique, science-based, AI-driven exercise bike. It is great for users looking for an efficient, fast workout that is perfectly customized to challenge them every time.

Its downsides are the high price point and the relatively repetitive nature of the workout. CAROL does not feature any instructor-led courses, and uploading ones from a third party is not the best use of this bike. Users looking for a guided experience might have a better experience at a lower price point with a different bike.

If you are in the market for the bike that will give you the most effective workout in the shortest time—and are willing to pay a premium for it—then CAROL is the bike for you.


Is the CAROL bike worth it?

The CAROL bike is worth it if you are looking for the most efficient workout in the shortest amount of time. Its high-intensity workout is scientifically proven to be effective. However, if you are interested in taking an instructor-led course, or enjoying a less intense workout experience, then a less expensive exercise bike can accomplish the same goal.

Can you lose weight using the CAROL bike?

Yes. One of the pre-programmed high-intensity workouts on the CAROL bike is designed specifically for weight loss. CAROL’s algorithm keeps the intensity just right to maximize fat burn without harming the rider. 

What is Octane Score?

The CAROL bike uses a combination of heart monitor data and resistance data from the pedals to measure the rider’s cardiovascular fitness. These measurements are aggregated into a number called the Octane Score. As a rider’s Octane Score increases or decreases, the bike adjusts the difficulty of rides accordingly. 

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