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Legacy Tree Genealogy Review

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

Legacy Tree employs some of the most well-educated genealogists in the field to do your deep heritage research and find the answers you’ve been looking for. From discovering your birth parents to learning about your ancient lineage, Legacy Tree has the research capabilities, tools, and industry leaders to get you the information you want.


  • Professional team of genealogists, hands-on research
  • Customized projects for each client
  • DNA analysis


  • Has no DNA test kits
  • Expensive plans

Legacy Tree Genealogists Legacy Tree Genealogists Visit Site

Best For

Professional, deep-dive, hands-on, and customized heritage research

Why Go With Legacy Tree

Legacy Tree has a name in the industry, and once you start your research, you’ll understand why. Here are a few reasons Legacy Tree stands out against other genealogy services out there:

  • Credibility 

For one thing, the feedback is incredible. Legacy Tree has positive reviews from all across the web, including Google+, Facebook, Angie’s List, and even the Better Business Bureau. When it comes to something as sensitive as your heritage, you want to know you’re dealing with a team of professionals who will take your family research seriously and handle it with the respect and care it deserves. Based on the resounding positive reviews, Legacy Tree will do just that.

  • Expertise 

For another thing, the team of genealogists you have working on your project is incredibly experienced. Each team member has years of experience under their belt, researching various aspects and areas within the field of genealogy. Legacy Tree makes it a point of hiring onsite researchers for more accurate and detailed reports. While the team is heavily based in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Legacy Tree also has onsite researchers in lesser well-researched regions like Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and Cote d'ivoire. 

  • Niches 

What’s more, Legacy Tree hones in on specific areas of interest, employing genealogists who practice exclusively in individual areas of genealogy for more specialized results. Some of the niche areas Legacy Tree excels in include adoption, British military, family history narratives, Finland, forensic genealogy, genealogy brick walls, Mayflower Society, and more.

What’s on Offer: Genealogy Services

This service offers incredibly in-depth heritage research. How far back and how deep Legacy Tree goes depends on the plan you purchase, but the team has the tools and the know-how to go back many generations if you want it.

Legacy Tree has several research packages available, and the team specializes in creating a tailored plan to fit your exact project needs. This is a great feature because everyone’s genealogical journey is different from anyone else’s. So it just makes sense to offer a personalized research plan as well.

  • In-depth research and analysis
  • Detailed report
  • Calendar
  • Documents and pedigree charts
  • Deluxe binder
  • Private webpage
  • Most outside records fees
  • Adoption research
  • Biographies
  • Finding biological father
  • Finding birth mother
  • Discovering community histories
  • Digging up company histories
  • DNA test result analysis 
  • Estate research
  • Family history narratives
  • Family history tours
  • Litigation research
  • Lineage societies
  • Heritage tours
  • Heir research
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Tracing family trees

Customer Support 

Legacy Tree has a team of genealogists manning the support lines. You can send them an email or call the toll-free number to speak to someone directly. Legacy Tree has several lines for the various regions, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. As with most aspects of this company, Legacy Tree’s customer support is highly-acclaimed. 

See contact details below.


Legacy Tree has 4 flat-rate plans and a custom plan that lets you choose your own elements. Depending on how deeply you want Legacy Tree to dive into your lineage, you can choose any of the 4 plans to get started. The most basic plan only goes up to 4 generations deep on a single family line. But if you already know about one side of your family or you’re particularly interested in one parent’s lineage, this can get you what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you can go for the higher-priced plans to get more details and have Legacy Tree go deeper into your heritage research. Here’s a pricing chart for the various plans available: 

Basic 25
Standard 50
Premium 100 
$2,950 ($118/hr)
$5,600 ($112/hr)
$10,800 ($108/hr)
What’s included in the plan
One Research Goal
Up to 2 Research Goals
Up to 4 Research Goals

What it’s good for
Discovering recent ancestors, discovering birth parents using DNA, joining a lineage society or helping to establish dual citezenship
Searching for early brick wall ancestors, finding birth parents and grandparents
Connecting with your deepest heritage from all around the world, leaving a legacy for future generations
Printed analytical report and documents
Analytical or biographical report and documents
Choice of analytical or biographical report and documents 
Deluxe binder
Private webpage
Document fees
Up to $75
Most fees included 
Most fees included 

Most projects are complete in 12-16 weeks, but you can pay to have your project expedited. Additionally, Legacy Tree offers other services, including:

  • Heritage travel plan: $575, use your current genealogy information to create a travel itinerary for your ancestral hometown (homes, religious affiliations, life events, etc.)
  • Mini 10: $1,150 for 1-3 generations on 1 family line and location 
  • Family history chart 
  • Family history book
  • Fully translated genealogy report

Legacy Tree Genealogists Legacy Tree Genealogists Visit Site

Bottom Line

Legacy Tree has an excellent reputation, and it has worked hard to build (and maintain) it. Hiring serious professionals, Legacy Tree delivers superior quality research into distant family lineage. You can get every type of heritage services from this company, starting from a basic family tree and graduating up to a full-blown investigation stretching back generations. Legacy Tree also creates a private webpage for your family research, which we think is uber cool. While the price tag is steep, if you have questions and need answers, Legacy Tree is well worth the price.

About Legacy Tree: 

Manned by highly-qualified, 4-year degree-holding genealogists with accreditations and decades of experience, Legacy Tree is possibly the most well-revered genealogy research firm in the entire world. It holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and enough positive reviews from real users to fill up tomes. Legacy Tree is particularly well-suited if you are looking to take a deep dive into your family’s history, break through brick walls that have been stopping you from getting a clearer picture of your heritage, or have questions that require more than a cursory look into public records. The professional team of genealogists is trained for heavy lifting when it comes to genealogy research. So if you’ve got tough questions, Legacy Tree is the right place to start looking for answers. 

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