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Findmypast Review

Sarah Pritzker

In a Nutshell

At first glance, FindMyPast seems like an excellent family tree building tool. And that’s what it is. You can find long-lost relatives, connect to distant kinfolk, and learn fascinating facts about who you are. But there’s more. FindMyPast also has an accurate DNA test kit that allows you to trace your heritage back 80,000 years! The detailed reports include fascinating insights into your past, insights from genealogists, and interactive maps.


  • Incredibly detailed reports about your heritage
  • The largest British and Irish newspapers archive
  • Extensive family tree records with search facility


  • No health testing option
  • Have to pay for the deep ancestry upgrade

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Best For

British and Irish roots


Findmypast delivers a wealth of information in a detail-rich report to open up the mystery of your past. Using step-by-step guidance to track down your family’s heritage, online newspaper archives, public records, and much more, Findmypast helps people retrace their steps, traveling tens of thousands of years back in time to where their ancestors were originally from. Partnering with some of the biggest names, including The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, The National Archives, The British Library, The National Archives of Ireland, and Living DNA, Findmypast provides the most in-depth research on British and Irish heritage out there.

Why Go With Findmypast

Findmypast is one of the top-ranking DNA testing services (or more accurately, its partnership with Living DNA). So what makes this one of the best options for finding your heritage? Here are a few reasons Findmypast ranks:

  • Unparalleled British & Irish depth

Findmypast is particularly well-suited for people hailing from British or Irish descent. The company maps DNA results across 150 global regions all around Britain and Ireland. It is also the largest (by far) archive of Irish and British newspapers in the world, twice as large as the next biggest competitor. The greater the number of archives and data points available, the more information the system uses to create the genealogical pathway of your heritage.

  • Excellent reports

Findmypast really goes all out when it comes to its reports. You don’t just get a simple DNA test result. Instead, you’ll get detailed information packets about your history. This information-rich report delivers a wellspring of information about the various regions and peoples you are descended from. So you can actually get to know a ton about yourself, your heritage, and your people. 

Findypast also has some pretty cool report features, for example, its interactive maps. These will show you your ancestral journey, clearly marking where you are from and what type of journey your family took to get you to where you are today. 

  • Digs deeper

Unlike some DNA tests, Findmypast really digs deep. It goes down to the local region that you originated from. Using both paternal and maternal DNA testing, FindMyPast test results can track your ancestral path from up to 80,000 years ago.

What’s more, if you have already taken a DNA test, you can upload your results to the Family Networks and start creating your own family tree instantly. Findmypast syncs with data from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and Family Tree DNA.

What’s on Offer

Findmypast offers both maternal and paternal DNA testing kits. You have to pay extra for the deep-dive, but it’s worth it for the accuracy and information you’ll receive. 

In addition to the actual DNA tests, Findmypast has an incredible family tree builder that you can use to connect to other family members. The system is built with an intuitive match-making system, using various data points to connect you with long-lost relatives and help build your family tree for you. What’s really incredible about all this is that Findmypast can actually help you find relatives you might have lost touch with over the years, or better yet, never even knew existed. The family tree app is a free tool you can use when you purchase a DNA test kit.

Ease of Use 

Findmypast is pretty simple to use, using a non-invasive swab method to collect your sample. Here’s how it works:

  • Order your kit online 
  • Activate your kit when it arrives (there will be instructions inside the kit with an activation code you can enter on your personal user portal)
  • Collect your sample using the cheek swab tool (this is basically a large cotton swab that you’ll rub against the inside of your mouth to collect cheek cell samples for the test)
  • Send your collection sample back to the lab. Findmypast provides a pre-paid return envelope for your convenience. Nice! 
  • See your results on your portal when they’re completed 
  • No documentation required 

Speed of Kit Delivery & Results 

Once ordered, your kit takes 5-7 business days to arrive. Findmypast takes a bit of time to return your results—anywhere from 6-8 weeks for analysis. This is NOT long by industry standards. But once you’ve taken that test, you’re going to be itching for the results!

We’ve already discussed the depth of reporting that Findmypast provides. So we won’t be redundant. We’ll just say WOW.

DNA Test Type

  • Autosomal (family DNA)
  • mtDNA (maternal)
  • YDNA (paternal)

Report Features

  • Ethnic makeup estimate, simple (chart with broad categories)
  • Ethnic makeup estimate, regional detail (specific areas of origin country)
  • Deep ancestry (migration paths from Africa to modern era)
  • Neanderthal DNA
  • DNA relative matching
  • Downloadable DNA data that can be used on other web sites such as

Customer Support 

Findmypast offers phone and email support, as well as a detailed help center online.


DNA testing is not cheap. But the good news is you only have to pay to have it done once! To get the most out of this experience, you’ll want to splurge for the upgrade. This includes the 3-in-1 testing experience, including your mtDNA and YDNA, as well as ancestry percentage breakdown. Here’s what you’ll pay for both:

Single DNA kit
Deep Ancestry Upgrade

For a subscription to the family tree tool, you can opt for either a monthly or annual subscription:

1 month
1 year
Essential British & Irish
Ultimate British & Irish

Both plans give you access to UK, US and Irish census records, birth marriage and death records, migration records from the UK and Ireland, parish records, and common ancestors from other trees.

The ultimate plan adds on exclusive guides and masterclasses, British and Irish newspapers, British military records, UK and Ireland institutional records, and will and probate records.

Data Privacy

Findmypast makes privacy a top priority, and it partners with one of the most reputable DNA testing services, Living DNA, in order to maintain that priority. All data is encrypted using sophisticated encryption software. It is then stored on secure servers, where only those with tiered-access are permitted to view or access it. Your genetic data will not be used for anything other than to find your requested information. You can also request to have it destroyed at any time.

Findmypast Findmypast Visit Site

Bottom Line

Detail-packed reports and far-reaching search results make Findmypast a top pick for anyone seeking information or clarity about their genealogy. With interactive maps, in-depth reports covering every region—down to the local towns and villages where your ancestors once lived, and fascinating insights into your past, Findmypast provides a lot more than a simple arrow pointing you in the right ancestral direction.

We also love that Findmypast links the DNA results to its family tree algorithm to help you find relatives you may never even knew you had. If it’s good enough for Vicky Pattison and Ferne McCann, we’d say Findmypast is certainly a great choice for everyone else searching for their British or Irish heritage.

About Findmypast

Findmypast is dedicated to helping people find out more about their past and build their futures by expanding their family trees as far out as they go. Findmypast has partnered with several reputable and distinguished organizations to further this cause. Some partnerships include Genes Reunited, a site that contains photos, memories, and a wide online network of people looking to discover their relatives. The British Library provides the world’s largest collection of British and Irish newspapers online. This allows Findmypast to provide users with a rich library of content, including photos, news stories, school reports, and more. The Twile tool that allows people to create a visual timeline of their family’s history is just one more resource Findmypast uses to make the search for your ancestry a real, tangible goal to be achieved.

Contact Details

Phone: +1 (855) 246-8234 


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