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Masterschool Review 2023

Part-time tech bootcamps from industry professionals
By Larry Armstead.By Larry Armstead. -
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2023
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Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Is Masterschool Worth It? 

Masterschool is a training provider offering three online tech courses taught by industry professionals. Its courses are a bit pricey, but Masterschool requires no upfront tuition through its Pay Once You’re Hired plan. Every program is part-time, and you’ll have access to robust support throughout your journey. If you’re looking for a comprehensive bootcamp that helps you land a job post-graduation, I’d highly recommend Masterschool. 

Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

MasterSchool Pros & Cons


Led by industry professionals
No upfront tuition cost
Helps you get a job after graduation


Slightly expensive
Only three courses

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Masterschool in a Nutshell

Years operating




Variety of courses/programs


Suitable for

Those looking for part-time online courses with flexible tuition options

Online experience

- Smooth application process

- FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Classes always open for enrollment

- Professional industry certification with some courses

- Live video and asynchronous classes


Masterschool is a digital education provider offering bootcamps to help you launch your tech career. Its graduates have gone on to work at recognizable brands such as Wix, Waze, Tesla, Amazon, and Shopify. 

Masterschool offers three bootcamps focused on different careers: cyber analyst, software engineer, and data analyst. All courses are part-time and conducted online through a mix of live interactive classes and asynchronous sessions. In addition, students can engage with instructors during office hours for up to four hours per week for extra assistance. 

What is Masterschool? 

Masterschool’s courses are ideal for anyone wanting to embark on a career in tech. Since no prior experience is required, even complete beginners can study with Masterschool if they’re accepted. The courses are also great for working professionals balancing academic pursuits with work commitments. 

All Masterschool instructors are professionals actively working in their industries, and they help develop each course’s curriculum. This means you’ll gain valuable insight into their on-the-job experience and expertise.

Here’s a closer look at Masterschool’s courses.

  • Cyber Analyst: This course introduces you to topics like Python, Azure, Linux, cloud computing, networking, and incident response. You’ll use these tools to implement security solutions and learn about operating systems, network architecture, digital forensics, and risk management. You’ll receive a voucher to earn your CompTIA Security+ certificate at the end of the course.

  • Data Analyst: In this course, you’ll learn about various topics like SQL, statistics, data visualization, Pandas, Numpy, and Tableau. These tools will help you become well-versed in statistics, analytical thinking, advanced data analytics, and machine learning. 

  • Software Engineer: This course covers HTML, CSS, Linux, Python, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Docker. You’ll learn algorithmic thinking and gain experience with back-end databases, cloud architecture, and deployment. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to deploy web applications, connect web applications to databases, know how to use Python to read files and complex data structures, and more. 

Is Masterschool Safe and Reliable? 

Masterschool is safe, reliable, and legitimate. Though it isn’t accredited, it does boast a Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of five stars. Positive reviews tend to draw attention to the helpful instructors and students’ ability to apply what they learned in class in a professional context. 

In addition, industry professionals teach Masterschool’s courses, further boosting its credibility.

How Masterschool Works

Designed with busy working professionals in mind, Masterschool offers interactive bootcamps that are all part-time and fully online. Each course has multiple instructors and different intake dates, so you can find a time to enroll that works for you.

On top of this, Masterschool offers excellent academic support. Not only will you have a clear and targeted curriculum, but you’ll also be able to reach out for extra help whenever needed.

How to apply to Masterschool

The application process for Masterschool is relatively straightforward. The only caveat is that to apply, you must intend and be able to get a full-time job after you complete bootcamp. If any circumstances would prevent this, you should let the team know before signing up.

You can apply online anytime, but I’d recommend engaging with the Masterschool team before enrollment. This way, you can better understand what’s involved in the application process and how the no-tuition upfront system works.  

To apply, head to the Masterschool website and click the green Apply Now button. This will direct you to a signup page where you can either sign up using your name and email address or sign in using a pre-existing Google account. 

Next, you’ll provide additional personal information, including your phone number. You’ll also have to answer questions about what you want to study.

After you submit this information, a Masterschool team member will contact you via phone or email to schedule a formal phone call to discuss admission. Then, you’ll complete an informal questionnaire, which asks questions like why you chose your particular area of study, and a cognitive aptitude assessment.

Masterschool doesn’t disclose its acceptance rate, but if you’re accepted, you should plan to devote 15 hours per week to coursework.


While you don’t need any tech knowledge or experience, Masterschool has some prerequisites. You must:

  • Be able and intend to get a full-time job upon graduation

  • Reside and be able to legally work in one of the 22 countries Masterschool is offered in


Masterschool has three courses, and their costs depend on how you pay. While the courses are somewhat pricey, there are three payment options you can choose from. With any plan, you can cancel for free within 30 days.

Here’s more information about each payment option.

  • Pay Early, Pay Less: $8,880 total. This is Masterschool’s most cost-effective plan. It’s a one-time payment with zero interest or additional fees. Students who choose this option save 56% off the $20,000 tuition.

  • Pay As You Go: $10,800 total. Masterschool’s most popular plan, it offers 46% off the full tuition fee. Payments are split into 36 monthly payments of $300, with zero interest or additional fees. You’ll also receive your first month for free and can cancel for free within the first month.

  • Pay Once You’re Hired: $20,000 total. This is referred to as Masterschool’s “worry-free” plan, as you pay nothing until you get a full-time job. To be eligible, you must intend and be able to work full-time after graduation. Once you’re hired, you’ll pay up to 10% of your gross monthly salary over 36 months. You’ll have to agree to all these terms in legally binding paperwork. In addition, there’s a $250 commitment fee, but this plan has zero interest, no additional costs, and the same standard features as the other payment plans. 

Masterschool Student Resources

You can contact Masterschool via email or the on-site web chat, where you can leave a message and a team member will get in touch with you. You can also reach out on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. I used the web chat option and received a reply the next morning.  

There are also various resources and support options available throughout your time with Masterschool.


During the pre-admission and application processes, you’ll have access to the admissions team and can reach them via email or Discord server.  

There’s also an FAQ center with a good amount of information about how the school works, the admissions process, tuition, finding a job, and program details.  


Once you’ve enrolled and begun studying with Masterschool, you’ll gain access to many additional resources. 

For starters, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with industry professionals. Plus, you’ll have access to office hours and 24/7 support if you need extra assistance and guidance.

You’ll also be part of a Discord server, where you can receive important updates and communicate with your classmates and instructors. 

Personally, my favorite feature is Masterschool’s pledge to get you hired. The company takes this very seriously, as many students use the Pay Once You’re Hired payment plan. A team of dedicated professionals will work with you on career coaching and advice during your program. Workshops and networking opportunities are available, too.


When you’ve finished your program, you can join Masterschool’s Career Accelerator. This is its patented program where you can continue developing your skills while looking for your first full-time role in your new field.

I believe every Masterschool student should take advantage of this. The Career Accelerator allows you to participate in live career workshops, engages you in professional networking and job searches, and teaches you valuable salary negotiation techniques.  

After graduation, you can also participate in “squad meetings,” where you and your classmates share advice to motivate one another. Each squad is hosted by an industry professional called a Squad Leader, who will prepare you from being job-ready to being employed. You’ll meet individually with your Squad Leader to share your progress and obtain guidance and support. 

You’ll also be able to attend Masterschool’s Career Week, where you can meet representatives from top tech companies interested in hiring Masterschool graduates.

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Masterschool Alternatives

How Masterschool compares with other tech bootcamps


Flatiron School

Fullstack Academy


Years operating










Variety of courses/programs





Student resources

- Pay Once You’re Hired payment plan

- Discord and email support

- 24/7 academic support

- Office hours

- Career counseling and Career Accelerator program

- Student services

- Career counseling

- Mental and physical health resources

- Free intro classes

- Career coaching

- Live chat and email support

- Academic support

- Career support

- Self-help resources

Online experience

- Smooth application process

- FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Classes always open for enrollment

- Professional industry certification with some courses

- Live video and asynchronous classes

- Lengthy application process

- Transparent pricing

- Live video and session recordings

- Detailed course FAQ

- Easy admissions process

- Pre-enrollment assessment

- Live classes

- Clear curriculum and schedule

- Easy

application process

- Live chat

- Thorough knowledge base

- Transparent pricing

- Full-time or part-time study 

Masterschool vs. Flatiron School

Similar to Masterschool, Flatiron School offers a limited number of short-term tech bootcamps. Both schools also provide live and pre-recorded classes, great student resources, and similar prices. Choosing between the two may be difficult, but I’d recommend checking out Flatiron if mental and physical health resources for students are on your must-have list.

Masterschool vs Fullstack Academy 

Fullstack Academy offers more courses than Masterschool, but both accept students with no technical background and greatly emphasize career coaching. However, Masterschool goes the extra mile to help its students get hired after graduation, so it edges out Fullstack Academy. 

Masterschool vs Thinkful

Masterschool and Thinkful both offer in-depth tech bootcamps. While Thinkful has some less comprehensive, less expensive courses than Masterschool offers, all of Masterschool’s courses are priced the same no matter the difficulty. Still, both are solid options, so I’d suggest meeting with representatives from both schools to see which is the best fit for you.

Bottom Line

Masterschool stands out as a top-quality tech bootcamp. It doesn’t require any upfront tuition payment. Instead, you can repay tuition after you’ve graduated, as long as you intend and are able to work full-time in your new field.

What also sets Masterschool apart is its instruction staff. You’ll learn from actively employed,  leading industry professionals and understand how to use your new knowledge and skills in the real world.

Masterschool’s Career Accelerator is another bonus. You’ll participate in ongoing skills development and networking opportunities that help you go from job-prepared to ready-to-hire. 

I’d strongly recommend getting more information from the Masterschool team if you’re in the market for a bootcamp that will prepare you for a career in tech.


Is Masterschool legit? 

Masterschool is legitimate. It boasts a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot, and the consensus from alumni online is overwhelmingly positive. In addition, its instructors are all industry professionals in their respective fields, and companies like Wix, Waze, Shopify, and Meta have all hired Masterschool graduates.

Is Masterschool accredited? 

No, Masterschool is not accredited. However, most tech bootcamps are not accredited institutions. Accreditation only has to occur if an institution offers an advanced learning degree, like a bachelor’s or graduate degree. 

Does Masterschool really require no tuition upfront? 

Indeed, Masterschool doesn’t require upfront tuition if you use the Pay Once You’re Hired option. However, you will have to sign legally binding paperwork confirming you intend to and are able to work post-graduation and will give up to 10% of your gross monthly salary to Masterschool as tuition repayment.

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