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TrueCoders Review 2024

An affordable route to a coding job

Ioana Andrei

In a Nutshell

TrueCoders offers flexible coding courses that aim to get you job-ready in nine weeks, even if you’re a complete beginner. It includes live online classes, on-demand material, and real-world projects. There’s lots of one-on-one time with instructors and career advisors, and the enrollment process is quick. While some payment options require interest, overall the $6,500 tuition is affordable compared to alternatives.


  • Short nine-week courses
  • Unlimited one-on-one instructor support
  • Can defer tuition or pay monthly


  • No scholarships
  • Interest on the monthly payment plan can be high

TrueCoders at a Glance

Editorial Score

Year Founded


Variety of Programs

2 programs




Between 9 weeks and 6 months

Payment Options

Pay upfront, monthly, or a deferred loan

TrueCoders in a Nutshell

Years operating




Variety of courses/programs


Suitable for

Coding beginners on a budget wanting to get job-ready quickly

Online experience

- Super quick enrollment

- Live chat

- Clear pricing and course content

- Weekly live classes

- Useful course prep materials

TrueCoders TrueCoders Visit Site


TrueCoders is an intensive online tech bootcamp claiming to get you “job-ready in nine weeks.” Course alumni have secured coding jobs at prestigious companies, including Google and General Motors, and rated TrueCoders an average of at least 4.8/5 on multiple review sites.

The school offers two programs: software engineering and web development. You can choose between a nine-week full-time bootcamp and two self-guided courses that you start and finish in your own time.

What is TrueCoders?

TrueCoders is a well-regarded coding school that’s suitable for any experience level. So, if you’re a complete beginner wanting to score your first tech role, this is a solid option for you.

You can pick one of two courses:

  • Web development: Learn development tools and languages like Node.js, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Git. Your career options include front-end and full-stack web development.

  • Software engineering: Learn tools and languages including C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.NET, and Git. This course prepares you for jobs such as software engineer, C# or .NET developer, and full-stack developer.

You can study either part-time (self-driven or self-paced) or full-time, which is extremely convenient if you’ve got family or job responsibilities. Here are your options:

  • Self-driven course (three to six months): Get access to pre-recorded content and live weekly labs for an affordable price. Study in your own time, but without instructor support or a formal certificate.

  • Flexible self-paced course (three to six months): Additionally, receive one-on-one tutor support, basic career services, and a completion certificate. 

  • Full-time live course (nine weeks): On top of self-paced study, attend live classes and get extra job-finding resources like mentorship and a job buddy program. 

On all courses, including the self-driven one, live labs occur from 6pm-7pm (CT) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 1pm-2pm (CT) on Fridays. Full-time students additionally have live Zoom classes on Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm (CT). 

While the self-paced and self-driven courses are particularly flexible around your commitments, the content and interaction in the live course might better prepare you for work. 

Is TrueCoders Safe and Reliable?

TrueCoders is a reliable tech bootcamp provider. It has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2021, with an A+ rating. 

The school also has stellar scores of 4.8/5 or more on several customer review sites, including Trustpilot, which suggests a highly satisfied student base. Plus, according to its testimonials section, many graduates secure tech roles such as business systems analyst, C# developer, junior solutions architect, etc.

How TrueCoders Works

Whether you choose to study full-time or flexibly, your study content includes live labs and classes, pre-recorded and written materials, coding challenges and projects, plus instructor and peer feedback. Expect at least 32 hours of weekly study on the full-time course and two hours on the flexible courses, excluding self-study time.

The curriculum includes real-world projects, which you can add to your professional portfolio and discuss in job interviews. Plus, you get regular feedback on your code from instructors and the opportunity to collaborate with peers on coding challenges.

How to apply to TrueCoders

The TrueCoders enrollment process takes just a few seconds. You click “Enroll” in the website menu and then enter your name, email, phone number, type of study (live, flex, or self-driven), and your preferred start date when choosing the live course. I got three potential start dates for a live course, all in the coming five months.

After submitting my details, I instantly got an email from TrueCoders outlining the course syllabus, plus an SMS inviting me to schedule a call with an advisor—a nice touch.

Next, choose how you pay: monthly with PayPal Credit, or the full tuition upfront. Alternatively, you can apply for a deferred payment through a third-party, which requires you to add extra details like your address and social security number on a different web page. 

Once you’ve finalized or deferred your payment, you automatically join the TrueCoders prep course. This combination of readings and live lessons provides a basic background before your start date. You must also create a student portal profile and join the school’s Discord channels before starting classes.

TrueCoders TrueCoders Visit Site


You don’t need any academic prerequisites (such as a bachelor’s degree or high-school diploma) or prior coding experience. However, according to TrueCoders’ terms of service, you must be 18 to use its platform.

Regarding technical equipment, the school advises using a computer with a webcam and a reliable internet connection. At a minimum, your computer specifications should be:

  • 8GB RAM

  • 500GB SSD

  • i5 or i7 CPU or equivalent


TrueCoders tuition is highly affordable relative to other tech bootcamps. You’ve got three different price levels depending on whether you’re studying full-time or self-driven/self-paced.

  1. Self-driven course: $688

  • Live bi-weekly labs

  • Chat support

  • Web portal

  • Speaker events

  • Industry professional-developed curriculum

  • Community support

  1. Flexible self-paced course: $4,500

  • Everything in the self-driven course

  • Web portal

  • Certificate of completion

  • One-on-one support

  • Career services

  1. Nine-week live course: $6,500

  • Everything in the flex self-paced course

  • Live classes

  • Mentorship program

  • Job buddy program

Furthermore, you can pay your tuition in multiple ways, including installments and deferred payments. While no scholarship opportunities are available, this is a sweet deal if you’re on a budget. You can pay:

  • Upfront: Pay the full amount before the course starts.

  • Monthly: Pay in monthly installments with a PayPal Credit loan. Depending on your situation, you may be able to pick the repayment amount and term length that’s right for you. Carefully read the loan conditions, though. When I checked, the loan interest could be as high as $1,100.

  • With an education loan: Pay as late as nine months after graduation with a Meritize loan. While you’ll also need to pay interest, you can pick the repayment amount and conditions that suit your needs.

TrueCoders Student Resources

Pre-enrollment support

You get a lot of support before enrolling. For instance, you can speak to an agent on live chat during Central Time (CT) working hours—I got through to the Director of Enrollment within minutes. You can also email the team and schedule a 30-minute call with an advisor between 9am and 7pm (CT), Monday-Friday.

In addition, you can learn about the courses, career options, tuition, and more in the FAQ and blog sections of the website.

E-learning platform

TrueCoders’ e-learning platform contains your course content, including videos, lecture materials, quizzes, and grades. It’s also interactive—for instance, you can upload videos explaining your work and prepare your coding projects. All course materials are yours to keep after graduation, adding more value to your tuition. 

Community and tutor support

The level of support you get while studying is a massive pro at TrueCoders. It includes the following: 

  • One-on-one tutor support: Get unlimited support with your coursework from 9am to 7pm (CT), Monday-Friday.

  • Instant messaging: Interact with students and instructors on the school’s Discord channels, which are focused on topics such as project work or job-hunting.

  • Live labs and classes: Ask questions and collaborate with instructors and peers during weekly live sessions.

Career services

TrueCoders provides specialized career support to help you land a tech job post-graduation. Expect:

  • One-on-one coaching personalized to your career goals

  • Resume and LinkedIn improvements

  • Mock interviews 

  • Job search techniques

  • Access to the TrueCoders job board

  • A platform to track and auto-fill your job applications

  • Mentorship from a TrueCoders working graduate 

TrueCoders Alternatives

How TrueCoders compares with other tech bootcamps


Coding Dojo

App Academy

DeVry University

Years operating










Variety of courses/programs





Student resources

- E-learning platform

- Student community on Discord

- Unlimited one-on-one instructor support

- Career mentoring and coaching

- Multiple tuition payment options

- Student experience manager

- Admissions advisors

- Phone, email, and chat support

- Lifetime career support

- TA support

- Newsletter 

- Career coaching and support

- 24/7 technical and course-related support via Slack

-  Regular contact with instructors

- Comprehensive online curriculum

- 24/7 e-tutoring

- Career services

- E-learning platform

- E-library

- Portal and phone support

Online experience

- Super quick enrollment

- Live chat

- Clear pricing and course content

- Weekly live classes

- Useful course prep materials

- Straightforward signup

- Free courses and updated blog

- Detailed FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Live video instruction, group interactive sessions

- Straightforward but long application process

- Live lectures and interactive tutorials

- Transparent, accessible prices

- Large number of informative FAQs

- Quick application process

- In-depth FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Live chat

- Extensive course info, but hard to navigate on website

TrueCoders vs Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo and TrueCoders are beginner-friendly bootcamps with hands-on career services. However, Coding Dojo’s 16-week full-time course is longer than TrueCoders’ nine weeks. Both offer flexible payment alternatives, but Coding Dojo also offers scholarships. TrueCoders ($688-$6,500) might suit you better than Coding Dojo ($9,995-$16,995) if you want a faster, more budget-friendly course.

TrueCoders vs App Academy

TrueCoders and App Academy offer intensive bootcamps that help get you hired. At 16 or 24 weeks, App Academy’s full-time courses are considerably longer than TrueCoders’. Its application process and course contents seem rigorous, which could explain the higher price tag ($11,308-$22,102 compared TrueCoders’ $688-$6,500). You may prefer TrueCoders for its near-instant enrollment and lower tuition, however.

TrueCoders vs DeVry University

DeVry University and TrueCoders offer entry-level tech courses, but DeVry’s certificates are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and include transferable credits. DeVry has a wider variety of tech programs, including cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT), but they take eight to 16 months. So, you might pick TrueCoders for a fast-tracked software engineering or web dev program.

Bottom Line

TrueCoders offers short but intensive coding programs focusing on software engineering or web development. You can study full-time in live online classes or part-time with on-demand materials—either way, you can fit your studies around work and family commitments.

The course involves significant one-on-one time with tutors and career coaches, helping you become employable in just nine weeks. Plus, you’ll have a portfolio of coding projects to showcase to employers at the end. Overall, TrueCoders provides high-quality training at an affordable tuition level. 


Where is TrueCoders located?

TrueCoders is a company based in Alabama, United States. Its coding courses are completely online, so students don’t need to travel to attend classes or graduate from their course.

Is TrueCoders a good school?

TrueCoders is a worthwhile bootcamp if you want to get job-ready in nine weeks, even if you’re a complete beginner. You learn to code using multiple languages and tools, get job-hunting techniques, and have real-world projects in your portfolio. TrueCoders has high ratings from former students, averaging 4.8/5 or more on review sites.

Can anyone become a coder?

According to TrueCoders, many students learn coding for the first time during their courses, before landing attractive tech jobs within months. So, anyone who’s interested in and is willing to learn coding can become a coder.

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