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4Geeks Review

Pay only if you’re hired within 6 months

Ioana Andrei

In a Nutshell

4Geeks provides part-time tech bootcamps with a job guarantee—you get a full refund if you’re not hired in six months. Its curriculum is highly practical. For instance, the coding program includes building your own Instagram-style app. As a 4Geeks student, you get lifelong 1:1 time with coding mentors and career coaches. While there’s no full-time study option, 4Geeks is great for flexible learners keen to work in tech.


  • Focus on practical exercises and projects
  • Lifetime 1:1 time with tutors and career coaches
  • Money-back guarantee if you don’t get hired


  • Website information not up to date
  • No full-time study options

4Geeks at a Glance

Editorial Score

Year Founded


Variety of Programs

3 programs


Less than $10,000


16 weeks

Payment Options

Scholarships available as well as numerous payment plans

4Geeks 4Geeks Visit Site


4Geeks is an online tech bootcamp platform named among Newsweek’s top 10 coding schools (2017). It’s taught 4,000+ students, 81% of whom gained employment in tech after graduation. 4Geeks grads have landed jobs with big names including Microsoft, Facebook, and eBay.

You can study full-stack web development or data science and machine learning (ML). The school has also announced a blockchain and web3 course, soon to launch.

4Geeks 4Geeks Visit Site

What is 4Geeks?

4Geeks offers part-time courses that prepare you for a tech job. They include lots of practical exercises and graded assignments while offering time flexibility for those with work and family responsibilities. 4Geeks used to also offer full-time courses, but these are no longer available.  

Furthermore, unlimited coding and career mentorship help get you hired, and the programs have a money-back guarantee if you don’t secure a job within six months of graduating. So, if you’d like to pursue coding education without being weighed down by costs, 4Geeks is a top choice.

Here’s what you can expect from the two flagship programs.

  • Full-stack coding bootcamp (part-time, 18 weeks): Work with in-demand coding tools, including languages like Python, React, and JavaScript, plus front-end libraries, APIs, and more. Test your skills in projects such as programming a tic-tac-toe game, an Instagram clone, and your own web application.

  • Data science and ML (part-time, 16 weeks): Learn languages and tools like Python, Looker, and SQL, plus predictive models that use Pandas, Numpy, and more. Apply your lessons by connecting with the X (formerly, Twitter) API, publishing reports using Google Cloud, and deploying AI models. 

Is 4Geeks Safe and Reliable?

4Geeks is a recognized bootcamp provider and is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education of the Florida Department of Education.

It additionally has excellent student reviews on multiple platforms, including a 4.9/5 score on Google Reviews. Plus, Newsweek picked 4Geeks as one of the top 10 coding schools in the US soon after it launched.

How 4Geeks Works

When you pick either of 4Geeks’ part-time bootcamps, expect around 30 hours of study per week—nine hours of classes and 20-24 hours of self-study. I like that you can choose between two class timetables:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

  • Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm, and Saturday 9 am - 12 pm

The school has in-person campuses all over the globe, including Miami, Florida in the US. While you can attend classes in-person or hybrid at these locations, you can also study 100% online. Tutor support is also quite generous, with a 7-to-1 teacher-student ratio and a maximum of 12 students per class.

You learn through on-demand videos, animations, infographics, classroom exercises, and real-world projects. You’ll earn points against 44 different skills and receive a certificate at the end of your studies.

How to apply to 4Geeks

Applying to 4Geeks takes a minute. Click Apply now, then fill in your:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Preferred program (full stack developer or data science and machine learning)

  • World region (Latin America, USA and Canada, Europe, or rest of the world)

  • Preferred city campus (if you choose a specific region) or online study (if you pick the rest of the world) 

I’d have liked the enrollment form to include a selection of course start dates so I could choose my preferred one. It could have been useful to see the tuition cost and available payment methods for my preferred program on the application page. 

After clicking Apply, you get a welcome email with useful links. The day after, an enrollment advisor contacts you to schedule a call—this is where you discuss why you want to become a developer and whether 4Geeks is suitable for you. You also receive a program syllabus that includes the course outline, career prospects, and student testimonials. 

You must then decide when you start and how you pay—upfront or through a loan, scholarship, or Income Share Agreement. An advisor tells you how to proceed with your payment option. Finally, you’re enrolled and receive your class schedule and prep materials.

4Geeks 4Geeks Visit Site


You don’t need formal prerequisites such as a bachelor’s degree to join 4Geeks. Coding or advanced maths skills aren’t required, either. However, you must supply your own computer and have a stable internet connection.


4Geeks charges different tuition fees and accepts different payment methods depending on the program and campus location. You must click through the options on its financing page to check the price differences. While there’s a full-time course option on the pricing page, this is no longer available.

Largely, the two programs are pretty affordable, and you can pay in installments, defer until employment, or get a scholarship through a third party.

Here are the costs for the US-based full-stack development (part-time) course.

  • Full payment: $8,999

  • With a scholarship: $5,999 upfront or installments of $100 per month

  • Financed: ~$100 per month (The amount depends on the provider and term length, which can be up to five years. Some campuses don’t have this option.)

  • Income share agreement: Start making payments only when you get a job (You pay 9% of your salary when you earn at least $35,000 a year, capped at x1.5 the upfront cost of your program.)

The US tuition costs for data science and ML are:

  • Full payment: $9,999

  • With a scholarship: $6,999 upfront or paid in three installments (The frequency isn’t mentioned.)

  • Financed: ~$250 per month (The amount depends on the provider and term length, which can be up to five years. Some campuses don’t have this option.)

4Geeks doesn’t include an ISA deferral option for the data science and ML course.

Here’s the exciting part. If, for whatever reason, you don’t land a job within six months of graduating, you get 100% of your tuition costs refunded. This job guarantee applies only if you:

  • Start your program

  • Comply with assignments and attendance

  • Get your final project approved

  • Graduate and complete your career support process

  • Strive to get a job in six months

4Geeks Student Resources

Pre-admissions support

You can reach 4Geeks through a contact form, but it only allows 250-character messages. Thankfully, you can also email the team if you’ve got more to say. Phone contact is also available during Eastern Time (ET) working hours. There’s also an FAQ page and a regularly updated blog, but no live chat option.

Community support

The Geek Pal scheme offers lifetime coding mentorship. You’re part of a Slack community that includes students, alumni, and instructors worldwide. I’m impressed that you can arrange unlimited one-to-one mentorship sessions, even post-graduation. Your community also supports you with coding feedback, so you ”never code alone again.”

In addition, the school’s student support team is available by live chat 12 hours a day. 

Career coaching

4Geeks provides bespoke career support based on your skill set and goals. Fortunately, it’s lifelong, so you can always get career guidance. With an 81% job placement rate and an average alumni income of $60,000 in new jobs, 4Geeks’ career support seems successful.

Here’s what it includes.

  • One-to-one sessions with career counselors

  • Polishing your resume, portfolio, and Github and LinkedIn profiles

  • Mock interviews with senior tech professionals

  • Potential matching with over 5,000 hiring partners

4Geeks Alternatives

How 4Geeks compares with other tech bootcamps



CSU Global


Years operating










Variety of courses/programs



9 bootcamp-style undergraduate certificates


Student resources

- Unlimited lifetime mentoring

- 1:1 career coaching

- Access to hiring partners

-Learning Advisor

- Career pages

- Career guidance

- 1:1 coaching

- Academic support

- 24/7 technical support

- 24/7 access to tutors

- Online library

- Career support services

- Pay once you’re hired payment plan

- Discord and email support

- 24/7 academic support

- Office hours

- Career counseling and Career Accelerator program

Online experience

- 1-minute application

- General FAQs

- Quick advisor response time

- Live online classes

- Large Slack student community

- Quick application process

- Generic FAQs

- Pricing on request of course package

- Live sessions

- Recorded lectures

- Updated blog pages

- Streamlined admissions process

- Online learning resources you can access at any time

- Detailed FAQs

- Transparent rates with no hidden fees

- Recorded video and other learning resources

- Smooth application process

- FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Classes always open for enrollment

- Professional industry certification with some courses

- Live video and asynchronous classes

4Geeks vs BrainStation

Both 4Geeks and BrainStation offer online and campus-based tech courses. BrainStation offers extra subjects—UX design and cybersecurity— but its part-time bootcamps are longer (28 weeks) than 4Geeks’ (16-18 weeks). BrainStation also offers shorter, lower-cost tech certificates ($2,450-$3,950), but you may choose 4Geeks for its comprehensive, career-focused curriculum. 

4Geeks vs CSU Global

CSU Global and 4Geeks offer flexible online bootcamps. Unlike 4Geeks’ courses, CSU’s are accredited and self-paced with no live classes, and cover extra subjects such as IT operations and digital marketing. Also, its pricing is lower ($5,250-$6,300) than 4Geeks’ ($8,099-$10,999). However, you might prefer 4Geeks for its lifelong coding mentoring and career coaching.

4Geeks vs MasterSchool

MasterSchool and 4Geeks offer tech tuition with a pay-when-you’re-hired payment option. MasterSchool offers an extra cybersecurity specialization and “squad meetings” for peer-to-peer career support. While the two have similar tuition costs, you may prefer 4Geeks for its scholarships and lower ISA cost (capped at $13,500) compared to MasterSchool’s ($20,000).

Bottom Line

4Geeks provides award-winning tech education you can fit around your work and personal life. Its two programs, full stack development, and data science and ML, each require around 30 hours of study per week. I’m especially impressed by how hands-on they are. You’re actively building applications and using tools required in the workplace.

In addition, 4Geeks makes you more employable through unlimited one-on-one support from tutors and career coaches. The provider is so confident you’ll be employed that it offers a job guarantee—hired in six months or your money back. 

Its tuition is quite affordable, and you have generous scholarship and Income Share Agreement (ISA) options as well. As a result, 4Geeks is a good choice for flexible, cost-conscious learners.


Is 4Geeks worth it?

4Geeks has an 81% job placement rate, an average alumni salary of $60,000 after graduation, and lifelong career support and coding mentoring. Plus, its students gave it high scores on review sites, and about 2,000 of them are engaged in the school’s Slack community. 

Is 4Geeks legit?

4Geeks is a recognized coding bootcamp licensed by the Florida Department of Education. It has hundreds of student reviews on the web, including on Google. Plus, Newsweek named it one of the top 10 coding schools in the US in 2017.

Are coding bootcamps worth it?

Coding bootcamps are worth the time and cost investment. They’re often more affordable than traditional four-year degrees, and quicker—many taking under six months to complete. This allows you to enter the workforce faster and start earning. You often get substantial peer and tutor support, plus career coaching to ensure you find the right role post-graduation.

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