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Fullstack Academy Review 2023

A fast-paced route to a tech career
By Ioana AndreiBy Ioana Andrei -
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023
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Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Is Fullstack Academy Worth It? 

Fullstack Academy offers part- and full-time online tech bootcamps that can get you job-ready in 28 weeks or less. Its courses are relatively affordable, and you have multiple tuition payment options, including scholarships.

Thanks to its excellent career coaching service and in-depth curriculum, the school has quite an attractive job placement rate. So, if you’re after an intensive course that gets you into tech fast, give Fullstack Academy a go.

Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Fullstack Academy Pros & Cons


Fast track to a tech career
Includes live classes
Offers career coaching


Not accredited
Possibly too intense for beginners

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Fullstack Academy in a Nutshell

Years operating




Variety of courses/programs


Suitable for

Dedicated learners looking to transition into a tech career quickly 

Online experience

- Smooth admissions process

- Pre-enrollment assessment

- Extensive course FAQs

- Live classes, demos, and challenges

- Clear curriculum and schedule



Fullstack Academy is a highly-rated coding school offering part- and full-time online courses across multiple tech subjects. Students have excellent employment prospects, with alumni hired by over 1,500 employers—including the likes of Google and Spotify—to date.

I was impressed with the range of subjects on offer—from coding and cybersecurity to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to data analytics and product management. Some are available in both the part- and full-time pathways, so you can pick the one that best suits your schedule. Courses range from 10-28 weeks in length.

What is Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy offers courses for all skill levels, including beginners. However, the programs can be intense, as they prepare students to be career-ready upon graduation. Therefore, Fullstack is a solid option if you’re willing to commit to focused learning and want to gain technical skills quickly and efficiently.

Here’s the complete list of Fullstack Academy’s courses:

  • Full-time Coding: A rigorous 16-week program covering front-end development, back-end engineering, development libraries, and full-stack development. You’ll learn languages including JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and React.

  • Part-time Coding: An expanded 28-week version of the full-time coding course, covering much of the same material.

  • AI and Machine Learning: A 26-week part-time course introducing concepts like data wrangling and deep neural networks, plus real-world tools and technologies like Python, TensorFlow, and Keras.

  • Cloud Computing: A 26-week part-time course covering theoretical and practical skills, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecting and designing infrastructure solutions on Microsoft Azure.

  • Data Analytics: A 10-week full-time or 26-week part-time course that teaches practical skills in Excel, Tableau, SQL, and Python. It also prepares you for taking certification exams in AWS and Tableau.

  • Cybersecurity: A 12-week full-time or 26-week part-time course teaching real-world skills in tools and techniques such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, and Meterpreter. You can also earn the CompTIA Security+ Certification during the course.

  • Product Management: A 12-week full-time course taking you through the product development cycle and hypothesis validation using software like Jira and Google Analytics.

In addition, women and non-binary students can opt for the part- or full-time Grace Hopper coding course, covering the same material as Fullstack’s flagship coding course.

Conveniently, all part-time courses offer evening classes in Eastern Time, with Cybersecurity offering a morning option too. I was also pleased to see that Fullstack offers free intro courses in coding, cybersecurity, and product management if you’re not ready to commit to one of the intensive programs. 

Finally, all Fullstack bootcamps are designed to help you build a portfolio to show potential employers. For instance, the Coding program will help you create a portfolio of apps housed on GitHub, while the Data Analytics bootcamp culminates in a capstone project with a real-world data set.

Is Fullstack Academy Safe and Reliable?

Fullstack Academy is a top-rated tech bootcamp and a registered business in the state of New York. Its high-quality courses are designed and delivered by tech professionals with vast industry experience, including programming large open-source libraries and building quantum computer simulators.

While not accredited by a United States Department of Education-recognized accrediting body, Fullstack Academy is licensed by the New York State Education Department, the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS), and the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services.

Additionally, former students rate the bootcamp courses very favorably. Fullstack Academy boasts 4.8 out of five stars on multiple review sites. 

How Fullstack Academy Works

All Fullstack Academy courses are 100% online, including the preparatory ones. You apply for your chosen program, pick a payment option, then enroll and start your studies. 

While each course has its own curriculum and learning methods, you can expect a mix of live and offline study, group and solo projects, and theoretical and job-based skill building.

In case you’re not ready for the intensive nature of the bootcamps, Fullstack has on-demand videos and challenges in its free intro courses. You can pick from a coding, product management, or cybersecurity focus.

How to apply to Fullstack Academy

First, you navigate to the Fullstack Academy website and click the red Apply button on the right-hand side of the screen. This will pull up an application form. 

Here, you’ll enter your name, email address, phone number, and zip code. You’ll also pick your preferred course and duration (part- or full-time). Then, you’ll choose your preferred start date and confirm how you plan to fund your studies. 

Upon submitting your application, you’re invited to take a 30-minute multiple-choice assessment that tests logical reasoning and other non-technical skills. 

Admissions decisions arrive within 3-5 working days, and you then have an intro call with a student advisor before starting your program. Students-to-be get a digital welcome kit, including tech specs and study materials.

Overall, I found the application process quick and easy to execute on the Fullstack Academy website. I also appreciated that it’s completely free to apply. 


Fullstack Academy courses require you to have a high school diploma. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree or any specific experience to get accepted. 

That said, each course has its own recommendations for what might help you complete it successfully. For instance, the AI and Machine Learning program recommends some experience with coding in any language, while the full-time Coding bootcamp prefers motivated students that can work on an “accelerated timeline.”

Fullstack Academy specifies that students should also be committed to learning and applying advanced material and exhibit creativity, team spirit, and a growth mindset.

Students must supply their own technical equipment, including a laptop or desktop. You’ll receive a full spec by email, including minimum tech requirements, after getting your offer letter.


Fullstack Academy courses are individually priced. A course costs the same whether you take it part-time or full-time. 

Here’s the complete list of tuition costs:

  • Full-time Coding: $19,910

  • Part-time Coding: $19,910

  • AI and Machine Learning: $13,495

  • Cloud Computing: $13,495

  • Data Analytics: $13,495

  • Cybersecurity: $17,980

  • Product Management: $6,750

The enrollment deposit is $99 and counts toward the total tuition. 

Fullstack also outlines multiple financing options, including:

  • Paying upfront

  • Paying with a personal loan

  • Receiving a scholarship (need-based and for specific communities, including women and military veterans)

  • Using US Veterans Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC) benefits

Currently, students can’t pay Fullstack Academy tuition via GI Bill® payments.

Fullstack Academy Student Resources

Fullstack has many student resources to support you throughout your journey—from applying to studying to getting a job. Here are the ones I found most useful for learners.

Pre-application support

The live chat is open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm ET. When I used the live chat, I connected to an advisor within a few minutes.

There’s also email support available, but no direct phone line for pre-application support. To learn more about Fullstack Academy courses and career options, you can request a prospectus and read the blog and extensive FAQs on the company’s website.

Pre-enrollment support

Once accepted into Fullstack Academy, you can book a call with a student advisor at a time that’s convenient to you. You also receive an informative welcome pack outlining your schedule and study materials.

Career coaching

Each Fullstack Academy course gives you solid career coaching during and after your studies. You’ll get expert advice on setting career goals and building interpersonal skills, plus practical support on writing technical resumes, preparing for interviews, and negotiating offers. 

In particular, the coding, and AI and Machine Learning programs include up to a full year of career coaching after graduation. 

I found Fullstack’s job placement rate especially promising. Based on its 2020 jobs report, 84% of full-time coding bootcamp graduates found employment in the field within the first year.

Alumni community

Upon graduation, you gain access to a community of over 10,000 Fullstack Academy alumni through digital platforms. This means you have professional advice and potential career opportunities right at your fingertips.

Fullstack Academy Fullstack Academy Visit Site

Fullstack Academy Alternatives

How Fullstack Academy compares with other tech bootcamps

Fullstack Academy

Kenzie Academy


General Assembly

Years operating










Variety of courses/programs





Student resources

- Career coaching

- Email and live chat support

- Free intro classes

- Portfolio building

- Alumni community

- Academic support

- Phone and email support

- Online Helpdesk ticketing

- Mental and physical health support

- Career support

- Academic mentorship

- Career support

- Academic advisors

- Free academic support

- Career coach

- Technical support

- Free workshops and events

- Self-paced prep lessons

Online experience

- Smooth admissions process

- Pre-enrollment assessment

- Extensive course FAQs

- Live classes, demos, and challenges

- Clear curriculum and schedule

- Smooth admissions process

- Flexible learning options - Live classes and on-demand recordings

- Transparent pricing

- Useful FAQ page and educational blog

- Dedicated Learning Success Advisor

- Quick application process

- User-friendly website

- Updated blog

- Transparent pricing

- Live and recorded classes

- Straightforward signup

- Blogs 

- Detailed FAQs 

- Transparent pricing

- Live video instruction


Fullstack Academy vs Kenzie Academy

Fullstack Academy and Kenzie Academy are both online-only tech bootcamps that feature software engineering and cybersecurity courses. A big difference, though, is the course length. Fullstack’s programs run between 10 and 28 weeks, whereas Kenzie’s courses last between nine and 12 months. Therefore, you’ll need to learn content more quickly at Fullstack Academy.

Fullstack Academy vs Springboard

Springboard offers similar courses to Fullstack Academy, covering subjects like coding, AI, and cybersecurity. However, the main difference is that Springboard’s classes are almost exclusively pre-recorded. While this makes your schedule with Springboard more flexible, you miss out on the live interaction with tutors and peers that Fullstack Academy offers.

Fullstack Academy vs General Assembly

Although General Assembly offers more courses than Fullstack Academy, its main audience is complete beginners. Fullstack also accepts students with no tech background, but its intensive programs may better suit those with some experience. Further, Fullstack seems to place a greater emphasis on post-graduation career coaching than General Assembly does.

Bottom Line

Fullstack Academy stands out as one of the top tech bootcamps in the US, with fast-paced part- and full-time courses designed to get students job-ready after graduation. Its curriculum is in-depth and intensive, combining live and offline learning. I was also impressed by its range of funding options and straightforward application process. 

However, the pace of its programs could be too intense for complete beginners. Still, I’d recommend Fullstack Academy to anyone looking for a rigorous bootcamp experience and a fast-track way to a tech career.


Is Fullstack Academy for beginners?

Fullstack Academy accepts students of all skill levels, including beginners. The bootcamps can be demanding, though, so it’s up to you if you want to gain some experience before applying. The school offers free intro courses into coding, cybersecurity, and product management for complete beginners.

Is Fullstack Academy worth it?

Fullstack Academy is a highly regarded technical bootcamp in the US. It consistently gets excellent reviews from former students and has a high job placement rate. Plus, you can become job-ready within 10-28 weeks for a relatively affordable tuition fee. So, it’s certainly worth it.

Is Fullstack Academy legit?

Fullstack Academy is a legitimate technical bootcamp institution licensed by the New York State Education Department. It’s a limited liability company (LLC) registered at 147 Prince Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201. It also features hundreds of student reviews on online sites.

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