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DeVry University Review 2023

Beginner-friendly tech courses from an accredited college
By Ioana AndreiBy Ioana Andrei -
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023
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Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Is DeVry University Worth It? 

DeVry University offers a wide range of tech-focused online certificates you can take on a full- or part-time basis. The tuition isn’t too pricey and you have multiple payment options, including scholarships.

Compared to other tech bootcamps, DeVry’s courses take longer to complete but are designed as pathways to further education. So, complete beginners can confidently take a tech certificate on their way to a bachelor’s or associate’s program. 

Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Devry University Pros & Cons


Great for beginners
Transferable credits
24/7 e-tutoring


Longer than other bootcamps
Coding course limited to the basics

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DeVry University in a Nutshell

Years operating




Variety of courses/programs


Suitable for

Complete beginners planning to transfer their credits to a degree program

Online experience

- Quick application process

- In-depth FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Live chat admissions support

- Extensive course info, but hard to navigate on website



DeVry University is an accredited college offering online coding courses that are accessible for complete beginners. Its top-quality education has been highlighted in Newsweek and Statista’s rankings for the Top Online Colleges in the United States (2023).

DeVry offers 10 online tech bootcamps as undergraduate certificates. There are also bachelor’s, master’s, associate's, and graduate certificate programs available in tech subjects. You can study full-time or part-time, so you can fit your studies around your work and family life.

What is DeVry University?

DeVry University is a well-regarded online education provider in the US. Its tech certificates are suitable for learners at different levels, from beginners to those with some experience. They can prepare you for a more advanced bachelor’s degree or provide you with the skills needed for your first job in tech.

Here’s DeVry’s list of tech bootcamps that take less than a year and a half to complete:

  • Programming Essentials: Includes coding, software systems analysis and design, and programming languages such as Python.

  • Web and Mobile Application Development: Includes coding and programming methods, plus application design for web, desktop, and mobile.

  • Information Technology Essentials: Includes IT skills for business management, information security, network efficiency, and security.

  • Software Design and Solutions: Includes programming, product development, databases, and design strategy.

  • Cloud Computing: Includes cloud solution design, deployment, and management.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Includes IoT and cloud computing fundamentals; IoT system implementation, configuration, and management; IoT ecosystems; and IoT automation.

  • Cyber Security: Includes real-world data security skills, OS architecture and design, security planning and auditing, network security testing, and ethical hacking.

  • Data Mining and Analytics: Includes data modeling, acquisition, mining, and analysis, plus machine learning.

  • Networking Essentials: Includes networking fundamentals, information exchange, complex problem solving, data analysis, and digital literacy

  • Engineering Technology (ET): Includes fundamental ET principles; support skills for installing, testing, and maintaining ET systems; and one of four specialization modules from Medical Technology and Healthcare, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Power, Machine Learning and Design Techniques, and General ET.

Each of these programs prepares you for taking specific certifications relevant to that subject, including the industry-grade IT certifications issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association (Comp TIA).

You can also stack undergraduate certificate credits toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, such as the following:

  • Associate’s in Cyber Security and Networking, Engineering Technology, and IT and Networking

  • Bachelor’s in Network and Communications Management, Software Development, and Computer Information Systems, with specializations in Computer Forensics, Cyber Security, and Database Management

Is DeVry University Safe and Reliable?

DeVry University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). In addition, it’s licensed to operate by multiple state-level institutions, such as the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

In addition, DeVry came in 6th place in Newsweek and Statista’s Top Online College 2023 rankings. It also has positive comments from former students, achieving as many as 4.8 out of five stars in customer reviews.

How DeVry University Works

DeVry University offers remote and hybrid learning across its varied degrees, but its tech certificates are completely online. Online courses start every eight weeks, meaning you get started fairly quickly. Your course contains a mix of live classes, pre-recorded content, project group work, and e-reading recommendations. Extra resources include 24/7 e-tutoring and career coaching.

How to apply to DeVry University

Completing DeVry’s admissions form takes five to 10 minutes. You start by inputting some personal details, including your name, phone number, mailing address, and the highest level of education you’ve completed. You then select your preferred undergraduate or postgraduate course and start date. 

Next, you’re asked for your social security number, and your primary and—where relevant—additional method of tuition payment. The live chat is one click away if you need human support.

After submitting the form, a student advisor will contact you by phone or email to discuss your course, tuition payments, and any questions you may have. After that, you’ll receive your student ID, online portal login, and academic schedule.

I found the initial application form very easy to understand and complete, and the next steps were clear and transparent. That said, researching DeVry’s tech courses on its website felt like a hard job. The site structure is a bit complicated, and the easiest way to access a complete list of tech certificate courses is through a link at the bottom of the homepage—which isn’t exactly accessible. The number of clicks required to learn more about each course also felt excessive.


While you won’t need previous IT experience to be eligible for a tech certificate program, there is a series of admission requirements for all prospective students. These include:

  • Being at least 17 years old on the first day of classes

  • A high school graduation certificate

  • Minimum standardized testing scores, minimum DeVry-administered test scores, or prior educational experience such as completing an associate’s degree

  • Evidence of English language proficiency, if it’s not your 1st language


DeVry University prices its courses individually. Here’s a complete list of tuition fees for tech certificates:

  • Programming Essentials: $11,308

  • Web and Mobile Application Development: $22,102

  • Information Technology Essentials: $11,822

  • Software Design and Solutions: $21,588

  • Cloud Computing: $20,560

  • Internet of Things: $20,560 

  • Cyber Security: $20,560

  • Data Mining and Analytics: $22,102

  • Networking Essentials: $11,822

  • Engineering Technology: $20,046

Each course also has an additional one-off fee of between $1,160 and $1,920, which includes learning management system access and a course resource fee.

There are a number of grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial assistance available for funding your DeVry tuition costs. These include:

  • Tech Essentials Grant: $2,400 towards the Programming Essentials, Networking Essentials, or Information Technology Essentials certificates

  • Women + Tech Scholarship: $3,750 if enrolled in any Essentials tech certificate program (Programming Essentials, IT Essentials, Networking Essentials) and $6,000 if taking any other tech certificate, plus a $400 grant toward the Learning Management System fee

  • Veteran benefits via the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program

  • 50% reduction in tuition fees for Active Duty Military and Spouses 

  • 20% reduction in tuition fees for existing DeVry alumni

DeVry University Student Resources

DeVry University offers a wide array of useful resources, from pre-enrollment support to e-learning and career services. Here are my top highlights:

Pre-enrollment support

You can contact DeVry through live chat 24/7, or via phone and text 9am-7.30pm (CT), Monday-Friday. I got connected to a live chat rep in under a minute, and they answered my course-related questions quickly and expertly. You can also discuss specific course details with a student advisor.

There doesn’t appear to be any email support available. However, additional support includes extensive course FAQs, blogs, and alumni stories.

Student support

Enrolled students can access personalized support from DeVry staff through the student portal and by phone.


I’m impressed with the availability of on-demand e-tutoring 24/7. For example, you can contact a subject-matter expert tutor the night before a submission, for some last-minute support.


DeVry boasts a large 24/7 digital library that includes e-books, course resources, and periodical databases. You can request support from librarians Monday-Sunday, 55 hours a week.

E-learning platform

DeVry’s e-learning platform contains your course materials, such as live class recordings and readings, plus personal productivity tools like a to-do list and schedule manager. You can also interact with peers and faculty through the discussion boards.

Career services

You get one-on-one sessions with a career advisor, who helps you identify strengths, skills, and career goals, plus helps you nail your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. You’ll also have bespoke interview support and job search mentoring.

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DeVry University Alternatives

How DeVry University compares with other tech bootcamps

DeVry University


Flatiron School

Fullstack Academy

Years operating










Variety of courses/programs





Student resources

- 24/7 e-tutoring

- Career services

- E-learning platform

- E-library

- Portal and phone support

- Technical support

- Academic support

- Career support

- 1:1 mentorship

- Self-help resources

- Student Services

- Phone and email support

- Mental and physical health support

- Career counseling

- Career coaching

- Email and live chat support

- Free intro classes

- Portfolio building

- Alumni community

Online experience

- Quick application process

- In-depth FAQs

- Transparent pricing

- Live chat

- Extensive course info, but hard to navigate on website

- Smooth application process

- Live chat and online contact form support

- Excellent FAQs and knowledge base

- Clear pricing

- Part-time and full-time study options

- Streamlined but long application process

- High-quality learning resources

- Transparent pricing

- Live video and session recordings

- Smooth admissions process

- Pre-enrollment assessment

- Extensive course FAQs

- Live classes, demos, and challenges

- Clear curriculum and schedule


DeVry University vs Thinkful

Both DeVry University and Thinkful offer coding and tech courses, with financial assistance available to female students. However, Thinkful’s programs are shorter (between three and six months), allowing you to enter the workforce faster. It’s also slightly more affordable. On the downside, unlike DeVry, Thinkful isn’t accredited.

DeVry University vs Flatiron School

Flatiron may have fewer courses than DeVry overall, but it teaches software engineering at a more advanced level. It also seems to offer more dedicated support for students’ physical and mental well-being. On the other hand, if you want more subject variety, including networking and cloud computing, and transferable credits, you should go for DeVry.

DeVry University vs Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy and DeVry both offer a generous range of tech programs, along with one-on-one career coaching. A big difference, though, is that Fullstack bootcamps take 10-28 weeks to complete, compared to DeVry’s 8-16 months. Also, while the Fullstack coding course is designed to make you job-ready, the DeVry Programming Essentials course is an intro to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Bottom Line

DeVry University is a top-rated online college with tech certificate subjects ranging from programming to cyber security and software design. Its top benefits are the live and recorded classes, the extensive e-library, and the 24/7 e-tutoring service. In addition, it’s an affordable pathway into tech, particularly if you qualify for its generous discounts or scholarships.

Significantly, it caters to students with work or family commitments with the option of part-time study. This, plus a strong career support service, makes DeVry an attractive deal for anyone transitioning into tech. I’d particularly recommend its courses to beginners hoping to transfer their certificate credits to future programs, like an associate’s or bachelor’s.


Is DeVry considered a good university?

DeVry is a well-regarded university with a vast range of subjects, including technology, business, health, media, and others. In operation for more than 90 years, it delivers top-quality, affordable online education nationally and internationally. Many former students have left DeVry University glowing reviews praising its supportive staff, flexible learning schedules, and e-resources.

Are degrees from DeVry respected?

Newsweek and Statista recognize DeVry as one of the top online colleges in the US in 2023. This, along with the fact it’s accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, means its degrees are valuable and respected.

What type of school is DeVry?

DeVry University is a primarily online and hybrid education provider. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and associate’s degrees, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate certificates. You can choose between full-time and part-time study, according to your needs.

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