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TaxSlayer Tax Software Review 2024

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In a Nutshell

TaxSlayer is robust and affordable tax return e-file software. It offers free federal and state filing for basic returns and unlocks access to filing with all tax forms for just $11.17. Should you require assistance, customer support is available by telephone, email, or online chat. Premium users can also get one-on-one consulting time with a tax professional. Consider filing with TaxSlayer for an affordable and feature rich e-filing experience.


  • Unlocks all tax forms for just $11.17
  • Telephone, chat, and email support at all pricing tiers
  • Free federal and state filing available


  • Free filing income capped at $100,000
  • Interface can be intimidating for beginners

TaxSlayer at a Glance

Editorial Score

TaxSlayer TaxSlayer Visit Site

TaxSlayer Plans

TaxSlayer offers 4 plans, 1 free and 3 paid, and a special plan only for active-duty military personnel. The Simply Free plan offers 1 free federal tax return, and 1 free state tax return. This is great for individuals with a simple tax return (Form 1040 only) looking for a free self-service option.

The 1st paid tier, Classic, provides assistance to the user by automatically detecting opportunities for tax deductions and unlocks access to all tax forms. Premium, the tier above Classic, provides one-on-one consultation with a tax specialist for non-self-employed income and audit defense services.

Meanwhile, the Self-Employed tier has all the features of the previous plans, as well as assistance with forms specifically for self-employed users. Active-duty military personnel of any tax situation can file a free federal tax return but still have to pay for a state return.

Simply Free (best for employees with no complex deductions)
Classic (best for employees with complex deductions)
Premium (best for employees looking for advice from a tax professional)
Self Employed (best for self employed individuals)
Military (only for active-duty military personnel)

Prepare, Print and E-file Tax Returns

Automatically apply Credits and Deductions


One-on-one support from a tax professional



Audit Defense



Form 1099 & Schedule C Guided Support




How much does TaxSlayer cost?

TaxSlayer offers a free federal and state tax return for users with basic tax needs, as well as paid tiers that range from $11.67 to $31.17 for a federal return. Online tax return software typically ranges between $0.00 and $50.00 for a federal tax return, or more if you file with a tax professional, and between $20 and $50 per state return. Thus, TaxSlayer’s federal pricing plans are on the affordable end of this spectrum, while its pricing for state-level returns is about average for the industry at $36.95. It is particularly notable that TaxSlayer offers access to a tax professional for only $37.95, as filing with a tax pro can easily raise your price $60 or more with most providers.

Simply Free
Self Employed













*One free state return, additional returns for $36.95

How does TaxSlayer work?

On signup, which requires an email address and password, TaxSlayer will take you to a page that clearly breaks down every feature of its 4 main product packages as well as the pricing for each.

After you select your product package, you navigate through a series of screens and fill out the required information in each one. TaxSlayer will save your return from the previous year as well, making it easy to reference the previous year’s information if you’re a return customer.

Most of TaxSlayer’s best features start at its 1st paid tier, Classic. This unlocks all US tax forms, which is unusual considering its low price. Additionally, users of Classic and above can benefit from automated deductions, as TaxSlayer’s system will detect and apply any available tax deduction without any input required from the user.

TaxSlayer also provides affordable access to a tax specialist, with one-on-one support available. This, combined with customer support via telephone, chat, and email, means that users have plenty of options if they require assistance.

Users of the Premium tier and above can also receive audit preparation assistance from TaxSlayer through TaxSlayer’s audit defense program.

We found TaxSlayer easy enough to use for intermediate to advanced users, but potentially intimidating for beginners. It lacks tooltips and definitions to explain complex terminology, so absolute beginners to e-filing might find it somewhat challenging.

Overall, though, we were impressed with TaxSlayer’s low prices and robust feature set.

Is TaxSlayer reliable and safe?

TaxSlayer has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since February 11, 2005, and has been in business for over 30 years. It currently holds a BBB rating of A+, as well as a 4.3/5 star rating on the review aggregator site Trustpilot from over 15,000 customer reviews. Customers were particularly pleased with the assistance provided by TaxSlayer’s customer service team.

Given its positive track record with customers for over 30 years and high-quality customer support, we consider TaxSlayer a good bet.

Help and Support

TaxSlayer offers free customer support by phone, email, and online chat to all users. Based on customer reviews, TaxSlayer’s customer support is helpful and effective. Email inquiries are typically addressed within 24 hours, although TaxSlayer does not indicate the operating hours of its chat and phone support teams.

TaxSlayer also has a blog, a knowledge base, and a list of the top 10 most popular knowledge base articles which acts as an FAQ. The FAQ is thorough, linking to detailed articles answering the question at hand. It is sorted according to the most common searches in the knowledge base, ensuring that the questions in the FAQ are indeed the most frequently asked.

What about TaxSlayer’s app?

TaxSlayer’s mobile app is available for iPhone and Android on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. It offers the same level of functionality as the in-browser version, with e-filing, knowledge base access, and customer support all available directly from it.

TaxSlayer TaxSlayer Visit Site

Bottom Line

TaxSlayer boasts an impressive set of features, with something for everyone. Its free return is sufficient for users with basic tax needs, and the next tier up, Classic, is great for the majority of users. At $11.67 for a federal return, TaxSlayer’s Classic tier offers similar features to TurboTax Deluxe, which costs $39. Its Premium and Self Employed pricing tiers are also far cheaper than those of competing brands.

On the downside, TaxSlayer is slightly less user-friendly than some competing products, lacking definitions and tooltips to explain complex terminology. Absolute beginners to tax filing might therefore be intimidated.

Overall, though, given its competitive pricing and broad set of features, TaxSlayer provides fantastic value regardless of your level of experience or the complexity of your tax situation.


Is TaxSlayer a good program?

TaxSlayer is an e-filing program that charges a fraction of the price for many of the same services offered by other e-filing providers. It is also trustworthy, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating from 71% of customers on Trustpilot. Some first-time users might find its interface a little intimidating, but for experienced e-filers, TaxSlayer is a good program.

Is TaxSlayer no longer free?

TaxSlayer offers a free tier, the Simply Free plan. Users of the Simply Free plan can file their federal tax return and a single state tax return free of charge. The Simply Free plan is best suited for users with a basic tax situation as it offers no assistance with tax deductions and doesn’t provide access to a tax specialist. It’s also limited to Form 1040. Free filing is capped at an income of $100,000, so users that earn more will have to pay for TaxSlayer.

Are TurboTax and TaxSlayer the same?

TurboTax and TaxSlayer are 2 different companies offering an online tax filing (e-filing) service. As far as e-filing providers go, both have their specific strengths and weaknesses. TaxSlayer is notably cheaper than TurboTax and provides many of the same features. However, TurboTax offers tooltips and definitions for complex terms that make it a friendlier option for beginners.

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