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Liberty Tax Review 2024

Catherine Miller

In a Nutshell

Liberty Tax offers a hybrid tax-filing solution. Quickly file your taxes from home, and seek support from a tax professional either virtually or in-branch if needed. You can also use the app to upload documents and manage your return. If you think you may need in-person support, Liberty Tax could be worth considering.


  • Use the app to make online filing easier
  • Connect with a tax pro virtually or go in-store for help
  • Useful calculators and tool


  • Poorly rated by some customers
  • More expensive than some competitors

Liberty Tax at a Glance

Editorial Score



Expert Help

Offers in-person service, online service, and a virtual tax pro option

Mobile app

Mobile app with various functionalities like booking appointments and working with a virtual tax pro

Customer Support

Available via phone, email, and local branches can be located online or by phone

Filing Fees


Liberty Tax Liberty Tax Visit Site

Liberty Tax Plans

When it comes to filing online, Liberty Tax offers 3 options. Choosing the right plan for you will depend on your circumstances and therefore which forms you need to file. 

If you are a single person with no dependents, the 1040 form (US Individual Income Tax Return) is probably the one you’ll need to file. If you have a medical savings account, you’ll also need to file Form 8853. Schedule A helps you itemize your deductions and Schedule B is used to declare your interest income. These are all covered by Liberty Tax’s Basic plan. 

If you have dependents, your own business, or you work as a freelancer or contractor, there are further tax forms you’ll probably need to file. You may need to seek further advice on which forms are right for you. The Premium plan covers the widest range of forms including those related to supplemental income and business dividends, making this the best package for self-employed people.

Form/schedule included
Basic (best for those with no dependents)
Deluxe (best for those with dependents)
Premium (best for self-employed, freelancers or contractors)
Form 1040
Form 8853
Form 4562

Form 8829

Form 4136

Form 8839

Form 4684

Form 4835

Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C

Schedule E

Schedule F

Schedule K-1

 Optional Add-Ons

You can file your state taxes through Liberty Tax as a paid add-on to the plans above.

How much does Liberty Tax cost?

Filing your taxes online with Liberty Tax will cost $44.95-$89.95 (currently reduced to $24.95-$64.95) depending on the complexity of your tax situation. You can also file your state taxes for an additional $36.95. This pricing is a little more expensive than industry standard when not reduced. 

Basic (best for those with no dependents)
Deluxe (best for those with dependents)
Premium (best for self-employed, freelancers or contractors)
Standard cost
Reduced cost (January 2023)

How does Liberty Tax work?

Liberty Tax offers 3 ways to file your taxes. If you want a traditional in-person service, you can visit one of its 2,700+ locations across the United States. If you would rather file from the comfort of your own home, you can use the online service, which should take as little as 15 minutes. For extra help, you can connect with a “virtual tax pro” who will handle your taxes remotely. Your online submission will be checked by a Liberty Tax professional before final filing.

In addition to filing your taxes, you may be able to get a tax refund loan to advance your expected tax refund ($500-$6,250). Liberty Tax also provides helpful tools and resources such as a tax glossary, interview checklist, and calculators. If you refer a friend to Liberty Tax, you can get $50 in coupons to use against the cost of your return, while your friend gets $50 off their in-person tax preparation fees as well. 

Is Liberty Tax reliable and safe? 

On Consumer Affairs, Liberty Tax has 220 reviews with an average rating of 3.5/5. Many of the reviews refer to Liberty Tax’s in-person filing service, where positives noted include helpful staff. On the other hand, in some branches, staff are noted to be inexperienced and charges can be much higher than customers expected. Online filing is noted to have technical faults. 

The Better Business Bureau rates Liberty Tax as D-, due to the fact that the business has not responded to a number of complaints filed against it. It’s important to be aware of these potential issues if deciding to use Liberty Tax’s services. 

Liberty Tax offers some guarantees that may give you confidence in using their service. If the Liberty Tax software results in an error in your tax return that leads to any penalty or interest applied to you, you will be reimbursed for the cost. Additionally, if you can get a bigger refund on your tax return from a competitor, Liberty Tax will reimburse any preparation fees you spent on its service.

Help and Support

If you want in-person support, you can find your local Liberty Tax branch by calling the locator phone line or using the online locator. You can also get support from the remote customer service team by phone or email (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm EST). A response may take a while: our request to support via email was not answered within 48 hours. 

If you need help tracking your tax refunds, you can also use Liberty Tax’s online tools to cut down the time you need to spend on the phone with support. The company’s website also has a helpful FAQ section with more information about Liberty Tax and your taxes in general. 

What about the Liberty Tax app?

Liberty Tax has an app available for both iOS and Android. Using the app, you can:

  • Book an in-person appointment with your local branch of Liberty Tax
  • Work with a virtual tax pro to file your taxes if you need more support
  • Upload your documents
  • Use resources and tools such as the tax estimator
  • View and track your tax return

The app is positively reviewed by users of both operating systems, with users noting the ease of uploading documents and finding support from a virtual tax pro.

Liberty Tax Liberty Tax Visit Site

Bottom Line

Whether you need in-person support with filing your taxes, or prefer to do it independently online, Liberty Tax has an option for you. Filing online is quick and easy, especially with the support of the Liberty Tax app, and if you need further help you can call on a virtual tax pro. With over 2,700 Liberty branches across the United States, you are likely to find one near you if you also need help in-person. 

If you’re considering Liberty Tax as a solution for filing your taxes, be aware that it has some negative reviews from customers. However, it may be worth it for easy access to professional help.


Q: What are Liberty Tax fees?

A: Liberty Tax has 3 tiers for online filing fees, ranging from $44.95-$89.95 (currently reduced to $24.95-$64.95).

Q: Is Liberty Tax doing the 50 dollars?

A: Liberty Tax has a refer-a-friend program through which you can get $50 towards the cost of your tax return by bringing a friend on board. Your friend will also get $50 off their fees. 

Q: Will Liberty Taxes do my taxes for free?

A: No, there is a fee for Liberty Tax’s service. However, if you already started filing with another company, Liberty Tax will import your information into their system for free.

Catherine Miller is a lead member of personal finance and pension innovator Maji, where’s she’s responsible for content creation and running Maji’s personal finance masterclass. Miller also holds degrees in English and education, and worked as a teacher before moving into writing about finance for Top10.com. Today, she combines aspects of education and personal finance to help readers make better decisions in finance and beyond.
Liberty Tax

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