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Last Updated: Apr 2024

Top 10 Study Tools Apps

Using a study tool app can help boost your productivity, time management and performance, no matter how old you are.

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We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

How to Choose the Best Study Tool Apps

Find out what to look for when choosing a study tool app to boost your productivity, time management, and performance.

With rapid developments in technology over the past few years, there is an abundance of apps that you can use to improve your studying experience. These tools maximize the efficiency of the studying process and help to elevate your performance. With so many study tool apps out there, it can be challenging to decide which one to buy. If you’re struggling to find the right app, we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most important features to look out for and we’ve reviewed apps that meet these criteria. Whether you’re a middle school student or you’re studying at college, you can benefit from using study app tools.

Recording and Organizing

Up until recently, students had to spend their time in lectures writing out notes by hand. Now, you can record entire lectures effortlessly, which leaves you free to listen and engage with the information that you are being taught. If you’re investing in a study tool app, you want to be able to use it to record and organize your notes. With assistance from a study app, taking notes is hassle-free. Not only do study apps help to increase the convenience of note-taking, they also help to keep your notes in order. This feature means that when you sit down to study, you can start learning straight away without wasting time on finding the relevant information. If you want to record lecture notes effortlessly, Evernote is a worthwhile investment. This app allows you to search for text inside images and it offers you 60 MB of new uploads per month.

Study tool apps that enable you to upgrade your notes allow you to store all the information you need in one place. You can improve the quality of your notes with links and checklists. Tables and attachments also make beneficial additions to your notes. Another option is to add voice recordings. Higher quality notes ultimately result in an improved performance. With Evernote, you can clip web pages, images, and PDF files and add them to your notes.

Sharing and Collaborating

One of the big advantages of study tool apps is that you can share your notes from wherever you are. With study tool apps, you can share ideas and completed projects from any location. If you’re working on a group project, check out Evernote, which allows you to sync across two devices and to share information with your team members. Certain apps, like Dropbox, stand out for their ability to store and share files quickly and easily. One more bonus to using Dropbox is that it makes it possible to access your files from anywhere. With less time wasted on trying to access your study material and resources, you can concentrate on completing your assignments. If you have a group project to complete, Wunderlist makes it easy to get it done. You can organize and share project tasks using this app. Useful reminders alert you to upcoming due dates so that you never miss a deadline or forget about a test. You can manage multiple assignments and study tasks using this app.

Writing and Research

Writing research papers is an integral part of any student’s college experience. With a useful study tool app, you can take the hassle out of compiling citations. Study apps help to eliminate formatting errors in your citations and they also reduce the time that you spend compiling your bibliographies. Easybib adds convenience to citation writing by offering a range of styles, which include the 8th and 7th ed. of MLA, 6th ed. of APA, and 16th ed. of Chicago.

A significant advantage of study tool apps, is that they give you access to a range of useful resources. Easybib and Wolfram Alpha are two of the best resources out there. Easybib provides you with writing and research resources as well as videos and infographics. From mathematics to people and history, you can research an extensive range of topics with Wolfram Alpha. This innovative search engine makes it easy to access data and facts as well as to make calculations.

Create Learning Tools

Study tools help to make learning fun and they also play an important role in learning. You can use an app to make your own study tools quickly and easily. With customized study tools, you can optimize your learning experience and improve your grades. Quizlet allows you to create basic studying tools for any topic. With this app, you’ll have access to millions of study sets and you’ll also be able to create your own. You can make flashcards, games, diagrams, and activities using Quizlet. Highlights of this app include competitions and high scores as well as six powerful study modes. With StudyBlue, you gain access to a massive crowdsourced study library where you can search for flashcards and study guides. This app enables you to customize your study materials, make quizzes and monitor your progress.

Learn Online

You can expand your knowledge on just about any topic with study tool apps. Whether you want to learn more about business or art, there are apps that offer you carefully created content that meets your requirements. Finding a great app to help you learn can be challenging. Khan Academy gives you access to expert-created content on a comprehensive range of topics. You can watch instructional videos or test your knowledge with practice exercises. This app covers everything from computer programing to art history.

Learn a new language for free anytime, anywhere with Duolingo. This app provides an enjoyable, science-based platform for you to develop your language capabilities. From Spanish to Dutch, there is a wide selection of languages to choose from. Gamification makes using this app fun and engaging. iTunes U provides an online classroom where you can access interesting learning materials, such as podcasts and videos. With this app, you can view assignments, instructions, deadlines and your grades all in one place.

Access to the Best Study Tool Apps

Now that we’ve reviewed the most important features that you need to look out for in study tool apps, you can choose one, or more, that best fit your requirements. Whether you want to record and organize your notes, or you want to collaborate on group projects, you can find the ideal study tool apps for the task at hand.

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