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Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Top 10 Snack Subscription Boxes

Snacking has never been easier with convenient and fun snack subscription boxes delivered to your door monthly.

We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

How Online Snack Subscriptions Work

Online snack subscription box. It’s like four magical words that make the entire world a better place to live in. Whether you’re hankering for something sweet in the middle of the night, or staving off the hangries when lunchtime rolls around, a handy dandy snack box subscription just might be the most convenient solution to your noshing problem. 

This delightful innovation is a spinoff of meal kit and prepared meal delivery services. Snack box subscriptions deliver a curated box of snacky snacks with different themes, flavors, and styles to choose from. 

When searching for the best snack subscription box for you, be sure to compare important features like:

  • Value for money (price)
  • Variety of snacks
  • Quality of snacks
  • Customer experience
  • USP (unique selling point) It might be nostalgia, or flavor punch, or cost-savings, or entertainment, or fun themes, or even a learning experience about new cultures 

It’s also nice if a service caters to a customer’s preferences, allowing customization, subscription flexibility, and free delivery.

Unboxing and Tasting: How It Works

The Top10.com team unboxed a TokyoTreat Japanese candy and snacks subscription box (#6 on our list) and tasted all the premium treats inside. Here's the full tasting report, including scores for each snack:

How Snack Boxes Can Save You Time & Money

It’s not hard to see how snack box subscriptions can save you time. How many of us can relate to the image of someone standing, eyes glazed over, in the snack aisle of the supermarket or convenience store, in the throngs of an obviously difficult decision. Salty or sweet? Chips or cookies? Chocolates or gummies? Yes, the pain is real friends, but you don’t have to suffer any longer. Snack box subscriptions do away with all that time wasted selecting, not to mention seriously cutting back on that decision overload our society is so familiar with. 

You only have to make one choice, which subscription service should you opt for? After that, you’ll get a gift box (it’s your present to YOU every month!) delivered to your door loaded up with delectable goodies for you to dive into. Don’t eat them all at once; boxes generally only ship once a month (though some services can accommodate more frequent addictions -er, we mean orders). The service will pick out your snacks for you, giving you a combo of salty and sweet, tangy and sour, crunchy or gooey, or whatever else you like. 

That’s the time aspect, but what about the money? Can snack subscription boxes really save you money? Actually, they can! If you are an avid snacker, you might have noticed how much those finger-licking goodies cost you each month (week? day?!). After a while, the price tags start to add up. Snack box subscriptions offer you the same palate pleasures for outlet pricing. So, you are actually saving while you curate a new list of favorite goodies. 

What Is the Best Snack Box Subscription for You?

1. MunchPak

MunchPak is a great option if you’re looking for fun, cool, and of course, delicious treats from around the world. From spicy to sweet, sour, and gummy, MunchPak covers the taste spectrum, delivering a kaleidoscope of flavors from different areas of the world and fun fact packets about each country your taste buds visit. Boxes are customizable, so you can get the treats you really love. And best of all, MunchPak ships all the time. So, you won’t have to wait long for your munchies to arrive no matter when you place your order. 

2. Candy Club

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then Candy Club is going to be a dream come true. Select a size (Fun Box or Party Box), choose your candy profile (mostly sour or mostly sweet), and wait for your sweet treats to arrive. Candy Club specializes in all types of candies and chocolates, and offers a potpourri of sweet and sour candies, gummies, chocolates, nonpareils, and more. Each snack comes in a convenient resealable container, handy for keeping in your desk or stashing in your bag.

3. SnackSack

Snacking has got a bad rep in the healthy world, which is something SnackSack is trying hard to correct with its whole, real food snacks. These delectable treats are sans any artificial flavors or preservatives. Snackers can choose from four SnackSack plans - classic, vegan, and gluten-free, and receive a new box of seasonal and themed treats every month. With snacks this good, there’s no reason not to eat healthy! Treat yourself better with a snack pack from SnackSack.

4. Universal Yums

Universal Yums is just what it sounds like: tantalizing treats from all over the world. The snacks are just the start of this delightful box though. Each Universal Yums comes with a 12+ page booklet loaded up with recipes, fun facts, and trivia featured from different countries each month. And something avid snackers will really appreciate about Universal Yums is its snack store, a place you can pick up more of your favorites once you’ve tasted the best the world has to offer. 

5. Love with Food

Love with Food takes all the guilt out of indulging. These snack boxes are completely organic, all-natural, contain no artificial flavoring or colors, zero trans fat, and leave out the junk like hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. So you’re actually eating well even when you’re nibbling. Earn reward points, and if you believe that sharing is caring, Love with Food has a policy to donate one meal to hungry children for every box purchased. 

6. TokyoTreat

You might not be able to whisk off to Tokyo at the drop of a dime, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few munchies from the Land of the Rising Sun. TokyoTreat is your one-stop shop for Japanese-versions of American and Japanese treats, sodas, snacks, candies, and other edible goodies. These snack box subscriptions come loaded up with an exciting variety of Japanese snacks including anime, dagashi, and even DIY candy kits.

7. Bokksu

Like TokyoTreat, Bokksu offers authentic, premium quality Japanese-themed snacks delivered to your door every month. Every month you’ll receive 20-25 top quality Japanese snacks, and Bokksu tosses in a tea pairing designed to fit the theme of that box. Beautifully-wrapped and artfully-packaged, Bokksu snack boxes also include a culture guide, teaching snackers how to best enjoy their newest delights.  

8. Japan Crate

Yet another Japanese-inspired sugar binge, Japan Crate takes this theme to the max offering an explosion of flavors, colors, and experiences you are sure to revel in. Unlike other snack boxes though, Japan Crate offers a wide variety of Japanese lifestyle in various forms. Choose the type of box you want to receive, whether it’s Doki Doki Kawaii treats, Umai noodles, Gacha Gacha toys, and Inku stationery items for a real blast of authentic Japanese culture. Whichever box you choose, Japan Crate packs a boatload of fun and entertainment value into each one.

9. UrthBox

UrthBox is the ultimate in healthy indulgence. Delivering a variety of organic, natural, non-GMO snacks, UrthBox is revolutionizing the way we snack in the best possible way. Each month you’ll receive up to 30 full-size packages made from the cleanest ingredients around. Choose from classic, vegan, gluten-free, and diet to tailor your taste preferences, and get an eclectic collection of snack bars, crisps, cookies, superfoods, trail mixes, juices, cleanses, nuts, seeds, dried meats, chocolates, sweets, and more.

10. Kind 

Think snacks are only for the weak? Kind redefines your idea of snacking, delivering healthy snack bars and cereals that will satisfy your hunger pangs, give you a nice energy boost, and not leave you with any of the nasty side effects most snackables do. Choose from delicious protein, nut, and energy bars, healthy granolas and oatmeals, and fruity sensations you are sure to love. And yes, with premium, high-quality ingredients, your body will love you right back!

Snacking Has Never Been So Fun!

Most services base their boxes around a specific theme. The candies and treats inside are all related to that theme. And the theme will usually change from month to month. For example, some snack boxes like Universal Yums offer a variety of foods themed around a different country each month. The fun part is that those snackables come with an interesting booklet of information about the regions of the world where that month’s snacks are from. Japan Crate has a Japanese theme, and all its products are authentically Japanese, showing you various aspects of the people and culture. So snack box subscriptions are downright educational! Well, even if they won’t earn you a Master’s Degree, it’s still a fun way to discover new snacks for you to love!

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