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Last Updated: Jul 2020

Top 10 Best Shave Clubs for Men

From high quality shaving creams and balms to skin soothers and moisturisers, the best shaving subscription services include all your grooming essentials.

What Is a Shave Club for Men?

Whether you shave daily or push off the task till the very last minute, whether you dread the experience or look forward to the few moments alone, we’re all very familiar with the process of shaving. Men’s shave clubs are attempting to revolutionize your shaving experience by making it better, easier, more pleasant, cheaper, and less of a headache.

Different shave clubs will accomplish these goals in a number of ways, from offering deep discounts on shaving products like razors, blades, and shaving cream to providing you with some top quality shaving products that leave your face smoother and your skin healthier, or redesigning the razor and blade you use for a more precise, softer, and cleaner shave.

Regardless of what their specific goals are, all shaving clubs have one thing in common: they're out to make this lifetime ablution more enjoyable. Sign up for a subscription, get the shaving and grooming products you want, and enjoy the benefits that come from being a part of this larger shaving community.

What’s in a Box: Are Shave Clubs Worth It?

If you haven’t had the experience yet, you might not really get what shave clubs are. It’s really pretty simple. And to those who love a good shave, the concept of a shave club is brilliant. Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up for a subscription (there are different types of plans, including monthly deliveries, annual subscriptions, weekly boxes, one-time orders, etc.).
  • Select the products you want (there’s a boatload of variety here from blade packs to razor handles, shaving gel, and oils).
  • Get all of your grooming products delivered on a consistent basis (most places let you select your delivery frequency).

If you are a frequent shaver, this is really the ideal solution for you. How often boxes are shipped, what’s inside each box, and what else you can do or get with your subscription will vary from one shave club to the next. But most brands will offer a starter kit, so you can test out the products they’re selling. Many clubs even have a trial period or trial kit that’s either free or very cheap, so you can learn how the process works before making a commitment.

Starter kits usually come with a razor, refill blades, and some sort of shaving cream or gel. More advanced kits can even include additional toiletries like cologne and shampoos.

Benefits of Joining a Shave Club

Not sure if a men’s shave club is the right move for you? Here are a few of the benefits that you’ll get if you’re thinking about joining a shave club:

  • Delivered products are always better

Damn it! You've done it again. You have a big meeting in an hour, and you forgot to pick up razors from the store. What do you do? Well, if you don't have a shave club subscription, you're probably going to walk into the meeting looking like a cross between Wolverine (and not in the sexy, Hugh Jackman kind of way) and Justin Theroux (who told him that manscaping looked good?).

Buuuut, if you do have a shave club subscription, then you’ll just smile to yourself, and reach into your medicine cabinet for a handy refill that was delivered to your door thanks to your membership plan. Shave club subscriptions come with plenty of refills, as well as a lot of other shaving products. So, it ensures that you always have the items you need when you need them.

  • Savings, savings, savings

What's more, when you order from a shave club, you are almost guaranteed a saving. Generally speaking, when you order from one of these subscription companies, you're getting your shaving products in bulk. And the companies are all online markets. That means they don't have the same costly overhead that storefront brands have to pay. What all this boils down to for you, the consumer is a discount on your favorite shaving tools and supplies. Buying in bulk always saves, and when you add in the delivery service, your savings go up even more.

Of course, this isn’t always the case because some shave clubs actually cater to a more exclusive crowd that’s looking to be pampered. This leads us to our next benefit.

  • The indulgence factor

Finally, there's the indulgence factor. Even basic shave clubs give you a little bit of that pampered feeling because the products are packaged, shipped, and delivered straight to your door (and who doesn't love getting packages in the mail?!). But more than that, many of these brands go above and beyond basic delivery service perks. Some shave clubs like Supply pull out all the stops. They use the finest ingredients, natural, and chemical-free to deliver the most luxurious skincare products that are everything that you could hope for and more.

Many of these companies emphasize the you-time factor and want to make that small slice of time as indulgent and pleasurable as possible. And putting all of the cards on the table, these guys do a damn good job!

  • Variety is the spice of life

Oh, and one other perk you get from subscribing to a shave club, is variety. Not all, but many shave clubs, offer curated boxes or variety kits. So, you can test out different shaving products from creams to gels to oils and serums for less. It’s nice to be able to sample an eclectic variety of supplies without having to make the major financial commitment of buying an entire bottle. And you get introduced to new products you might not have seen in a regular pharmacy. You just might discover a new favorite!

Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the Best Shave Club

So, you are warming up to the idea of joining a shave club. But now you have to make a choice, and you hate making choices. Maybe you should forget the whole thing. Or maybe you can use these simple guidelines to find the best shave club for you.

  • Price

If you’re on a budget, then price will be your first deciding factor. Luckily, you’ll see right away if a company is more about the savings than the lux. Take a quick look at our list or browse the individual websites to quickly determine which shave club will give you the best deal.

  • Quality

Even if you're looking to save where you can, you still don't want to skimp on the quality — especially considering that this is a blade that you're taking directly to your face! So, look for a shave club that offers top quality products from the razor handle to the blade and the pre and post-shave products they offer. Look for shave clubs that have good reviews online, have a solid reputation, and advertise quality ingredients and products.

  • Flexibility

Don’t shave that often? Not into commitment? That’s ok. A lot of shave clubs get that, which is why some of them offer commitment-free memberships. You can sign up for monthly subscriptions or annual ones. Skip a month or pause your deliveries. And if you want even more flexibility than that, stick with a shave club that lets you decide exactly what goes into your kit and when.

Shave clubs are truly the ultimate haven for a man who loves his shave. Transform your shaving experience right now with an easy, convenient, affordable, and luxurious shaving club subscription from one of the top brands today, and never look at your morning ritual the same.

The 10 Best Shaving Kits for Men

1. Harry’s

  • Best all-around shave club for men

Possibly the most popular shaving club in the world, Harry's delivers a combination of affordability and quality with every kit. Kits range from $15-$35, and even the most basic package comes with a sturdy, stylish handle with a weighted core and textured rubber grip, three blade cartridges, foaming shave gel, and travel cover for your blades. Get bundles of bath products, too. Harry's is a real man's razor, stylish, solid, dependable without all the fluffy extras, and also natural, so it's better for your skin.


  • Affordable kits and refills +free trial
  • Solid and comfortable handles
  • German blades w/ flex hinge and precision trimmer


  • No flexball head
  • Large head can be too much for smaller men

2. Dollar Shave Club

  • Personalized grooming kits for less

Always featured among the top few shave clubs on any chart, the Dollar Shave Club is available across the US and the UK. It's a popular option because of the cost-effective plans DSC offers. Plus, it has some pretty amazing shaving cream. DSC offers a 100% money-back guarantee, wide range of skincare, hair styling products, shower products, and even oral care items. And you can also get trial size bottles for any of the shaving or grooming products on the site.


  • Lots of trial sizes to try
  • All types of grooming products available
  • Different blade types to choose from


  • Blades don’t last as long as competitors
  • Can’t use the razor with other brand heads

3. Bevel

  • The black man’s ultimate shaving experience

Known as the black man’s shave, Bevel is a back-to-the-basics type of shaving experience. It’s a single blade safety razor that is specifically designed for coarse, curly hair. What’s more, Bevel kits come with a primer oil that softens skin, natural shaving cream for a clearer, smoother shave, and a restoring balm for post-shave nourishment for your skin.


  • Single-blade safety razor for nick-free shaves
  • Solid, brass weighted razor
  • Natural skincare products


  • Expensive initial kit
  • Doesn’t come with razor stand

4. Gillette Shave Club/On Demand

  • The first and last word in shaving

Anyone who's shaved even once in their lives knows the name Gillette. Not to be outdone by the competition, Gillette created its own subscription plan. You can select from a wide variety of starter kits with different razors (ProGlide Shield, Fusion5, SkinGuard, Mach3), and then add whatever shaving products you want to your kit. Plus, with Gillette, you can choose your delivery frequency.


  • Every fourth refill is free
  • New FlexBall technology
  • Flexible subscription plans


  • Have to pay shipping for trial kit
  • Not all blades and razors are compatible

5. The Personal Barber

  • Superior quality shaving products delivered

One blade to rule them all, The Personal Barber takes a purist view on razor blades. This single blade offers a close, smooth, and rash-free experience. Plus, the shaving products are made with luxurious ingredients for a more invigorating shave. Subscriptions include a hand-picked selection of shaving creams and other shaving products. The selection changes every month, so you’re always trying new products. Oh, and you’ll also get instructions on how to get the best shave of your life.


  • Free delivery, pause subscription
  • Get new products in kit every month
  • High-quality shaving products selection


  • High shipping fees to the US
  • Not great if you like the same products all the time

6. Birchbox Man

  • Curated grooming care product boxes each month

Birchbox Man celebrates a little thing called you-time. Whether you only have five minutes or five hours to spend, Birchbox Man wants you to feel pampered and rejuvenated whenever you take your time. That's why this shave club delivers boxes that are Individually tailored with sample packs of various grooming products from moisturizers to shaving gels and beyond.


  • Just $10 a month
  • Get a variety of different grooming products to try
  • Elite brands and top quality natural products


  • Not ideal for one-brand fans
  • Womens’ boxes are half the price

7. Wet Shaving Club

  • The easy, affordable, elegant shave club

The Wet Shaving Club dares you to ditch the traditional shave club, and opt for something so much simpler instead. With the annual plan, the Wet Shaving Club will send you everything you need to get a smooth, precise, and irritation-free shave for an entire year, so you don't need to worry about monthly orders or deliveries. And the best part is that a subscription is just $35 for the whole kit.


  • Cheapest shave club kit around
  • Refreshing cologne wipes included
  • Get all your grooming supplies for a year at once


  • No monthly delivery option
  • Can’t customize

8. Public Goods

  • Great savings on your favorite toiletries

Morgans, which is now Public Goods, will deck out your entire bathroom, from the razors you love to the toilet paper you use every day. Packaged and delivered to your door, Public Goods has everything body care you could imagine made from the best quality and home-sourced products around and are non-GMO, vegan, and chemical-free from the bamboo handled razors to cooling menthol shaving cream. Plus, Public Goods has a four-pack of blades for just $1!


  • Eco-friendly, home-sourced, high-quality products
  • Cheapest blades around
  • Chic razors


  • Not a lot of variety for razors
  • Can get expensive if you’re not careful

9. The Bearded Colonel

  • Quality shaving products stand the test of time

The Bearded Colonel is the oldest shave club in the UK. If you’re American, not to worry. The Bearded Colonel has free international shipping. More than that, though, this shave club offers the kind of quality products you can’t find anymore today. Solid, stainless steel-handled razors, 5-blade heads, and chic tin storage container, the Bearded Colonel delivers it all with flexible frequency and a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free international shipping
  • 5-blade razor with stainless steel handle


  • Not a lot comes in starter kit
  • Not an American company

10. Supply

  • The luxury shaving experience for men

Classy, strong, and chic. That’s the best way to describe Supply’s single blade, razor. You’ll get a smooth, clean shave and avoid all of the irritations and nicks that usually come from multi-blade shaving. Supply razors come with adjustable settings (sensitive, comfortable, and ultra-close) and, with its stainless steel or alloy handle and sleek curves, will certainly be the most attractive thing in your bathroom cabinet. When you order from Supply, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee on all your razors. Now, that’s quality you can depend on.


  • Lifetime guarantee on all razors
  • Free shipping
  • Luxury-quality shaving products


  • Expensive starter kit
  • Extras cost more

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