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From Start to Finish: What You Need to Know When Choosing the Right Roofing Service

Michael Graw
From Start to Finish: What You Need to Know When Choosing the Right Roofing Service
If you’ve noticed missing shingles, sagging, or discoloration in your roof, it may be time to replace it. This is especially true if you’ve lived in your home for more than 10 years or purchased an older house that could use some TLC.

Fixing your roof is a major investment in your home, and one that most people will only have to deal with once or twice in a lifetime. That said, you want to get the job done right—which means choosing a reliable, high-quality roofing service.

Since you probably haven’t spent much time thinking about your roof, it can be hard to know what to look for when choosing a contractor for roof replacement. In this guide, we’ll cover several of the most important things you should consider.

Licensing and Insurance are Essential

The first thing you should check before even considering a roofing service is whether they are licensed and insured.

Licensed roofers are experienced professionals who have spent years working on roofs. They understand what it takes to keep workers safe and how to install a roof that will last. Plus, licensing shows that they’re a legitimate business that you can rely on for repairs and maintenance in the future.

Insurance is, if anything, even more important. Roofing is inherently dangerous, which is part of the reason that most homeowners hire a service rather than fix their roof as a DIY project. If your roofing service doesn’t have insurance for all its workers, you as the homeowner could be liable for any injuries that happen on your property. Make sure your roofing service is fully insured and always ask to see proof before signing a bid.

Find a Company That Will Stick Around

There are plenty of roofing services that come and go, especially if your area has recently been hit by a major storm. But instead of choosing the first roofer who knocks on your door, it’s worth looking for a local company that’s firmly established in the community.

These local roofers have experience installing for the seasonal weather conditions in your area. More important, you can count on them for repairs, maintenance, and warranty claims in the future.

If you choose a roofing service that disappears or goes out of business, your chances of calling in your warranty are slim to none. Given how expensive replacing a roof can be, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roofing contractor is just a phone call away is a huge benefit.

Get Multiple Bids on Your Roof

As with any home construction project, it’s important to get multiple bids. The average price for a roof replacement is around $7,500, but the price estimates you receive can vary by thousands of dollars. While low bids aren’t always a bad thing, evaluate them carefully—it’s much better to pay a few hundred dollars extra to ensure that your roof is installed properly by a contractor who is easy to work with.

Keep in mind that part of the variation in bids comes from the roofing material and style. If you don’t already have a style in mind (for example, matching your existing roof), ask your roofer what kinds and colors of shingles they offer. If you want a specific style for your roof, make sure that your roofing service can handle the installation and that the bid reflects this style.

Ask for Referrals

A big part of choosing a roofing service is reviewing the experiences that others have had with that service. Can they be counted on to do a good job and come in at or under their bid price?

The best way to answer that question is to get reviews. Most roofing services should be able to offer client testimonials or put you in contact with homeowners they’ve worked with in the past. In addition, it’s easy to find online reviews for any roofing service that has been around for a few years. Always check the Better Business Bureau’s website, too, to see if there are any red flags you should know about before committing to a roofing service.

Check the Warranty

One of the most important parts of any roofing contract is the warranty. Many roofing services will guarantee their work for up to five years after installing a new roof. But, this warranty isn’t standard—what’s covered and for how long can vary a lot between roofing services. Make sure you read the fine print and ask a prospective roofer questions about their warranty policy.

The other part of the warranty to consider is coverage for the shingles themselves. Most manufacturers provide a 20- to 40-year warranty on roofing materials. Double-check with your roofer how long the shingles they plan to use for your roof should last.

Communication is Important

Throughout the bid and evaluation process, you should be keeping track of how well or poorly a roofer communicates with you. Do they respond to calls and emails promptly, or does it take a few days to get a message back?

Poor communication during the bid process is only likely to get worse once you’re committed to that roofing service. Not knowing when your roofer is coming or struggling to get information can make the process of replacing or repairing a roof a lot more stressful. So, make sure you choose a roofing service that is on top of answering the phone and that returns your calls and messages promptly.

Finding the Right Roofing Service

Replacing or repairing a roof is a major investment in your home, but thankfully it’s a once-in-a-lifetime project for most homeowners. That said, it’s important that you get the right roofing service to ensure you get a quality roof at a reasonable price. Follow our tips to find a reputable and reliable roofing service for your home.

Michael Graw
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