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Last Updated: Jun 2024

Top 10 Best Free Relationship Apps for Couples: Fun & Cute

Whether you just began dating, or you're about to celebrate your 10th anniversary, relationship apps can help you stay in sync and spice things up.

Which Relationship App is Best for You? 

Relationship apps can keep you and your significant other get on the same page, and even spice things up. Want to use one but aren’t sure what it can offer your relationship?

Your phone can help you navigate from point A to B, order last minute groceries, stay in touch with friends around the world, and even help you find your soulmate. 

Did you know that your phone can also help you build a loving and lasting relationship with your significant other? Whether you’re in the beginning stages of your relationship, or you’re coming up on your 10-year anniversary, download a relationship app to discover the benefits it can bring you, your other half, and your relationship.

Stay In Sync

When you’re in a relationship, it can be tough to schedule hangouts with friends and prioritize family time. This is only natural, as you are also splitting your time with your significant other. Where it gets even trickier, is when you both have your own calendars, your own meetings, and your own after-work priorities. Couples use apps to keep their lives in sync and organized.

Simply Us is a free app available for iOS that organizes your lives to work smoothly together. Do you find that you and your significant other often end up double booking dinner dates? Or do you meet at the wrong movie theater for your monthly movie? 

This is common, but it doesn’t have to happen to you and your partner anymore. You can use Simply Us to make to-do lists, write in tasks you need to complete, and have a calendar that syncs between the two of you so you’re always on the same page. You’ll never have to worry about a scheduling conflict again.

Two other apps that serve this purpose, are Couple and Between. They’re like personal social networks that only you and your partner can access. Think of it as your personal space where you can save your memories. On Couple, you can voice or video call each other, send cute doodles back and forth, and like Simply Us, you can share calendar items. 

Couple has a neat feature called “Thumbkiss,” that lets you feel connected to your partner no matter how far away you are from each other. You just touch the same spot on your screens, and both phones will vibrate simultaneously. Between is an extremely popular app among couples, due to its cute features that let you stay in sync at all times. You can send animated emoticons to each other to lighten up your days.

Keeping your schedules organized makes life easier, but it also helps you avoid fights and minor frustrations that can put a strain on relationships. But if you do find yourselves in a fight, there’s an app for that! Fix a Fight is a favorite among many couples that find themselves bickering often. 

The app offers advice on how to solve arguments, and has relaxation exercises to calm both sides. It even has voiceovers by Mark McGonigle, a top psychotherapist and marriage consultant.

Dig Deeper Into the Relationship 

Relationship apps can do much more than syncing your schedules and keeping you and your significant other on the same page. If you feel like you know each other and there isn’t anything else to explore, download TheIceBreak for a good time. 

This iOS app is focused on helping couples have more meaningful discussions to understand each other better. You’ll be surprised to learn things about your partner you never knew. It has a list of questions, some general and others extremely wacky, that you can speak about with your partner and have a great time. 

More than learning about each other, though, every time you answer a question, you earn virtual coins that can be redeemed for a discount on your next date.

If you like the idea behind TheIceBreak, you’ll also like Happy Couple. Whip out your phone next time you and your significant other are hanging out. The app quizzes both of you on the other person’s habits and personality traits, and then lets you compare answers. It’s a fun way to pass time, and you get to learn about each other in the process.

Spice Things Up 

Lastly, relationship apps can take your relationship to new heights by offering features that can put a smile on each others faces. Do you find yourself sitting in front of your computer at work with nothing in particular to say to your significant other but just wanting to show them you’re thinking of them? You’ll love the LokLok app. 

It syncs yours and your partner’s phone screens, and lets you send messages back and forth. These messages can be drawn pictures, selfies, or personalized texts. Your partner will see them right on their lock screen without even having to unlock their phone. The only downside about LokLok is that it’s only available for Android users. 

Another app similar to this one, is Couplete. It lets you send love letters or create a story like on Instagram or Snapchat, to share with each other.

If you’re looking to spice thing up just a bit more, we’ve got you covered. Kindu is great for new couples that may be shy to suggest or try new things in the bedroom. This app makes the whole situation much less awkward by letting you suggest ideas to your significant other directly through the app. 

Your partner can then respond to these suggestions with their response, which eliminates a lot of the awkward tension. You can also try 69 Places, which offers 69 places that you and your partner can get intimate. This can help couples who are nervous about trying new things, as it makes them feel that they’re in it together and on the same page.

Happily Ever After 

Relationship apps are downloaded and used by different kinds of couples, in different stages of their relationships. There are apps that are more simple and conservative, while others are a bit more risque and offer x-rated advice. 

Whatever point your relationship is at, and no matter what you’re looking for, a relationship app can be a fun and useful addition to your relationship.

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