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Complied from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in - this Top10 list aims to help consumers make smarter decisions.

4 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Game

Getting Instagram “likes” and followers requires a strategy. Want to boost your Instagram game but aren’t sure how to? 

Everyone wants a killer Instagram feed, and the way to get there is by posting awesome content. What kind of content will your followers enjoy? Just think of the most popular influencers, they all post similar things, and we’ve broken it down for you. Here are 4 things you can, and should, be doing to boost your Instagram likes and following.

1) Score at Selfies 

When current followers and potential followers scroll through your feed, they will often look for selfies. The front-facing picture says a lot about a person and is a picture that makes people feel close and personal with the account holder. Letting your followers see your features like your skin, hair, and teeth up close tells them that you’re open and approachable.

Though the selfie is a crucial element to a killer Instagram feed, many people avoid taking them for the exact reason they’re popular – they’re up-close and personal. Luckily there are incredible editing apps that can help you feel confident about posting your selfies (which almost all big influencers utilize). One of the most popular apps is Facetune. The iOS and Android app is backed by Lightricks, which creates professional grade, web and mobile, photo editing products. Facetune lets you retouch and add artistic flair to selfies with advanced, yet easy-to-use editing tools. You can smooth your skin, remove a pimple, change the color of your eyes, or anything else you want to make you look your best before posting a picture. It’s used by millions, has 5-star ratings, and is the #1 photo and video app in 127 countries. The app is what it’s talked up to be and more. Another app often used alongside Facetune, is VSCO. Like Facetune, it’s a high-grade photo editing app, but with a social element to it. You can edit your pictures with a ton of tools and features, and then create a profile to follow friends, share images, and explore other people's content. If you’re an advanced photographer, you can purchase more filters and editing abilities to get your pictures just as you want them.

2) Take Your Followers With You 

It’s incredibly important to be open with your followers when it comes to photos. It’s also important to be open about where you are and what you’re doing because people love to see into the lives of others, especially exciting ones. So whether you’re at a dinner party, a birthday party for your grandma, or an insane spring break trip in Mexico, share it! Take your followers with you and let them feel like they’re your real-life friends.

If you’re on vacation and want to share some photos with your followers, there are really good tools out there to take your photos from good to insane. Snapseed, for example, is created by Google and lets you fine-tune your photos and precisely edit elements. Users also rave about the saturation feature which allows you to mark a section of the photo with your fingertip, say the sky, and its colors automatically pop. The app works wonders on beach and outdoor pictures. Best of all, the app is free. If you have several photos from a trip and want to share them as one nice picture, try creating a collage with Layout from Instagram. You can include as many pictures as you want, resize them, and reposition the photos in any way. A collage is a fun and creative way to share a snippet of your life with your followers, and show them what you’re up to.

3) Share Meaningful Moments 

Aside from the parties, vacations, and good times that you should be posting to your feed, you’ll also want to post some more meaningful posts. This could be a post about your grandparent that passed, a beautiful story you read online, or anything else. Why’s this important, you may be wondering? Sharing things that are important to you shows your follows that you’re more deep and more real of a person than just fun, because no one’s life is all fun. Sharing meaningful moments will make it easier for people to connect with you, which means they’ll want to follow you.

The perfect way to share your special or meaningful moments is with the right photo. This should be a photo that captures the element of the post, the why. Many Instagram influencers like to use black and white photos for deep posts. They often use apps like BLACK and Camera Noir. BLACK is an app specifically for black and white photos. It mimics specific black and white film, and you can adjust the photos according to your preferences. Camera Noir also turns your photos into beautiful black and white images, and is best for abstract and artsy pictures. The app is as good as professional-grade editing software like Photoshop. A slightly easier route for creating impactful images is using an app like Afterlight. With 79 filters, 78 textures, and 15 adjustment tools to choose from, the app has tons of options that will help you create a beautiful photo in seconds.

4) Switch it up Every Now and Then 

Every so often, take a look at your feed and see what it could use. If you have a lot of pictures in a row, try uploading a video. Switching things up keeps it interesting and keeps your followers engaged. You can also try an app like Hyperlapse from Instagram, which is a great tool for anyone wanting to create timelapse videos easily. Because it’s created by Instagram, it all works smoothly, and the video size is always right. Of course, there is also the extremely popular, Boomerang from Instagram, which lets you create loop-videos. Boomerang videos are fun, whimsical, and creative. If you’re a words or quote person, check out Over. It’s an editing app that lets you put text on top of your images. You can take a blank image and put a nice phrase on top, or take a regular picture and write something on it. The options are endless, and using this app can make your pictures look really professional.

Insta Game Strong

Growing your Instagram following requires a strategy and a structure. It’s important to post consistently, but it is equally important, if not more so, to post the right content. Give your followers and potential followers a feed they love looking at. By posting selfies and meaningful moments, taking followers through life with you, and switching up your content, you’ll have thousands of follower in no time.

How we created this
Complied from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in - this Top10 list aims to help consumers make smarter decisions.