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How we created this
Complied from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in - this Top10 list aims to help consumers make smarter decisions.

How to Choose the Best Money-Making App

There are actually apps out there that allow you to make money by shopping, carrying out simple tasks, and reaching goals you’ve set for yourself.

Finding ways to bring in a little bit of extra money is never a bad thing. Most of us are all looking for ways to make money in easy ways. Luckily, it is as easy now as having your smartphone. With money-making apps, you can have quick access to getting extra cash, no matter where you are. But looking for the right app for you can be hard, especially since there are several good ones out there.

Shopping Apps

One of the easiest ways to make money through an app is doing something that you are already doing: shopping. Ibotta, Mobee, and Shopkick all offer ways of earning money while you are out shopping. With Ibotta, you find the items listed they will give you a rebate on; simply then scan the item and your receipt. Once you accumulate $20, you can have the funds transferred. Mobee and Shopkick operate differently, sending you to specific stores to complete tasks and fill out surveys. None of it should be difficult if you shop at the stores already.

Gigwalk and Field Agent are both the same type of money-making app. With Gigwalk, you will be given tasks in your area. Some of the tasks are simple and may take no time, while others are more involved. The more involved the task, the more money that you can make from it. Gigwalk is not necessarily a shopping app, as the task they send you on could be at a restaurant or any other type of business close to you. Field Agent will send you to shops to collect information about them, much like Mobee and Shopkick. They may ask you to photograph, video, or even just record the data they are asking for. The information is then given to the businesses to improve their service. If you have some extra time on your hands, you should be able to pull off either Gigwalk or Field Agent and bring in a little bit of extra money in your free time.

App for Keeping you Healthy

As with shopping apps, if you can find an app that pays you for things that you do or want to do already, all the better. The Sweatcoin app will help you earn money by keeping you active. You will have to log your fitness level and your goals in order to start. If you reach your goals, you will be rewarded for the effort, provided you are able to verify your progress. You have to front no money to start, and the goals you set will keep you on the line for achieving your fitness goals. This app rewards you to exercise, without you having to shell out a dime. If you want to make money on the side by doing something as natural as walking daily, you could do very well with Sweatcoin.

Photo Selling App

With your smartphone with you most of the time, there is a good chance you have taken quite a few pictures just being out and about. With Foap, you can actually sell your pictures to people all over the world. People are looking for a wide range of stock photos to use for their businesses or websites, and even a non-professional photographer can get in on the action. In addition, companies will post photo missions on Foap, encouraging you to take pictures with their products or simply being out and about. Once a mission is complete, the winners will be awarded the prize money. If you are already taking pictures, why not try to make some money off of them?

Apps for Getting Rid of Clutter

If fitness and shopping are not ideal for you, perhaps you can remove a little bit of clutter from your home. Many of us have old college textbooks as well as other books sitting on our shelves, taking up space and not being used. In order to help you declutter your bookshelves, you can turn to the Bookscouter app. Selling textbooks back to colleges and universities does not always pan out. Either they have moved onto another book, different edition, or they will only give you pennies on the dollar for the book, then turn around and sell it for ten times the price. With Bookscouter, you can look up books by ISBN and see if they have a vendor who would like to purchase your book. If accepted, you can ship your book for free to them and get paid in the process.

Simple Tasks

In addition to apps that will make use of things you already do, there are apps that have designated tasks for you to complete in order to earn a little bit of money. The amount you get back can vary greatly, but do remember that even the smallest amounts will add up over time. With Google Opinion Awards, you will not earn cash, but will instead earn Google Play Credit. Google Opinion Awards works with you answering the surveys they send to you based on the information you gave them about yourself. The surveys themselves are not complicated and can be done usually in a few minutes.

Swagbucks operates a little bit differently. With Swagbucks, you are earning gift cards rather than cash, after you have accrued enough points. You earn points by shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos, as well as other seemingly random tasks. Basically, going about your business online can give you the opportunity to earn credit that you can cash out for gift cards.

Which App to Use

Now that you have seen the best apps that are out there for making money, it is up to you to decide which one or ones would work out best for you. Think about your lifestyle and daily tasks and see if you can earn a little extra money.

How we created this
Complied from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in - this Top10 list aims to help consumers make smarter decisions.