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Real Spanish Review 2024

Ioana Andrei

In a Nutshell

Real Spanish offers online courses focused on helping you communicate more fluently and with more confidence, by improving your pronunciation and use of authentic language. It creates interactive lessons for learners with news and film clips, pronunciation exercises, and grammar sheets. You can buy multiple courses together for a discount, and also book private lessons with a qualified, experienced teacher for more personalized learning.


  • Use of films and podcasts to improve pronunciation
  • Private sessions with a qualified Spanish teacher
  • Free sample lessons


  • No dedicated support function
  • Website could be more intuitive to use

Real Spanish at a Glance

Editorial Score

Language Variety

1 - only Spanish

Ease of Use

Website is easy to use and you can learn at your own pace


Each lesson consists of animated videos, clips from movies, TV, or audio, PDFs and interactive exercises


Free mini lessons available, then prices set through call

Learning Flexibility

Book lessons when you want, especially face to face, but you need to attend the ones you book

Real Spanish Real Spanish Visit Site

Real Spanish Plans 


Individual price

Bundle prices

Real Spanish in Minutes (mini-lessons)


Buy 4, get one free (-20%)

Spanish podcasts

€30 per course


Spanish with movies and TV

€30 per course

3 courses for €72€ (-25%)

Spanish with news reports and documentaries

€30 per course

2 courses for €48 (-20%)

Improve your pronunciation

€25 per course

2 courses for €40 (-20%)

Bundle of 8 courses

(Podcast, movies and TV, news and documentaries)

8 courses for €168 (-30%)

Permanent subscription

Includes all courses and mini-lessons available now and in the future


Private online lessons (introductory pricing)

20% off

€120 for 5 lessons; €200 for 10 lessons

*VAT or other applicable taxes will be added before checkout. 

How much does Real Spanish cost? 

Real Spanish in Minutes, the quick-fire version of the program, costs €6 per 5-6 minute video lesson. 

The Film and TV, News Reports and Documentaries, and Podcasts courses cost €36 per course, each of which lasts between two and four hours. An Improve your pronunciation course costs €30 and lasts 1-2 hours or more, depending on how long you choose to practice. Each category has two or three different courses for you to work your way through.

There is a 20% discount when you buy all the courses in a category. For instance, all three Film and TV courses are €86.40 instead of €108. There is also the option to buy eight courses across multiple categories for €193.20 (just €24.15 each)—and for €216, you can get permanent access to all Real Spanish materials.

In addition, private one-to-one lessons can be purchased in packs of five or 10 one-hour sessions. Five sessions cost €150, and 10 sessions cost €240 (€24 per session).

The prices shown here are different from the prices shown above because they include VAT or other taxes (if applicable in your country).

How does Real Spanish work?

Real Spanish is for you if you’re looking to take your Spanish to the next level. As it’s a self-learning program, you need to manage your own schedule to make progress. Also, it’s best if you already have a lower intermediate understanding of the Spanish language (level B1 or B2 is advised), since a lot of the materials assume prior knowledge.

Creating an account with Real Spanish takes under a minute— you will land on the Teachable platform, where the Real Spanish materials are hosted. Just fill in your full name, email address, and a password, and then validate your email. You now have a user account and can browse the collection of courses, which are:

  • Real Spanish in Minutes (25 mini-lessons)
  • Spanish with podcasts (one course)
  • Spanish with film and TV (three courses)
  • Improve your pronunciation (two courses)
  • Spanish with news reports and documentaries (two courses)

You can purchase courses and mini-lessons from your account, or start with some free sample lessons. Courses include a series of lessons, exercises, tests, and grammar and vocabulary PDF sheets. 

You start by either listening to or watching the main lesson content, which includes podcast episodes, news reports, and film or TV extracts. The pronunciation courses consist of a video-lesson followed by an interactive session, where you compare your pronunciation with that of pre-recorded native speakers.

Then, you explore the content in more depth using grammar sheets, exercises, and tests. For example, a lesson might test you on your understanding of a podcast episode’s conversation topics and use of colloquial phrases. 

What’s more, if you want to accelerate your studies, you can book one-to-one lessons with Gema, a Spanish language teacher who has also helped to develop the courses. 

Real Spanish doesn’t have an app, but you can access your courses on your phone via web browser.

Is Real Spanish reliable and safe?

In terms of lesson quality, Real Spanish is the real deal. Its courses were set up by qualified Spanish language teachers who have taught all over the world. Furthermore, there are three free sample lessons for you to try before buying a course or mini-lesson.

Testimonials from past students suggest that the program helps improve knowledge of and pronunciation in colloquial Spanish, with highlighted features including well-organized courses and entertaining content.

What’s special about Real Spanish?

The way you learn with Real Spanish makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Firstly, there’s a razor-sharp focus on the colloquial aspect of the Spanish language. With content centered on listening and pronunciation, the courses can prepare you for conversations with native Spanish speakers.

Secondly, many lessons incorporate audio or video content such as news reports, adding real-life scenarios to your language learning. The fictional content, such as film extracts, is also a creative and entertaining alternative to other academically driven language courses.

Finally, the option to book private lessons with an experienced Spanish teacher—which I think are reasonably priced—gives Real Spanish a competitive edge. These one-hour lessons go deeper than the self-taught materials and provide you with bespoke feedback and support.

Help and Support 

Real Spanish does not have a dedicated customer support function. However, you can contact the team via the website contact form or by email at info@realspanish.eu. 

There is a substantial blog covering various topics, from commonly misused expressions to tips about Hispanic culture. However, the blog doesn’t offer much support if you have any issues using the learning platform.

Real Spanish Real Spanish Visit Site

Bottom Line

Real Spanish courses are worth investing in if you’re looking to improve your pronunciation and use of informal language in Spanish. You’ll practice listening and speaking with the help of media content such as film clips and podcast episodes, and solidify your knowledge with grammar sheets and tests. Free sample lessons are available if you want to test the waters.

A big selling point is the private one-to-one lessons you can book with a Spanish language teacher for more in-depth coaching. These are affordably priced at €30 per session, or less when you buy in bulk. 


Is it worth paying for Real Spanish?

I think it’s worth paying for Real Spanish. The online courses are reasonably priced between €25-30 for two to four hours of content and exercises. Prices for private lessons with a teacher are also very reasonable at 20-25% off depending on how many classes you purchase.

Can you become fluent with Real Spanish?

Real Spanish is designed to get you talking to a native speaker. It focuses primarily on listening and speaking exercises and includes grammar and vocabulary sheets, so you can become fluent faster. A lower-intermediate level of Spanish understanding is recommended to make the most of your time. 

How do you get Real Spanish for free?

Create a Real Spanish account to access a free sample lesson for three courses: Spanish with film and TV, Improve your pronunciation, and Real Spanish in Minutes. You can also check out the Real Spanish YouTube channel, which contains bite-sized lessons.

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