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Last Updated: Jun 2024

Top 10 Best Kids Magazine Subscription

The best kids magazines include old classics you used to enjoy, as well as new publications designed to get your kids hooked on reading.

What Is the Best Kids Magazine Subscription Service?

Every kid has the potential to become an avid reader. As parents, the challenge is to make reading an attractive alternative to other activities such as screen time.

In addition to books, you may want to consider purchasing a few magazine subscriptions for your kids. Despite this being the digital age, there are still plenty of engaging children’s magazines in print. Kids magazines cater to a broad range of interests and hobbies, so you’re sure to find ones your kids enjoy.

With hundreds of great children’s magazines to choose from, it can be hard knowing where to start. To help narrow your search, we compiled a list of the 10 best magazines for kids. In our list, you’ll find magazines for a range of subjects (such as sciences, arts, and fun & games) and age groups (from preschoolers all the way to middle school).

Our Top 10 Best Kids Magazine Subscription in 2024:

1. Highlights

If the name Highlights instantly rings a bell, that’s because you probably read it as a kid. Founded in 1946, Highlights continues to live up to its mission to provide ‘fun with a purpose’. Every issue is packed full of content that is equal parts entertaining and educational. Inside Highlights, your kids will find stories, games, puzzles, riddles, science experiments, craft projects, and other activities. Regular features include Goofus and Gallant, who teach kids to think about right and wrong behaviors.

  • Frequency of publication: 12 issues per year
  • Publisher: Highlights for Children, which also produces High Five (ages 2-6) and Hello (ages 0-2)

2. Muse

Of all the science magazines for kids, Muse is the best. Muse proves that the STEM subjects can be cool, presenting science, technology, and math in a fun and informative way. Each issue is packed full of comics, stories, and articles that present amazing facts about the world of sciences. There’s also a permanent section devoted to real-life stories about scientists at work. Maybe your kid will dream of studying STEM subjects after reading Muse!

  • Frequency of publication: 9 issues per year
  • Publisher: Cricket Media, publisher of 9 best-selling children’s magazines for ages 1-14

3. Ask

Ask Magazine is like its sister publication Muse but for a younger audience. It offers answers to all the most common questions that come out of children’s mouths, using comics, short stories, and games as fun learning tools. If your child has ever asked why animals sleep, how tides work, or how the solar system was formed, then they’ll find the answers to these questions and more in Ask.

  • Frequency of publication: 9 issues per year
  • Publisher: Cricket Media

4. Chirp

Chirp is a delightful magazine that encourages young kids to play, imagine, and explore. Each issue features stories, illustrations, and jokes from North America’s most talented kids’ authors and artists. The Chirp team works closely with parent advisory boards to discuss content and ideas. They consult with curriculum experts in the US and Canada – ensuring the magazine complements what your children are learning in the classroom.

  • Frequency of publication: 10 issues per year
  • Publisher: Owl Kids, Canadian publisher of 6 magazines for kids 3-12

5. Cricket

Founded in 1973, Cricket has entertained generations of kids with fiction stories, non-fiction stories, and short poems from some of the world’s best children’s writers. Each story is complemented by beautiful illustrations, as well as humorous comments from a cast of delightful bug characters. The stories vary between classics and contemporary, so your kids are sure to find something to interest them in each issue.

  • Frequency of publication: 9 issues per year
  • Publisher: Cricket Media

6. Ranger Rick

Ranger Rick has been inspiring generations of children to love and conserve wildlife for more than 50 years. Each issue of this kids’ magazine is packed with animal facts, stories, photos, comic adventures, wildlife puzzles, contests, and more. The magazine also regularly recommends outdoor discoveries for your kids to share with the whole family. For younger kids, check out Ranger Rick Jr. (ages 4-7) and Ranger Rick Cub (0-4).

  • Frequency of publication: 10 issues per year
  • Publisher: National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest nonprofit conservation education organization

7. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids comes in the same familiar design as the regular version of the magazine, complete with the iconic yellow border on the cover. Like the adult version, National Geographic Kids features curated articles and geography, culture, and exploration. Each issue comes with a surprise, such as a pull-out map or poster. National Geographic also has a magazine for kids aged younger than six, called National Geographic Little Kids.

  • Frequency of publication: 10 issues per year
  • Publisher: National Geographic, the world leader in geography and exploration

8. ChopChop

Endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, ChopChop is a quarterly magazine designed to get kids excited about helping in the kitchen. Each issue is filled with nutritious, ethnically diverse, and great-tasting recipes. The magazine also provides plenty of fun food facts, educational activities, interactive games, and more.

  • Frequency of publication: Quarterly
  • Publisher: ChopChop Family, an organization dedicated to improving people’s cooking skills

9. Kazoo

Launched in 2016, Kazoo is a welcome addition to the world of kids’ magazines that inspires girls to be ‘strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves’. Each issue features stories about female role models, such as Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The magazine also features exclusive insights from successful women, such as aerospace engineer Ella Atkins, marine biologist Christie Wilcox, and best-selling author Margaret Atwood.

  • Frequency of publication: Quarterly
  • Publisher: Independent (founded by Erin Bried and funded through a Kickstarter campaign)

10. Boys' Life

Boys’ Life is the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. Each magazine has two editions – one for boys aged 6-10 and the other for boys aged 11-18. The Boys’ Life magazine can be ordered to your door, tablet, or smartphone, making it the perfect reading companion for your kids to take on their next scouting trip.

  • Frequency of publication: 10 issues
  • Publisher: Boy Scouts of America
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