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Last Updated: May 2024

Top 10 Best Job Search Sites & Apps

Whether you're looking for a better job, or need quality employees for your business, the best job websites can connect you with the right people.

We find the 10 best options, so you can make informed decisions on tons of products and services.

How to Use a Top Job Search App to Find Employment

Trying to find a job, like many processes, was once a long and laborious drag. From finding your dream position to locating the point of contact, making initial contact and building a relationship until you finally got the chance to apply, was anything but easy.

The process has changed in recent years though, thanks to the internet. Gone are the days of looking through newspaper job listings, or breaking your neck to score your dream job. You can now use one of the many online job search sites to find the perfect position for you and your skills — all from the comfort of your home.

The Best Job Boards 2024

From sites that offer various and complex features, to simple-to-use sites that offer ample opportunity to connect with prospective employers through shared connections, it’s all out there. Some sites resemble social media platforms, with status update posts, interesting stories and comments on peers’ updates. Others are more to-the-point and forum-like. Some sites repost jobs from websites and specific companies, while others empower employers to post the jobs directly. Whatever the kind, the site to help you land your next job is out there.

New to the Game?


For those of you fresh out of college and ready to enter the working world, CareerBuilder can help you find your first “real” job. Based on the criteria you input, the site will recommend a range of career choices and jobs, some of which you might have not known about or had previously disregarded. CareerBuilder’s recommendations are good for new job seekers, as many lack a specific direction. The site is also free, another bonus for job seekers just starting out, and has an insightful blog that offers information from, “which companies are hiring?” to “is it ok to lie on a resume?”


With a good and long-standing reputation, Monster is similar to CareerBuilder in that it helps you in your search of relevant roles and employers. You can use the advanced search to input a desired job title, location, job posting date, and type, whether full time, part time, temp or internship. The site offers a spectrum of services including receiving career advice, salary information and the capability to upload your resume for employers to review. It also offers a nifty tool, called the Monster Career Tool, which allows you to compare and explore different careers. Additionally, Monster has a Facebook app, BeKnown, which offers you the opportunity to find professional connections within friendly confines.


LinkedIn is a great way to get your foot in the door of the working world through shared connections, as it offers a simple, familiar social media experience, which makes it easy to both grow your professional networking and search for jobs. Because it operates as a social network, you can connect with people you currently know that may be connected to the CEO of your dream company. LinkedIn provides you with the ability to not only apply for jobs, but to get in touch with people you thought were inaccessible and have an “in” at a company. Building an appealing profile is imperative to utilizing LinkedIn and all it has to offer, as being able to properly convey who you are and what you’re interested in is crucial to finding your next role.

Best Job Search Apps for Experienced Job Seekers 

If you’re a regular to job searching and know the ropes, you’re probably looking for a streamlined interface that offers a bit more than the simpler options out there.


SimplyHired has an easy-to-use, but in-depth website that gives you plenty of routes to tackle your job quest. Features such as a salary estimator, local job boards and a customizable job search make it a top choice for those looking for their next challenge. With a collection of over a million listed jobs, it is very much like a job search engine. What’s special about the site is that it can save you tons of time by allowing you to post a job to the site and then within minutes, it gets posted to 100’s of job boards.


Dice is another fantastic option for those of you with experience in your field, specifically the tech field, as it is catered to those who want to explore the ranks of the industry. Dice wants you to “hack your career.” This job search site is used by top companies such as Deloitte, Cisco, and HP, and specializes in US contract and permanent IT jobs.


If you’re looking for a job search site that offers more than the rest, look towards GlassDoor, which offers a wide variety of company reviews by current and former employees as well as copious information about each company. From average salaries to CEO ratings and the company’s competition, GlassDoor combines your job search and the research that goes into it into one package. The site even offers interview information, such as questions you’d be liable to get asked at certain companies and other useful tidbits, giving experienced workers the wealth of information needed to make an educated decision about applying for, or accepting, a role.

A Job Posting Website for Everyone


Though it’s not characterized as a classic job search site, Craigslist is an easy way to find jobs by either location and/or type. It’s a popular site for posting and finding freelance jobs and ones in brick-and-mortar stores in your city. The downside of using Craigslist is the limited transparency it offers, as anybody can post anything on the site—doing your due diligence is definitely needed before signing any contracts.


If you’re currently between jobs or are looking for something temporary, SnagaJob is a great option for you, as it specializes in what it refers to as the “hourly marketplace.” It’s ideal for transition workers, current students, those between jobs or anyone who is looking for a flexible, hourly job. It has job postings for most major cities across the country, such as Dallas, Minneapolis, Seattle and Atlanta. From shift managers to an online survey taker, just fill out the online form and receive notifications of relevant jobs straight to your inbox.


If you have a patriotic fervor to work in the employ of your country, USAJobs, which is the federal government's official employment site, offers a wide range of career paths and job opportunities geared towards helping you find the perfect federal job. Catering towards students, recent graduates, veterans, army wives, and those with disabilities, this site provides you with a wealth of information on all job listings, as well as walks you through creating a complete profile.


For any other kind of job, within any kind of company and in any city or state, try out Indeed, which as of July 2017, was named the most popular of the job search sites, averaging 55 million monthly visitors. The sheer quantity of jobs, being a highly trafficked site, has its benefits for those either looking to get their careers on track or find their next step. From no experience to highly experienced workers, all can benefit from the multitude of jobs on its website. You can sift through millions of postings from all over the internet, company pages, newspaper listings and job boards. Additionally, job alerts can be sent directly to your email, keeping you posted daily. The site is also extremely user-friendly and simple to navigate.

Happy Hunting

Whether you’re seriously considering taking your next “challenge,” or are simply interested in seeing what else is out there, there have never been as many forums, sites, and listings as there are today, making seeking new employment easier than ever before.

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