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3 Ways Apps Can Get Your Kids to Help Around the House

Getting your kids involved in chores teaches them responsibility and lessens your burden. Want to get them involved but don’t know how?

Every family has its own personality, its own dynamic, and its own individual members contributing different elements. Though no 2 families are alike, they all have one thing in common—the need to do chores. From cleaning bathrooms to organizing the books on the bookshelf, chores are important but can be time-consuming and stressful. A great way to lessen the burden on one person and split up the tasks evenly is to get your kids involved.

1. Rewards Work Like a Charm

Remember when your kids were young and you used to bribe them to do something? Well we’ve got good news for you. Bribes still work, even when your kids aren’t 5-years old anymore. Bribes turn into rewards for older kids and teens, and are incredibly powerful.

Say your teenage son is getting his license and wants a car. You can set up a family-chore chart to track his chores and progress and reward him with a car (if he’s really good, and lucky) or offer him some time on the weekends with your car. A good way to track your kid’s chores is with an app like Chore Checklist. The app is available on iOS and Android, and is a no frills, to-the-point, chores list. In the app you can set chores and assign a recurring reminder depending on how often they should get done. Things like make your bed or clean your room may be daily, while clean the car or the bathroom may only be weekly. The app also comes with a pre-loaded checklist that makes it easy to add new tasks, and you can even add specific chore lists for different family members. The app is free on iOS and costs $1.99 on Android, but you will need to pay a small fee for premium features like statistics reports or to sync to the cloud and share lists between devices. With Chore Checklist, no chore will get forgotten, as you get daily reminders, and all chores can be marked as completed when done.

Another app similar to Chore Checklist that lets you easily keep track of chores and their status, is the popular Wunderlist. It’s a top-rated cloud-based task management application that lets you easily manage tasks from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can use the app to jot down simple to-dos, like groceries needed or errands to run, organize them by delegating who should do them, and then assign them to family members. It’s a popular app for busy parents because you can simply assign your daughter to pick up milk on the way home and consider it done. You can organize chores and to-dos by folder, assign them directly to people, and tag them based on importance to keep everything organized. If that sounds like the right app for your needs, you can also check out Chorma or Chore Pad. Both apps let you organize chores with your kids, and they can earn points based on how many tasks they complete. They can then redeem their points to unlock custom rewards!

2. Chores Can be Made Fun

One of the best ways to get your kids involved around the house is by making chores fun or different. Now we’re not saying that sweeping the floors is as much fun as a party with friends, but it can definitely be made more fun with some creativity.

Take a platform like BrightNest for example. The company’s mission is to make homeowners happy by offering tips and tools to shape up their home and simplify their life. BrightNest is a really fun way for you and your kids to better your house together. You can search the platform by categories like “healthy,” “green,” or “savvy,” or explore new and different topics. Topics include things like ways to easily clean your window screens, simple ways to make your house smell great, and recipes for eco-friendly cleaning products. Though cleaning isn’t often seen as fun, when you do it together with your kids it automatically turns into a bonding activity. ChoreMonster also makes chores fun by gamifying the experience. The app promises to let you throw away your chore charts, as everything you need gets stored directly in the app. Parents can quickly and easily create scheduled chores with point values. You can then add rewards, which can be anything from a camping trip to a new basketball. Once the task has been completed and approved by you, your kid can then “purchase” a reward. This makes actually doing chores fun, so much so that they often end up asking for extra chores. Another app that takes cleaning to the next level is Unfilth Your Habitat. The app is available on iOS and Android, and uses profanity and crude jokes to make cleaning fun. It creates timed challenges, almost like missions that you need to beat the clock to complete. The app doesn’t offer rewards like some other apps, rather it’s a way to keep your house clean and mess-free on your own time. You can also share the improvements you’ve made with your Facebook and Twitter followers.

3. Make Them Feel Empowered

In addition to offering your kids rewards for completing their chores or making the chores fun through gamification techniques, you can get them to help around the house by making them feel empowered. Many times kids grow up thinking that having someone clean up after them or ensure their room is tidy is the norm. Giving your kids responsibility and letting them know you can count on them will encourage them to help on their own—yes, before even being asked.

Wondering how to empower them? Check out apps like Tody or OurHome. Tody is a smart chore assistant that estimates the need to do certain chores. With an app assigning a chore to your kids rather than you asking them to complete it, they will know that it’s not just you asking just for the heck of it, rather the app measured when the chore needs to get done systematically. Another great empowerment app is OurHome. OurHome keeps the whole family on the same page by offering one single app for all lists, chores, tasks, and responsibilities. It has a cool feature where you can view your days on a calendar view and really gets your family playing like a team. If one person can’t complete their chore, another family member can take it over and complete it for them.

Clean House, Happy Life

Having a clutter-free and tidy house can have a large impact on your overall happiness and success. So when chores get to be too much, count on your kids. And for the times you can’t, there’s always the popular cleaning services app, Handy.

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