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LetsGetChecked Review - At-home COVID-19 Test

Christian Rigg

In a Nutshell

The LetsGetChecked Coronavirus test is simple and straightforward. It can be self-administered from home, and the package includes a next-day UPS return envelope. The non-invasive lower-nasal swab is comfortable to use, and results from the test are typically made available within 24-72 hours. It’s a great choice for anybody who feels comfortable administering their own test and is looking for quick results at a reasonable price.


  • Non-invasive lower-nasal swab
  • Online results in as little as 24 hours
  • Includes official lab report


  • PCR (active infection) only
  • Not covered by all insurers (FSA/HSA accepted)

LetsGetChecked LetsGetChecked Visit Site

LetsGetChecked At a Glance

Take at home?
Pre-screening required?
Y (Online form)
Test type
Active infection (PCR)
Collection type
Non-invasive nasal swab
Results in
24-72 hours
Follow-up services
Telephone call with the nursing team; video walkthrough of your results; online guide for self-isolation and distancing. 

Why Go With LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked is a good choice for anybody looking for simplicity and speed. All tests are delivered with a UPS next-day air-return envelope, so you can send your test without waiting in any lines or having to go to an agency or lab.

The results are usually delivered within 72 hours, and often in as few as 24. You can follow your test online, and get notified by SMS when your results are ready. 

Comfort is another good reason to opt for LetsGetChecked. The PCR test is done with a shallow nasal swab, rather than the invasive swab used by hospitals. 

What it Tests For 

LetsGetChecked is an RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase - polymerase chain reaction) test, which means that it tests for the presence of Coronavirus in your system. It is the most accurate method currently available for detecting Coronavirus, and is much faster and less prone to error than other available virus isolation methods. 

Because it tests for viral presence and not antibodies, however, it cannot detect previous infections. This is of little consequence for most people who order the test, however. If you’re interested in knowing whether you currently have Coronavirus, an RT-PCR test is ideal. 

How it Works 

Before ordering a kit, you’ll need to answer a quick online questionnaire to determine your eligibility. If eligible, you can continue with your order. The self-administration is relatively simple and far less invasive than hospital tests. You can then return the test using the included UPS envelope. The sample is sent to a CLIA-certified lab for analysis.

Results are made available online typically within 24-72 hours, rarely longer. After your test, you have a few support options if needed, including a call with the nursing team and online guides for self-isolation. 

What’s in the Box?

The LetsGetChecked box includes a nasal swab, sample transport tube, biohazard bag for sample delivery, a return label, and set of instructions.

Screening Process

The screening process is simple and involves answering a few questions online. To qualify, you must have some mild symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, and be at least 18 years old.

If you have severe symptoms, you cannot qualify for the test, and should instead seek medical attention. The screening process also involves verifying pre-existing conditions which may put you at risk, like chronic kidney disease or obesity. 

You’ll also be asked your sex (male or female), date of birth, and then to indicate your symptoms: None, Mild or Severe. If you pass the screening test, you can order your test.

Collection Process 

The sample collection process is simple and non-invasive. Before starting, be sure to read all the instructions and warnings. Contact UPS to arrange a pick-up before collecting your sample, and only do so on the day for which your pick-up is scheduled. (This means you shouldn’t do your sample collection on a weekend.) 

You’ll also need to activate your test online before continuing—your activation code is included on a card in the box, along with the website where you’ll enter this information. Be sure to fill in the lab sticker on the biohazard bag as well.

After thoroughly washing and drying your hands, open the collection tube, being careful not to spill the contents. Open the swab package (without touching the tip or putting it down). The swab is to be inserted into each nostril until you feel gentle resistance (don’t force the swab any further in), and rotated for at least 10 seconds. Place the swab into the transport tube, making sure it’s fully immersed in liquid. Snap the swab at the scored line, and tightly screw the lid back onto the tube.

How Long for Results?

Results are typically ready within 24-72 hours, although depending upon your location and demand, there may be short delays.

Report Features 

Your results will be made available to you online, and you’ll be notified by email or SMS when they’re ready. The report contains information on your test, including the name of the test (in this case, RT-PCR test for COVID-19), the testing date, results summary, and test provider. 

If you need help understanding the test results, you’ll find a video walkthrough on the website, and can contact LetsGetChecked online. 

Follow-Up Support

LetsGetChecked offers additional follow-up support by telephone; you can arrange a call to speak with a member of the nursing team. You’ll also be provided with a printable fact sheet regarding your test, and a variety of online guides for self-isolation and social distancing, in the event of a positive test result. 


The total cost of the LetsGetChecked Coronavirus test kit is $119. This includes an addressed UPS next-day air-return shipping label, to send back your sample for analysis. There are no other fees.


LetsGetChecked anonymizes data to maintain the privacy of its customers, and guarantees that it will never share your information with a third party. The company is also compliant with HIPAA regulations, which govern the treatment and use of your medical records and other personal health information. 

LetsGetChecked LetsGetChecked Visit Site

Customer Support

You can contact LetsGetChecked for support by filling out the online customer support form. There is also a small but helpful FAQ section on the Coronavirus testing page itself, plus a larger FAQ section with articles on a variety of topics, like ordering & paying, discretion & privacy, understanding your results, and more. 

Bottom Line 

LetsGetChecked offers a number of advantages over competitors. It has a relatively fast turn-around, and the $119 pricetag, on par with similar tests, includes next-day return UPS shipping, so it’s easy to send your test back. Sample collection is non invasive and can be self-administered, which is a convenience. While there’s no option for rush testing, your results are typically ready within 24-72 hours. 

This is a good option for people who feel comfortable doing the test independently, and are looking for speed and convenience. 


Christian is a psychology and mental health writer with interests in social psychology, psychopathology, and well-being. He holds a degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and has written for a variety of online publications including,, and

LetsGetChecked customer reviews

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Value for money

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Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

a year ago

This is a useful service which everyone should be able to access. My only dislike is the fact that some people will be unable to afford it.

a year ago

These tests are very easy to use and straightforward. Results also come back quickly compared to other brands.

a year ago

I gave LetsGetChecked a 5-star rating because it was an easy to use service with a perfect customer service which gave me the respect I have for them.

a year ago

It's better safe than sorry. They did a good job at testing, and then you are good.

a year ago

I loved using this because I didn't have to go to hospital or doctor office for testing, accessible through your email or phone, fast and accurate detailed STD test results. Discreet way to get tested, they also shared with my regular doctor. I will use this service again in future. However it's very pricey and insurance doesn't fully cover fees. Customer service responded fast and was very helpful in questions I had. It was great for a last minute decision in making sure I was ok.

a year ago

I used this service because I didn't have gave time to go into an actual doctors office.

a year ago

I liked this enough to use again. Getting tested was private and easy and I really appreciate that. The Planned Parenthood I went through helped out a lot as well. I tell my friends about it. They made me feel comfortable.

a year ago

Safe and discreet. Got my results quickly and without having to go to my doctor. Being able to do this when I wanted and get tested in the comfort of my home was a huge plus.

1 years ago

It was very easy to use. Was cost effective. It was also very discrete. I liked that. It was nice to get a quick check after some risky behavior.

1 years ago

Sometimes needing STD testing is embarrassing, and It's better when It's discreet like this.

1 years ago

I gave the above rating due to the high quality of service they performed and more importantly, how they treated me . They were not judgmental, they were very informative and gave me a lot of insight with what was happening during the process.

1 years ago

I liked the convenience of it. Not having to go see a doctor is always a plus for me.

1 years ago

Super convenient. I got it sent in quickly and it came back quickly. I'm glad it exists. Wish it took health insurance.

1 years ago

After my bad experience at Silver Singles I had to go get checked. Thankfully the folks at LetsGetChecked made it simple and easy for me to alleviate my fears. Hopefully I don't have to use it again but if I did I wouldn't hesitate.

1 years ago

Gave me accurate and quick results. Easy to use and it definitely gave me peace of mind. Especially with Covid, it feels great to not have to go into a clinic or doctors office.

1 years ago

They made sure that my information was kept private. I was in a very embarrassing situation but they made sure that I felt comfortable.

2 years ago

I have family members affected by stds and I wouldn't wanna go through the same life struggles that says why I feel like it's important to test

2 years ago

LetsGetChecked is a very good service for making sure you are healthy. Everyone that dates casually or has a new partner should use this or a similiar service.

2 years ago

I give it a 5 star overall rating because I trust this brand. I am very loyal to this brand. It's always better safe then sorry.

2 years ago

Letsgetchecked allowed me to securely and privately check my health at my own convenience

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