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HealthLabs COVID-19 Antibody Test Review

Michael Graw

In a Nutshell

HealthLabs offers a quick and painless way to test for COVID-19 antibodies. When you sign up for a test, you can walk into any of 4,500 testing labs around the US. The test, from Abbott Labs, has a nearly 100% sensitivity for COVID-19 antibodies. Test results are available in less than 24 hours in most cases. The only downside to using HealthLabs is that it doesn’t accept health insurance for payment.


  • Antibody test with 100% sensitivity
  • Walk into any of 4,500 labs around the country
  • Get results in less than 24 hours


  • Does not accept health insurance
  • Few partner labs in the Upper Midwest Visit Site

HealthLabs At a Glance 

Take at home?
Pre-screening required?
Test type
Collection type
Blood draw
Results in
1-2 days
Follow-up services

Why Go With HealthLabs

One of the key reasons to use HealthLabs for your COVID-19 antibody test is that the company is using one of the more accurate testing kits on the market. HealthLabs offers an antibody testing kit from Abbott Labs, which has been shown to offer 100% sensitivity and 99.6% specificity. That is, it correctly identifies 100% of true positives and 99.6% of true negatives.

On top of that, HealthLabs is convenient. This company partners with more than 4,500 CLIA-certified labs across the US, so you don’t have to go far to take your test. You can walk in at any time after registering for a test. Plus, results are available online within two days, and in less than 24 hours in most cases.

What it Tests For 

HealthLabs uses a COVID-19 antibody testing kit from Abbott Labs. This tests for antibody production in your bloodstream, indicating that you had a prior COVID-19 infection. Antibody production may indicate that you are immune to a future COVID-19 infection, although this is still under scientific debate.

Importantly, the antibody test does not test for active infection. You should not visit a local testing facility if you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 

How it Works 

HealthLabs makes it easy to get an antibody test. Start by entering your address on the company’s website to find a local testing center. HealthLabs has more than 4,500 partner labs, so most people will not have to travel more than 30 minutes to get to a lab. That said, HealthLabs only has a handful of partner labs throughout the Upper Midwest and Mountain West regions. 

Once you’ve chosen a laboratory, you can order and pay for your test online. Then visit the lab at any time to have your blood drawn. You don’t need to fast or worry about other restrictions before the blood draw, and it typically only takes a few minutes.

When your test results are available, you will get an email from HealthLabs. Sign into your online account to view your test results.

Screening Process

HealthLabs doesn’t require any screening to qualify for an antibody test. However, you should not visit a testing lab if you are currently experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Collection Process

All COVID-19 antibody tests, including the one that HealthLabs uses, require a blood draw from your arm. The blood sample is taken by certified lab technicians, and it usually takes less than 5 minutes.

How Long for Results?

HealthLabs’ partner labs are able to deliver test results within 1 to 2 days, and frequently within 24 hours after you visit the lab.

Report Features

You can access your test results online through HealthLabs’ HIPAA-certified portal. The antibody test results offer a simple positive or negative, indicating whether or not COVID-19 IgG antibodies were detected in your bloodstream.

Follow-Up Support

If you have questions about how to interpret your test results, HealthLabs has a team of health advisors that can help. You can get in touch by phone or live chat between 7am and 11pm Eastern, Monday to Friday.


HealthLabs charges $119 for a COVID-19 antibody test. The company doesn’t accept insurance for payment, although you do get an itemized receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. HealthLabs does accept Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts for payment.              


The results of your COVID-19 antibody test are fully private and protected by HIPAA. The testing lab may provide your anonymized test results to state health agencies, which are tracking the prevalence of individuals with COVID-19 antibodies for public health purposes. Visit Site

Customer Support

HealthLabs offers customer support by phone and live chat between 7am and 11pm Eastern, Monday to Friday. The company has some basic information about the Abbott Labs COVID-19 antibody test it uses on its website, but you will need to visit the FDA’s website for detailed information about the test.

Bottom Line

HealthLabs offers a relatively inexpensive and easy way for anyone to get tested for COVID-19 antibodies. The company uses an FDA-authorized antibody test from Abbott Labs, which has been demonstrated to be 100% sensitive to COVID-19 antibodies and 99.6% specific. HealthLabs works with more than 4,500 CLIA-certified labs around the country, so you don’t have to travel far to get tested. Plus, your test results are available in less than 24 hours in most cases. Overall, HealthLabs is a good choice if you think you may have had COVID-19 and want to know whether you have antibodies against the virus.

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Ease of use

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2 years ago

Having the bloodwork drawn was easy and uncomplicated. The results were returned quickly and it was affordable.

2 years ago

I feel more comfotable with this use, provides the best real time test to understand your health.

2 years ago

It was easy to purchase, I got it deliverd on time and it was shipped right, the company is trust worthy.

2 years ago

Healthlabs is a very helpful site when I needed quick test results. I like this website very much.

2 years ago

They made things extremely easy during an uncertain and anxiety ridden time. The ease of testing and their staff helped me through this time

2 years ago

Quick service, clean facility, friendly staff, professional atmosphere, usually it takes the phlebotomists a few tries to find a vein but they found it first try!

2 years ago

When I decided to go on their website I was very pleased to find out it was very easy to navigate and get confidential help.

2 years ago

Using the site made me feel more comfortable about an uncomfortable situation.

2 years ago

Because it is a good testing that I have used before and have had no problems with it. I would use it again.

2 years ago

It worked out easily with no glitches, I paid and got the results quickly so I am fully satisfied

2 years ago

Its a user friendly site that provides helpful information, reviews, and affordable testing options. While it may not be as good as in-person visit to the doctor, the convenience factor is preferable.

2 years ago

I like their customer service and test results. The downside is it's a confusing website.

2 years ago

It is a very important thing to have especially when you can't go outside. The tests are very helpful

2 years ago

They provided as advertised but order times were somewhat lengthy and the tests were very pricey overall.

2 years ago

I enjoy the trustworthiness and convenience of using the website and being able to get test results back easily, but no website is perfect.

2 years ago

Convenient to use and quick results. It is very discreet and professional. They have a variety of services and reasonably priced.

2 years ago

I gave it this rating because it is an honest and helpful service, that provides me accurate and quick personal information. I feel at ease using it.

2 years ago

I'm not super impressed. I've had some issues and it seems to be hard to get answers at times to questions.

3 years ago

I have no information on the lab that it goes to. Also the shipping process took a bit long for the information needed

2 years ago

Easy process and results were reviewed in a timely manner. Any questions I had were answered.