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Never Lose Your Parked Car Again

We all have those moments when we just can’t seem to remember where we parked our car. Looking for ways to avoid that, and save yourself time and stress? 

Do you have to take a picture of your parking spot to remember where you parked? Or do you find yourself wandering, beeping your car remote just to find your vehicle? Whether you’re running errands, parking for the day, or doing anything else that requires parking, tools exist that can really save you time and reduce pressure. Read on as we give a breakdown of the top tools to help you find your parked car in seconds.

Your One-Stop Shops

There are many tools, features, and products out there that claim to help you find your car. So why not go with a name you’re familiar with. Have you ever heard of Google Maps? They’re only one of the most popular GPS-navigation apps around. But did you know that Google Maps can also help you find your way back to your parked car?

To use Google Maps to find your car, just set your phone’s location services for the Google Maps app to “always,” and turn on the “know where you parked” option. This will give Google access to your phone’s motion activity so that the app can know when you’re in motion (driving), and when you’ve stopped (parked). The app also does a lot of things on its own to make your life easier, like sending you notifications of how long you’ve been parked in the same place. This can be really useful for when you’re parked in a spot with a time limit. You’ve likely also heard of the navigation app Waze, which was acquired by Google for nearly $1 billion. Waze is a social-based app that sends you real-time driving directions based off of users’ traffic reports, but it also has a parking feature. To use this feature, just close the Waze app after you’ve parked, and the app will automatically add a pin to the parking location on a map. The minute you open your app again, you will see where your car is parked, as well as a walking ETA to get to it.

No Frills 

Apps like Google Maps and Waze have it all, including GPS navigation, turn-by-turn directions, and reliable ETA’s. If you’re looking for a more simple answer to your parking needs, try the no-frills apps Find My Car Smarter or Find Your Car with AR. Find My Car Smarter really is smart, and helps you find your car by using a combination of bluetooth and GPS. The second you park, the app will pick up and save your location. When you are done with what you’re doing and need to find your car again, the app shows you the location and tells you how far you are from it. The best part about the app though, is that it syncs with Dropbox so that the location can be shared between a group or with friends or family members. Find Your Car with AR helps you find your car no matter where you parked. But what gives it an advantage over other apps is that it uses augmented reality technology to make finding your car that much easier. You can see the street address close to where you parked, as well as the surrounding areas.

For an app that can tell you where you parked, as well as guide you to the exact location, try My Car Locator Free or Find My Car. As the name suggests, My Car Locator Free has a paid, $1.29 pro version. When you’re ready to find your parked car, the app will give you walking directions complete with directional arrows.


Unlike Google Maps and Waze that offer navigation and parking, or My Car Locator Free that simply helps you find your parked car, ParkMe is an award-winning app that helps you find a parking spot to begin with. The app operates in over 123,000 locations, 9,700 cities, and on 7 continents. It’s the largest and most accurate database where you can see real-time information on how many spots are available, and where. The app is always being updated for accuracy. Similar to ParkMe is Honk. It helps you find a parking spot, and helps you find your car after it’s parked. If you don’t want to rely on the app’s GPS, you can write in a memo directly in the app, or take a photo or video of your spot.

We can’t discuss full-featured car locator apps without mentioning the Car Locator app. It has a place to store parking notes, offers a rich user experience, and has beautiful 3D maps. The app is so good that it won the 1st prize in Verizon’s Power App Contest. When you need to find your way to your parked car, you can easily do so with the app’s split-screen view. The app also saves your past locations so if you parked somewhere last week and you can’t remember where it was, you can refer to the app history.

For No Signal Zones

We all have those moments when you leave the mall or a building you had a meeting in just to get to the parking lot and have no clue where your car is parked. Even worse is that you probably don’t have a cellphone signal to do anything about it. But with an app like Parking Pin, that’s no longer an issue. The app’s most noteworthy feature is its automatic parking detection which picks up where you parked using Apple’s motion detectors and location services. But users don’t rave about this app just for that feature. The most incredible part about the app is that it works without WiFi or cellular service, so you’ll never be in a vulnerable position again, frantically searching for your lost car.

Lost No Longer 

Not being able to find your car is not only frightening, but time-consuming. You can waste precious time walking the streets or rows in a lot. To save yourself that time, use a car locator app, which is sure to make your life easier and less stressful.

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