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Last Updated: Jun 2024

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands in 2024 - Reviews and Comparison

Want to update your makeup collection with the latest products? Look no further than our guide to the top makeup brands.

Frequently Asked Questions
Which brand of makeup is best?+-

While our analysis lists ColourPop as the best makeup brand, this also depends on what you are looking for. For instance, if you want an affordable, trend-driven brand, NYX could be ideal for you.

What is high-end makeup?+-

High-end makeup is created by luxury brands—such as Estee Lauder—that typically use premium ingredients and quality packaging.

What is the number 1 makeup brand in the world?+-

Based on our analysis and algorithm, ColourPop is the number 1 makeup brand. To reach this conclusion, we analyzed several factors including brand reputation, customer feedback, consumer engagement and overall brand features.

How much does makeup cost?+-

The price of makeup can vary based on the brand and type of product. In general, prices start from $5 for items such as eyeliner and can increase up to $50 for luxury eye shadow palettes and foundation.

At First Blush

From clean makeup brands to cruelty-free products, there’s so much choice available from the beauty industry that it can be hard to know where to start. Should you buy cosmetics from the latest celebrity brand or stick to the cult classics?

Different factors can influence your decision—including whether a brand tests on animals or creates colors that are suitable for every skin tone. One way to narrow down your options is to choose from the best-performing brands. 

We tested and reviewed the top 10 best makeup brands to help you choose the right one for you. Find out how we decided on our top 10 and how brands are adapting to match the latest beauty trends.

How Did We Choose the Best Makeup Brands?

To create our list of top makeup brands, our expert team reviewed and compared each option. We also used our unique algorithm—a set of computer-generated instructions—to analyze four different parameters:

  • Consumer engagement

  • customer feedback

  • brand reputation

  • features/benefits.

What To Look For in Makeup Brands 

Before making your next cosmetic purchase, decide what factors are important. For instance, do you want to purchase from totally cruelty-free makeup brands or choose vegan cosmetics? Would you mind buying from a brand that doesn’t offer a lot of shade inclusivity, which could affect your color match?

Overall, performance is key to helping you choose the right brand. Check reviews and product descriptions to see if a company prioritizes long-lasting and high-performance formulas. Because of the many brands on the market, you can buy quality products at an affordable price.

Makeup Trends and How Different Brands Are Adapting To Them

Social media has encouraged brands to be more inclusive. This has led makeup brands such as Fenty Beauty to create a wide foundation range to suit all skin tones. As well as more inclusivity, there’s a growing demand for more natural products. Brands such as Tarte have grown in popularity by using naturally-derived ingredients.

The desire to keep up with trends is a makeup trend in itself. Brands such as NYX are frequently launching new products to coincide with popular social media looks.

Sustainable and eco-friendly makeup brands

Besides the desire for clean makeup brands, there is a growing trend for sustainable and eco-friendly makeup products. Brands such as Bobbi Brown and Clinique are finding ways to use recyclable packaging. 

MAC Cosmetics has a recycling program where you can return six empty MAC makeup products in exchange for a free lipstick.

Innovations and New Technologies in the Makeup Industry 

With many of us now shopping online, it’s no surprise that online beauty brands want to replicate the personalized experience we can get in a physical store. AI (artificial intelligence) technology is helping to achieve this. 

Companies such as MAC and Too Faced use AI to let you virtually try on products by uploading a photo of your face. To personalize your experience of buying cosmetics online, brands such as Clinique have also introduced virtual appointments where you can book a free consultation with an advisor. 

Bottom Line

Social media, technology, and ethical issues such as sustainability are all impacting how we purchase makeup. The best makeup brands that have made it into our top 10 are having to find ways to keep up with these demands, whether that’s formulating trend-driven products—like NYX Professional Makeup—or are offering recycling initiatives—like MAC Cosmetics.

Our research shows that the top 10 makeup brands are not only formulating high-quality products but are also offering personalized experiences and supporting social concerns. 

How we created this
Compiled from “Best of” lists published by the world’s most trusted sources, and with our own recommended brands peppered in - this Top10 list aims to help consumers make smarter decisions.