Antivirus Software Battle: Scanguard vs McAfee StaffJan. 07, 2019
 McAfee vs. Scanguard
Whether you’re an occasional internet user or connected 24/7, a powerful antivirus package is a necessity. Antivirus software not only keeps your data safe, but also make sure your devices continue to run smoothly for years to come.

In this matchup we put 2 top-notch antivirus software programs - Scanguard and McAfee - head-to-head, so you can decide which is best for your needs. We broke all 3 products down by performance, ease of use, features, value for money, and customer support. 

Here’s how they rank:

1. Performance

On the market since 1987, McAfee is an industry leader, and the level of antivirus protection is first class. Indeed, McAfee is so sure it can handle any virus thrown it’s way it’ll give you your money back should a scan be unable to detect or remove a virus from your system.

With that being said, while scan times are some of the shortest around and overall performance is well above average, McAfee can sometimes be a drain on resources. This holds especially true if you’re running it on an older device.

Scanguard runs seamlessly in the background, with seemingly little impact on device performance. However, it’s still a relatively new offering on the market, which means it is yet to prove itself in independent testing.

McAfee Antivirus has proven itself trustworthy and can detect any viruses thrown at it, and despite sometimes being a drain on resources at times, it takes the first round of this battle.

 Winner: McAfee Antivirus

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2. Ease of Use

In terms of user experience and ease of use, both Scanguard and McAfee deliver in spades here, with products that are effortless to setup and use.

Scanguard is fluid and beautifully designed, making it quick and easy to get to grips with. The software works right out of the box; and the interface feels instantly familiar. However, customizing it and getting more advanced features to work is equally easy.

McAfee is similarly user-friendly. The main interface adopts a less-is-more approach; and the most important features are all pre-configured and ready to get going as soon as you run it for the first time. Best of all? Once you install McAfee on your devices, you can control them all from one screen.

 Winner: McAfee Antivirus

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3. Features

McAfee’s array of features is nothing short of impressive. Even at entry level, Antivirus Plus provides total antivirus, anti-malware and online protection for all your devices, whether it’s a PC, Mac, Android, or iOS device.




Maximum Devices



Parental Controls



Password Manager



Online Security

Wi-Fi Protection

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Anti-Theft Tools

File Protection

Web Security

PC Optimization 

Network Manager

Disk Cleaner

Of course, McAfee’s Internet Security and Total Protection packages offer even more protection. Both come with the True Key password manager, which takes your security to the next level by allowing you to set tough passwords once and forget them. And the Total Protection package protects your privacy by encrypting your sensitive files.

But Scanguard is no slouch, either. Aside from its core antivirus and anti-malware protection, the software also comes with a 2-way firewall. And a VPN hides your location and adds an extra layer of security - great if you’re using public WiFi or want to browse the web anonymously.

Both McAfee and Scanguard offer advanced features, so we’re therefore calling this category a tie.

4. Value for Money

Scanguard starts at $24.95 per year for 1 device, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It allows you to use op to 5 devices per license. And, once the first year is up, your subscription will renew at a steeper $99 per year. McAfee has 3 McAfee Total Protection packages you can choose from:

● Protect 1 device: $24.99 per year;

● Protect up to 5 devices: $39.99 per year; and

● Protect up to 10 devices: $44.99 per year.

Even at entry level, McAfee is an incredibly good deal. One license can cover all or most of your devices and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if running a scan doesn’t rid you of all viruses.

 Winner: McAfee Antivirus

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5. Support

Both Scanguard and McAfee offer free, round the clock assistance via live chat and email. You can also open a support ticket or talk to the companies on Twitter. Support staff are friendly and helpful; and response times are reasonably fast.

Both product websites have knowledge-bases you can use to troubleshoot issues yourself, if you’re so inclined. And Scanguard even has a blog with tips, tricks and interesting information about keeping your devices safe from online threats.

In terms of support, we’re calling this round a tie.

Who Won?

Scanguard and McAfee are both quality offerings, so which one you go for really depends on your individual needs. McAfee’s standout features are the True Key password manager and unlimited license, which is especially great value if you need antivirus for the whole family or for your small business network. 

The clear winner here is McAfee Antivirus.

 Overall Winner: McAfee Antivirus

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