Kaspersky vs. Norton Antivirus Software

ByAmanda BradleyJan. 07, 2019
Kaspersky vs. Norton
If you look around the web you’ll see that both Norton Antivirus and Kaspersky are solid products that have excellent protection scores, great customer service, and some exciting additional features. So, how’s a person to choose between 2 great solutions when looking to protect themselves and their devices?

Here’s a head-to-head comparison of these 2 antivirus giants to help you see which brand shines in each area that matters the most.

Overview of Kaspersky and Norton Products

Kaspersky is a gold-medal antivirus that has flawless protection scores when it comes to detection and removal of a huge variety of viruses. If you aren’t worried about additional features, then this is a great option for you. This software will secure your devices against phishing scams, certain malicious URL’s, and all kinds of malware with astonishing reliability.

Norton is another huge name in the antivirus world, and for good reason. It shows nearly-flawless detection scores, has a silent mode so you can just set it and forget it, and also offers 24/7 live chat support. What’s more, Norton has one of the richest feature suites you’ll find anywhere.

Virus Detection

Virus detection is one of the most important aspects of an antivirus. Both of these products have incredible scores in this area. Norton was able to detect and protect 99% of the time against viruses, malware, and phishing scams. It is also particularly suited for online security with features that block, scan, detect, and remove possible threats instantly. What’s more, Norton is known for successfully blocking malicious URLs really well, and its 2-way firewall is an added layer of protection.

Kaspersky takes the cake here, though. It won the highest ratings possible for virus detection when tested for antivirus protection. It also received high scores against malware and phishing campaigns. Where Kaspersky fell short, however, was in the area of malicious URL protection by not catching as many spoofing sites as Norton.

Kaspersky’s system scan is significantly shorter than Norton’s; you can finish your scan in under half an hour and see the report instantly. So, Kaspersky pulls ahead in this department, but only by a small margin.

Winner: Kaspersky

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Software Usability

Both Norton and Kaspersky are low-impact software, running silently in the background without impacting your other applications and tasks. For the most part, you can enjoy either software with minimal interaction. Scans can be scheduled to auto-run, so you don’t have to manually do a thing.

Norton is slightly more hands-free than Kaspersky, allowing you to simply set and forget the software. Using its patented Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response (SONAR), Norton scans new items that are introduced into the network, and sends out automatic updates of any new threats. This is all done in real-time, so you get the maximum protection without having to manually check for updates or refresh.

Kaspersky also sends out update notifications, but what we didn’t love was that it requires the user to update the system. Additionally, because of the complex software structure, Kaspersky is a little more hands-on, requiring a bit more interaction. While this is good for people who want to customize their product, it makes the software more complicated for the average user.

Winner: Norton

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Features are the meat and potatoes of an antivirus, and both these giants have plenty to offer. Kaspersky has some outstanding features like:

  • Real-time threat protection

  • Cloud-based protection

  • Safe internet browsing

  • Flexible parental controls

One of the neatest features that Kaspersky touts (and Norton does not) is the virtual keyboard. This is a great security measure that blocks keyloggers from snatching your passwords and other sensitive information.

Also providing parental controls, spam filters, and password managers, Norton pulls ahead in the features department for having a tremendous array of options. We were really wowed with a few key features, including:

  • Recovery disk

Norton has the most comprehensive system backup in place with a dedicated recovery disk. This records and stores all of your hard drive information so that if your system crashes, needs to be wiped immediately for security reasons, or is compromised somehow, you will still have a copy of all of your files and information securely backed up.

  • Protection across all devices

Another important feature is the ability to protect your data across multiple devices. While Kaspersky offers this kind of protection on a minimal level, Norton is famous for being able to protect all of your devices simultaneously. This is particularly true for Android devices, but other devices such as tablets and iOS devices are covered as well. Norton also includes network monitoring within its plans, and the Premium package covers up to 10 devices at a time.

  • 2-way firewall

A 2-way firewall is a robust and added layer of protection provided by Norton that allows you to control everything that comes in and goes out of your network for optimal safety.

  • Cloud storage

Norton gives its users 25GB of encrypted cloud storage (with the more advanced plans), so you can save, share, and access your sensitive information from multiple devices and locations.

Winner: Norton

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Value for Money

Norton has lots of plans to offer, so you are more likely to find what you are looking for with this company. It is also more competitively priced, making it an obvious winner in this category. Here’s a table of Norton’s basic pricing plans to give you an idea of what you can get from this software:

Basic Package$19.99Basic antivirus1
Standard Package$39.99Protection for Windows, PC or Mac, iOS and Android1
Deluxe Package$49.99Multiple device protection, easyweb portal to manage all devices5
Premium Package$54.99Premium family safety features, auto backup of photos, ect., 25GB of cloud storage10

*Last updated: June, 2018

These prices are for a year of protection. Both Premium and Deluxe Norton plans come with an impressive 60-day trial and full refund if you are not happy with the product.

Kaspersky has 2 plans to choose from, a basic antivirus and Internet Security. You can cover multiple devices, but you’ll pay for each device license you want to purchase protection for on top of the package fees. For one-year plans, here is a pricing breakdown:


Internet Security

Devices Covered













*Last updated: June, 2018

For a basic antivirus, the Kaspersky plans are a bit pricey for what you get. It also offers a 30-day money back if you’re not happy.

Winner: Norton

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Customer Support

Kaspersky and Norton both offer 24/7 call support along with excellent email support and a tremendous FAQ area that has answers to all of the common questions. Norton does Kaspersky one better, though, by offering 24/7 live chat support where you can reach out to a rep whenever you want. Norton also has one of the best community forums we’ve ever seen. You can ask real users who have experience with the product already questions, and get help troubleshooting a problem or advice about how to proceed.

Winner: Norton


As we said, both Norton and Kaspersky are amazing products. They both provide you with top of the line antivirus protection, excellent features, and above average customer support. If you are the type of user who likes to customize to the hilt, won’t be satisfied with anything but a 100% protection guarantee, or need a faster system scan, Kaspersky is your best bet. 

Though, if you're looking for a more robust set of features, a friendly and relatable consumer-based community, and a nearly flawless antivirus (99% is still pretty awesome), then Norton wins hands down. Plus, you are getting the most value for your money with Norton along with cloud storage, a resilient 2-way firewall, and an automatic recovery disk that will prove invaluable if your system ever crashes. 

The exceptional set of features, plus all of those little details, really add up to make Norton the winner in this comparison. Check out our full Norton antivirus review and see what else this colossal antivirus software has to offer.

Overall Winner: Norton

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