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HUM Nutrition Review 2023

Christian Rigg

In a Nutshell

HUM Nutrition is a supplement company that offers monthly subscriptions on a wide range of products. A small number of reviews on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau are less than stellar, but they may not reflect most customers’ experiences. HUM Nutrition provides personalized recommendations from registered dieticians, who can be contacted at any time. Prices are in line with industry standards, and various discounts are available.


  • Free, personalized recommendations from registered dieticians
  • Multiple discounts available at checkout
  • Products endorsed by registered dieticians


  • Some low ratings on Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau
  • No way to purchase products without subscribing to a plan

HUM Nutrition HUM Nutrition Shop Now

HUM Nutrition: Plans & Pricing

HUM Nutrition offers products ranging from $10-$60 per monthly supply. The majority of products fall on the lower end of this range.

While you must sign up for a plan to complete your 1st order, you can choose between the Month to Month plan or the 3 Month plan. If you choose the latter, you receive a 10% discount but cannot pause or cancel your subscription for 3 months. After the first 3 months, the plan reverts to a regular Month to Month plan. You get to keep your 10% discount, and your order will be renewed automatically.

HUM Nutrition offers free shipping for orders over $50, and you can get a $10 discount by referring a friend, who also receives $10 off. You can refer up to 15 friends for a total discount of $150.


Collagen Love™
Best for firmer skin

Gut Instinct™
Best for (vegan) gut health

Daily Cleanse®
Best for clear skin

Cost Per Unit




Bulk Price

$30 with 3 Month subscription

$19.50 with 3 Month subscription

$19.50 with a 3 Month subscription


- Minimizes fine lines
- Supports firmness & elasticity
- Fights free radicals and signs of aging

- Supports healthy digestion
- Boosts immunity and fosters good bacteria
- Improves overall gut health

- Helps reduce breakouts
- Supports natural detoxification
- Supports elimination of impurities

Active ingredients

Collagen, antioxidant vitamin C, hyaluronic acid for moisture retention

10 strains of lactobacillus + bifidobacterium

Green algae, herbal blend, chlorella, and spirulina, plus antioxidants


3, any time, with food

1, any time, on an empty stomach

2 capsules, any time, with or without food

What else does HUM Nutrition offer?

In addition to the 3 popular solutions above, HUM Nutrition offers a variety of supplements for the skin, body, mood, and hair:

  • Flatter Me™ - $26 for 60 capsules or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Private Party™ - $26 for 30 capsules or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Skin Squad Pre+Probiotic™ - $40 for 60 capsules or $30 with 3 Month subscription
  • Moody Bird® - $26 for 60 capsules or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Counter Cravings™ - $50 for 60 capsules or $37.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Ripped Rooster™ - $45 for 60 capsules or $33.75 with 3 Month subscription
  • Über Energy® - $26 for 60 capsules or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Mighty Night™ - $40 for 60 soft gels or $30 with 3 Month subscription
  • OMG! Omega the Great™ - $30 for 60 soft gels or $22.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Arctic Repair™ - $60 for 90 capsules or $45 with 3 Month subscription
  • Turn Back Time™ - $40 for 60 capsules or $30 with 3 Month subscription
  • Hair Sweet Hair™ - $26 for 60 gummies or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Glow Sweet Glow™ - $26 for 60 gummies or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Boost Sweet Boost™ - $26 for 60 gummies or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Red Carpet® - $26 for 60 soft gels or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Fan Club™ - $40 for 30 capsules or $30 with 3 Month subscription
  • Skinny Bird® - $40 for 90 capsules or $30 with 3 Month subscription
  • Calm Sweet Calm™ - $30 for 60 gummies or $22.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Killer Nails® - $10 for 30 capsules or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Collagen Pop™ - $30 for 30 tablets or $22.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Big Chill® - $20 for 30 capsules or $15 with 3 Month subscription
  • Here Comes The Sun™ - $12 for 30 capsules or $9 with 3 Month subscription
  • Base Control™ - $10 for 30 tablets or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Base Control - Iron Free™ - $10 for 30 tablets or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Wing Man™ - $26 for 60 capsules or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Beauty ZZZZ™ - $10 for 30 capsules or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Air Patrol™ - $10 for 30 capsules or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Core Strength™ - $26 for 15 servings or $19.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Raw Beauty™ - $39 for 30 servings or $29.95 with 3 Month subscription
  • Raw Beauty™ - Vanilla & Berry - $39 for 30 servings or $29.25 with 3 Month subscription
  • B12 Turbo™ - $10 for 30 tablets or $7.50 with 3 Month subscription
  • Got Calcium™ - $15 for 60 tablets or $11.25 with 3 Month subscription
  • Runway Ready® - $36 for 30 packets or $27 with 3 Month subscription

How does HUM Nutrition work?

Your journey with HUM Nutrition starts with a 3-minute quiz that asks questions about your diet, lifestyle, and what you’d most like help with (e.g., fatigue, bloating). You’ll immediately receive recommendations based on your answers. A short while later, you’ll receive personalized recommendations via email from 1 of the on-staff nutritionists with even greater detail. It took just a few hours for us to receive our recommendations.

Based on the nutritionists’ recommendations, you can choose any combination of products from the list above. If you select 3 or more, you get a 15% discount.

When you’re ready to check out, simply choose a Month to Month or 3 Month plan, enter your shipping and billing information, and validate your order. If your order comes to more than $50, shipping is free.

You’ll receive your 1st order within a few days. It auto-renews each month until you either pause or cancel your subscription. You can also modify your order at any time to add, remove, or change the products.

Is HUM Nutrition reliable and safe?

HUM Nutrition has an average score of 3.1 on Trustpilot, although the company has only been reviewed 5 times. Three respondents rated it as Excellent and gave it 5 out of 5 stars, and 2 reviewers rated it as Bad and gave it 1 out of 5 stars.

Of those who were dissatisfied, 1 found the customer service difficult, although they enjoyed the product. The 2nd never received their 1st order and was ostensibly charged for new products in the following months. The 3 individuals who left positive reviews complimented the customer service team, recommendations from the nutritionists, and the quality of the products.

HUM Nutrition fairs worse on the Better Business Bureau, where it received a score of 1.5/5 from 8 reviews. It had seven 1-star reviews and one 5-star review, with other reviews falling somewhere in between. Seventeen complaints were lodged in the last 3 years, with seven in the last 12 months. Most complaints center around difficulties canceling the subscription, unexpected charges, and reactions to some products. HUM Nutrition provided detailed responses to each reviewer. In many cases, refunds were issued.

It’s worth noting that this is a small sample size. Therefore, these ratings may not reflect the typical user’s experience. HUM Nutrition claims to have a 90% satisfaction rating among its users.

Help and Support

HUM Nutrition offers daily customer service from 7am-6pm PT via phone at 888-647-8880 and email at The website also has a chat option, but it’s limited to a chatbot that provides standard responses to commonly asked questions.

HUM Nutrition offers free access to a registered dietician, whom you may contact at any time. You’ll be paired with a dietician when you first complete your sign-up quiz.

The website includes a fairly comprehensive help center, divided into sections like The Basics; Our RD Nutritionists; Plans, Savings & Benefits; and Our Products. You can also find information on orders and shipping or contact the company via an online form.

Finally, The WELLNEST Blog contains a large selection of articles on skin, hair, body, and mental health, plus nutrition and general wellness science.

What makes HUM Nutrition stand out?

HUM Nutrition stands out for a few reasons. As already mentioned, filling out the initial quiz results in personalized recommendations that are provided via an algorithm. A registered dietitian will later follow up with you with more detailed recommendations. You may continue to contact this dietitian throughout your subscription.

HUM Nutrition also offers a few different ways to save on your orders. If you select the 3 Month plan for your first purchase, you’ll receive a 25% discount, which you get to keep for the duration of your ongoing monthly subscription. By bundling 3 products or more, you also get a 10% discount on your order. When we signed up, we also received a $10 discount coupon. Additional discounts are available for referring up to 15 friends.

Each order also comes with a free monthly gift, free samples, and early access to new products.

Bottom Line

HUM Nutrition offers a variety of supplements. Its prices are in line with industry standards, especially when you consider the numerous discounts on offer.

Reviews are mixed, but there is only a small number of negative reviews. Most positive reviews (and even some otherwise negative ones) mainly focus on the quality of the product.

Given that you can cancel your Month to Month subscription at any time, anybody curious to test HUM Nutrition’s products can do so easily and safely. The fact that the products are endorsed by registered dietitians, who can help you decide on the best supplements for you, is another big positive.


Q: Are HUM products FDA approved?

A: The FDA doesn’t approve dietary supplements. It only regulates them as food products. HUM claims to manufacture its products “in the highest quality manner, tested for identity and purity by independent labs, and structure-function claims are supported by clinical research.”

Q: How long does HUM Nutrition take to work?

A: How long it takes HUM nutrition to work varies by product. Typically, it takes between 4 to 8 weeks for significant results such as clearer skin or improved gut health to appear.

Q: What is the HUM 3 Month plan?

A: If you opt for the 3 Month plan when you sign up for HUM Nutrition, you’ll be locked in for the first 3 months. You can’t cancel or pause your orders. You do, however, receive an extra 25% off your order. After 3 months, the plan continues on a month-to-month basis, and you get to keep the 25% discount.

HUM Nutrition HUM Nutrition Shop Now

Christian is a psychology and mental health writer with interests in social psychology, psychopathology, and well-being. He holds a degree in Neuropsychology from the University of Toronto and has written for a variety of online publications including,, and

HUM Nutrition customer reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

Top Reviews

Ease of use

Brand satisfaction

Value for money

Service quality

7 months ago

I feel like it's a great new app to help to keep your whole family healthy and learning new things about staying healthy. I would recommend this to all of my family. It's an essential part of today's healthy lifestyle.

7 months ago

HUM provides quality products, a great selection and excellent customer service. Their products are really affordable.

7 months ago

They have a wide variety of vitamins and supplements at a great price which I can afford.

7 months ago

I like the fact that their products come in capsules that are easy to swallow. I feel that I have been able to build up my immune system since I have not had a cold in many months.

7 months ago

HUM Nutrition has great prices on their vitamins. I really like ordering from them because they offer a wide variety of vitamins and supplements for different needs!

8 months ago

HUM supplements offers a wide variety of products that fit my needs. When I take them regularly, I always feel better.

8 months ago

The variety of of choices between pills and gummies is excellent. I like that it's easy to find them in my local vitamin store.

8 months ago

They offer very good vitamins that help make up for vitamins, like fiber, that I don't get enough of from the meals I sometimes like to eat at fast food places. I always feels better taking them everyday. Recently, I noticed my health has improved since I started using them. They have really great products that I'll continue to buy for a long time.

8 months ago

I use their gummy products and they taste good. I am very satisfied with what I have received so far. I have not had any concerns or problems.

8 months ago

HUM Nutrition tastes incredibly good for a vitamin and is so easy to chew. The flavors are so delicious and the cost is affordable.

9 months ago

HUM Nutrition gives me the boost I need each day. They have vitamins that provide for all my needs. It is the best for my skin, health, body and mood. That means I will always be feeling well and in the best of moods.

10 months ago

They have gummy vitamins, which is great because they're easy to take and usually taste amazing. It's great that they have many different vitamins available as well.

10 months ago

They have a quick response time when you have a question about their product. It's rather expensive, but for the price it's a good product.

7 months ago

Their supplements are easy to take and provide the daily nutrition I need. HUM has all the vitamins that I need to keep me healthy.

8 months ago

They are easy to take, but I feel like they are the same as a lot of other vitamins, except the price is higher. They just word things differently, so people fall for it. I do like the skin supplements with sunflower, so now I am stuck paying for it.

8 months ago

Their vitamins and supplements are are very effective, high quality and always in stock. I wouldn't use anything else.

8 months ago

HUM Nutrition is great. They supply all the essential vitamins I need when I don't get enough from the food I eat.

8 months ago

It's great that their products are always available. Their prices could be a little lower, or they could offer discounts to make it more affordable.

8 months ago

HUM should offer a larger variety of healthcare products. They should also be more visible in the marketplace, as they offer a great product.

8 months ago

They are a little expensive, but are a great quality product and always available when I need it. I can easily order and ship so I don't have to worry.

HUM Nutrition
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