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BrainStation Review 2023

Bootcamp and course options for a flexible learning experience
By Bridget NalwogaBy Bridget Nalwoga -
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023
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Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

Is BrainStation Worth It?

BrainStation sets itself apart from other bootcamps by catering to a diverse range of students. It offers in-person and online learning with both part- and full-time options. I would especially recommend it to students looking for in-person options since they cost the same as the online bootcamps. Overall, if you’re looking for a reputable bootcamp that can accommodate an unpredictable schedule, BrainStation is a solid choice.

Years operating
Variety of courses/programs

BrainStation Pros & Cons


16 bootcamp and course options
Multiple student resources available
Offers flexible learning schedules


No job guarantee after graduation
Only two payment plans

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BrainStation in a Nutshell

Years operating




Variety of courses/programs


Suitable for

Learners who want the option of in-person classes

Online experience

- Quick application process

- FAQs

- Pricing on request of course package

- Live sessions

- Recorded lectures

- Updated blog pages 



BrainStation is a leading tech learning platform that offers a range of bootcamps and certificate courses. It’s currently ranked as one of the best coding bootcamps by recognized bootcamp reviews and has strong ratings on online platforms.

BrainStation’s courses span various areas in tech, including web development, data science, design, marketing, and more. It offers flexible learning options in online and in-person formats, along with part- and full-time schedules. Before starting your course, BrainStation assigns you a learning advisor with whom you can discuss course options, career goals, and more. 

What is BrainStation?

BrainStation caters to a diverse range of learners aiming to transition into or further their careers in tech. BrainStation also has campuses in multiple cities worldwide, including New York, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, and London.

Full-time programs run from Monday-Friday and take 12 weeks to complete. Part-time programs have two evening sessions during the workweek and one session on Saturdays. They take about 28 weeks to complete.

Below is a list of BrainStation’s bootcamps.

  • Software Engineering: Teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, back-end development, and DevOps. You'll also prepare for real-world work with BrainStation's Career Accelerator Program, where you can show off your completed projects.

  • UX Design: Offers hands-on learning in user experience (UX), design thinking, user research, user interface (UI) design, and more. In the last unit, your instructors will help you design workflows with developers to build your portfolio and prepare for your UX/UI career. 

  • Data Science: Covers essential data skills, from analysis to visualization, using tools like MySQL and Tableau. In later units, you'll learn how to program with Python, explore machine learning techniques, and work with big data.

  • Web Development: Explores foundational web development skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You'll also learn about back-end development using Node.js and Express, as well as modern technologies like React for building single-page applications.

  • Cybersecurity: Covers essential topics from foundational cybersecurity principles to advanced offensive and defensive strategies. You’ll learn about network security, encryption, risk management, incident response, and more.

Meanwhile, BrainStation’s certificate courses are less in-depth and intensive than its bootcamps. Courses include:

  • Data Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Python

  • UX Design

  • UI Design

  • Web Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Product Management

  • Design Thinking

  • Cybersecurity

  • Design Leadership

  • Marketing Leadership

  • Product Leadership

Is BrainStation Safe and Reliable?

While BrainStation has a Trustpilot page, it has no reviews yet. Similarly, it doesn’t have Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation or any reviews on the site. 

However, based on what former students say about BrainStation, I would say it’s a safe and reliable provider. It has strong ratings—over 4.6 out of five stars—on top review platforms. Many reviewers noted the course content exceeded their expectations, and they advanced their careers with what they learned. Other students have said they loved the instructors, but a few mentioned feeling overwhelmed with the pace of the full-time courses. 

What I find adds to BrainStain’s reliability is its hiring partners. The company states that it has over 7,000 hiring partners, including major global companies like Adidas, Peloton, and Asana. 

How BrainStation Works

BrainStation offers a mix of bootcamps and certificate courses. The bootcamps are more intensive, aiming to teach you practical skills in as little time as possible. In contrast, the certificate courses offer a flexible learning timeline, with some having only one class per week.

BrainStation’s learning structure blends live classes and recorded lectures, and programs follow set routines. For example, a typical full-time day in the Software Engineering bootcamp starts with pre-class preparation, followed by daily reviews, lecture and lab challenges, a lunch break, and whiteboarding and code-along sessions. Finally, the day ends with project work and personalized coaching sessions. 

How to apply to BrainStation

I found BrainStation’s application process very simple and direct. Once you decide what certificate course or bootcamp you’d like to take, you must request the corresponding program package. 

On the BrainStation website, each course page has a form you must fill out to access its package. You’ll enter your name, email address, and phone number, then click the blue View Course Package button. From here, you’ll be able to start your application.

The first step of the application is deciding whether you’d like to study part- or full-time. Next, you’ll choose between online or in-person learning, then decide on your preferred learning location. If you plan to study online, you’ll need to select what country you’re in. If you choose in-person learning, you’ll simply choose your campus. 

Then, you’ll choose which cohort you’d like to join. There tends to be a new cohort every six to eight weeks. 

Next, a form will pop up. You’ll enter your name, email, address, and phone number and create a password for your account. Finally, you’ll choose a payment plan, make your first payment, and be ready to go. 

This process took me less than five minutes from start to finish.


BrainStation's prerequisites vary depending on the specific course or bootcamp you're interested in. The one prerequisite all students must have is proficiency in English.

All certificate courses require a minimum of a high school diploma, and some may require you to pass a Prep Challenge before starting your course. 

BrainStation isn’t very clear on the requirements for some of its bootcamps. For some, such as the Web Development Bootcamp, BrainStation states that anyone with any background can join the program. However, the company doesn’t explicitly state the same for courses like Cybersecurity and Data Science. 


Given the range of options available, tuition varies significantly. All part-time and full-time BrainStation bootcamps cost $16,500. Certificate courses cost much less, ranging between $2,450 and $3,950. 

Here are the prices for some of the most popular BrainStation certificate courses:

  • Artificial Intelligence Course Online: $3,250

  • Cybersecurity Course Online: $3,250

  • Data Analytics Course Online: $3,250

  • Design Leadership Course Online: $3,950

  • Social Media Marketing: $2,450

  • Python: $2,950

Unfortunately, BrainStation doesn’t offer as many payment options as some other bootcamps. There are only two options: pay your tuition upfront or in monthly installments.

You may be able to get financing through one of BrainStation’s scholarships. These are the Women in Technology, Diversity and Inclusion, University and College, Not-For-Profit, Veterans, and Entrepreneurship Scholarships. 

BrainStation Student Resources

Before admission, there are two ways to contact the BrainStation team. There’s a form on the website’s contact page that you can fill out and submit. Alternatively, you can visit the site’s homepage and click the blue Get Started button to pull up another contact form. Here, you’ll fill out your contact details and select a time and date that a BrainStation Learning Advisor can call you. You can schedule your call ‌anytime between 11am and 5pm ET Monday-Friday.

During your time at BrainStation, you’ll have access to various student resources. You’ll have scheduled one-on-one sessions with an instructor who will guide you through any challenges you might be having. The frequency of these sessions depends on what program you take and what learning schedule you’re following. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to career guidance through career counseling and the career pages on the website. The career pages give an overview of what professionals in that career do on a day-to-day basis, the tools and technologies they use, and insights into the job itself. You'll also find information about the required skills and how to land a job in that field. 

After graduation, you’ll receive additional career support, including networking events, interview workshops, and demo days where you can show off your projects to industry professionals.

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BrainStation Alternatives

How BrainStation compares with other tech bootcamps


Kenzie Academy


Fullstack Academy

Years operating







$10,000 - $20,000



Variety of courses/programs





Student resources

- Learning Advisor 

- Career pages

- Career guidance

 - 1:1 coaching 

 - Academic support

- Academic support

- Phone and email support

- Online Helpdesk ticketing

- Mental and physical health support

- Career support

- Academic mentorship

- Career support

- Academic advisors

- Free academic support

- Career coaching

- Email and live chat support

- Free intro classes

- Portfolio building

- Alumni community

Online experience

- Quick application process

- FAQs

- Pricing on request of course package

- Live sessions

- Recorded lectures

- Updated blog pages

- Smooth admissions process

- Flexible learning options - Live classes and on-demand recordings

- Transparent pricing

- Useful FAQ page and educational blog

- Dedicated Learning Success Advisor

- Quick application process

- User-friendly website

- Updated blog

- Transparent pricing

- Live and recorded classes

- Smooth admissions process

- Pre-enrollment assessment

- Extensive course FAQs

- Live classes, demos, and challenges

- Clear curriculum and schedule


BrainStation vs Springboard

BrainStation and Springboard are similar in the variety of tech fields they cater to—but BrainStation offers certificate courses, while Springboard doesn’t. The companies also differ in teaching modes: Springboard is online only, while BrainStation offers in-person and online classes. However, BrainStation is more costly for popular programs like web development and data analytics bootcamps. 

BrainStation vs Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy differs from BrainStation and some other programs given it’s affiliated with a university—Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)—which boosts its credibility. However, BrainStation has also proven itself in other ways, such as collaborating with recruiters at tech companies and helping former students advance their careers. Further, BrainStation has a wider variety of courses than Kenzie Academy, which offers only five. 

BrainStation vs Fullstack Academy

Similar to BrainStation, Fullstack Academy offers bootcamps for those looking to break into tech. However, BrainStation offers courses and in-person classes, which Full Stack Academy doesn’t. On the other hand, compared to BrainStation, Fullstack Academy has more comprehensive prep courses for those who are completely new to the tech industry. 

Bottom Line

What sets BrainStation apart is its range of bootcamps and certificate courses. The company also stands out for its flexible learning options: both online and in-person, with part- and full-time pathways. 

BrainStation programs come at mid-range prices, and monthly payment plans are available for students who can’t afford an upfront payment. Plus, the availability of scholarships makes it even more affordable for certain groups.

Additionally, my experience with BrainStation's application process was seamless. The clear steps, user-friendly interface, and quick process made the experience straightforward and enjoyable. 

I would highly recommend BrainStation to anyone seeking a flexible tech program, personalized guidance, practical skills development, and career support at the end of their journey. 


What does BrainStation do?

BrainStation offers bootcamps and courses for individuals looking to break into or further their careers in tech. Course topics include data, AI, design, web development, marketing, product, cybersecurity, and leadership. BrainStation offers career guidance through a learning advisor if you’re unsure what field is right for you. They can help you decide what program would serve your career best. 

Is BrainStation expensive?

BrainStation’s bootcamps cost more than some alternatives on the market—but they’re also more affordable than many others. Each bootcamp costs $16,500, which sits in the middle of other online bootcamp tuition fees. BrainStation’s certificate courses cost much less, with some going as low as $2,450. 

Who is the owner of BrainStation?

BrainStation was founded by Jason Field, who has acted as CEO since the company’s founding in 2012. 

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