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What You Should Be Watching on Amazon

With thousands of movies and TV shows available to stream and download on Amazon, there is truly something out there for everybody. We’ve scoured the top websites and combed dozens of reviews by critics and fans to select 10 can't-miss shows that you should start binging today.

So kick back, and start streaming some of the best shows to ever hit the small screen - all of which you can find on Amazon.

1.) Transparent


First aired: 2014 (4 seasons)

Best for: people who love great writing and powerful family dramas

What can you say about Transparent that hasn’t already been said by a hundred lovestruck TV critics? Few television programs have received the type of accolades that Transparent has since it aired in 2014, and few have had a greater impact on their medium.

The show is centered on the Pfeffermans, a dysfunctional Jewish family from L.A., whose patriarch, Mort, has decided to come out as transgender. Mort’s journey to live the life he has always hidden sparks a sort of unraveling among his 3 grown children, whose secrets, fears, and pasts are all laid bare.

They’re not the easiest gang to love, but that’s part of the draw. Their struggles, selfishness, heartache, and searching, are all part of a powerful, unique family drama that leaves a lasting impression.

2.) The Tick


First aired: 2017 (one season)

Best for: fans of the superhero genre who love a good laugh 

Not all superhero productions are blockbuster behemoths of CGI and controlled demolitions. Some have an eye for parody, humor, and plain, simple fun.

The Tick centers on the story of mild-mannered accountant Arthur, who has discovered that his city is under the grip of a nefarious supervillain. No one believes Arthur until he meets The Tick, an indestructible, blue superhero with unclear superpowers who quickly becomes his sidekick.

The friendship serves up heaps of goofball, tongue-in-cheek comedy and comic-book style action as the maybe-not-so-dynamic duo hits the streets.

Call it a comedy or a send-up of the superhero genre; we just call it a good time.

3.) The Americans

Crime, Drama, Mystery

First aired: 2013 (6 seasons)

Best for: viewers who love a great, heart-pounding spy thriller

The Cold War is alive and kicking in this spy thriller set in a 1980s Washington DC suburb, where one couple isn’t what they seem to be.

The Jennings appear to be the ideal, good-looking young suburban couple, but really they’re 2 KGB sleeper agents, whose own children don’t know the truth about them.

These [very] deep cover agents struggle not only with the demands of their profession, but also with making their arranged marriage and parenthood work under the most stressful - and bizarre- conditions one could imagine.

It’s not a typical family drama - and it’s unlike any spy series you’ve ever seen.

4.) The Man in the High Castle

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

2015- (3 seasons)

Best for: people fascinated by history, thrillers, and wondering what could have been

Typically considered a dystopian alternative history series, The Man in the High Castle is in some ways more terrifying than any horror show.

The series is based on the novel by science fiction author Philip K. Dick, and takes place in a post-WWII US, where the swastika flies above Times Square and the Nazis and the Japanese have parceled up the US between them. Resistance fighters struggle to stay alive and preserve whatever remains of the world that was destroyed, as the Axis powers enact their plans of conquest across the vanquished US.

It’s a powerful, beautifully-rendered show that stays with you long after the credits roll.

5.) One Mississippi

Comedy, Drama

First aired: 2015 (2 seasons)

Best for: those of us with a little nostalgia, who’d like a great comedy to tie it all together 

They say you can never go home again, but comedian Tig Notaro does just that in this dark comedy which was inspired by events in her own life.

Notaro plays an L.A. radio host who returns to her native Mississippi to tend to her dying mother, and ends up staying a while and dealing with the truth about her own family, her roots, and what she left behind.

The series was co-written by Diablo Cody, who penned the Academy Award-winning script for Juno.

One Mississippi isn’t a typical comedy or family drama, but at all times it’s a powerful story about home, family, and how we try to make sense of it all.

6.) Catastrophe

Comedy, Drama

First aired: 2015 (3 seasons)

Best for: people who are sick of typical romantic comedies

Picture a classic romantic comedy, cover it in a few layers of chaos, ball it up, throw it out the window, and you have Catastrophe.

It’s the tale of an American guy who has a one-night stand with a British school teacher during a business trip in London, and soon learns that she has a baby on the way.

Thus begins one of the more unlikely - and hilarious - love stories ever shown on television.

This odd couple - 2 big personalities separated by a common language - grapple with their sudden, unplanned and unwanted love affair and newfound parenthood. Along the way they create one of the most unique couples in TV history.

Catastrophe and the couple at its center are a beautiful crazy mess, but then, isn’t love?

7.) The Grand Tour

Comedy, talk-show

First aired: 2016 (3 seasons)

Best for: people with a sense of humor who love cars and travel

The lads from Top Gear are back - and in a big way. In this Amazon Video original, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May chase their high octane adventures in exotic locales across the world, leaving time for time trials, celebrity cameos, and some ribbing between mates.

The show is a massive undertaking and Amazon is reportedly spending several million pounds for every single episode, as the boys drag their toys and the show’s traveling tent from one country to another.

Think of The Grand Tour as Top Gear with the restrictor plates taken off, and a heavy dose of steroids mainlined directly into the gas tank.

8.) Red Oaks

Comedy, Drama

2014-2017 (3 seasons)

Best for: people who still miss the 80s, or their early 20s, or anyone really who just loves great comedy

Sometimes, nostalgia can feel oh so good.

Red Oaks is the story of 20-year-old David Myers, a college student who takes a summer job as an assistant tennis instructor at a predominantly Jewish country club in New Jersey.

Part coming of age movie, part 80s sex romp, Red Oaks is a fun look at a young man and his friends trying to figure out the mysteries of life at that age when you think you already have it all figured out.

The characters are fun, endearing, and relatable, and it’s hard not to pull for (most of) them.

The series also stars Paul Reiser as the no-nonsense president of the country club, which he plays to perfection.

9.) Mr Robot 

Crime, Drama, Thriller

First aired: 2015 (3 seasons)

Best for: those of us who love to binge a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing 

Some shows are just made to be binge-watched.

Mr Robot stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cyber-security consultant who moonlights as a “white hat” hacker in his spare time.

The show is dark, addictive, and fast-paced, a sort of dystopian cyberpunk crime thriller that always keeps you guessing. It won praise from critics and audiences, as well as hackers, who have praised its devotion to authentically in how it depicts their craft.

So give Mr Robot a shot, and while you’re at it, if you find a thumb drive on the pavement on your way home, just leave it be.

10.) Justified

Action, Crime, Drama

2010-2015 (6 seasons)

Best for: people who love crime dramas, action, and Elmore Leonard

A modern day crime thriller set in Appalachia and inspired by the works of Elmore Leonard? It’s no surprise Justified is a fan and critic favorite.

The show stars Timothy Oliphant as US Marshal Raylan Givens, a dead eye lawman reassigned to his Kentucky hometown after using his firearm one too many times on the job.

In his hometown of Harlan, he reunites with his family and associates from his past, and battles with the backwoods gangsters and hustlers who have spread gunplay - and explosives - across this corner of Kentucky.

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