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The Best Photo & Video Editing Apps 2024

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In today's digital age, photo and video editing apps have become indispensable tools for both amateurs and professionals alike. These versatile applications empower users to transform their raw footage or images into stunning works of art with just a few taps or clicks. From enhancing colors and adding filters to refining compositions and removing imperfections, these apps offer a myriad of features to unleash creativity and elevate visual storytelling. Whether you're an aspiring content creator looking to polish your social media posts or a seasoned photographer striving for perfection, these apps provide a convenient and accessible platform to unleash your artistic vision. With their user-friendly interfaces and powerful editing tools, photo and video editing apps revolutionize the way we capture, edit, and share our visual stories, making creativity more accessible than ever before.

Our Top 10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps:

  • Facetune - Best for both photo & video editing
  • Adobe Photoshop -
  • Adobe Lightroom -
  • Photoleap - Best for advanced photo editing
  • Videoleap - Best for video quality
  • Picsart - AI image enhancement
  • Flixier - Best for fast publishing
  • Fotor -
  • Movavi - Best for multi-language videos
  • Airbrush.com - Best for multi-photo editing
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A Closer Look at the Top 10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps

    An AI-powered photo and video editor
    • Best for - Editing selfie images
    • Base price - $5 per month
    • Free version features - Basics like teeth whitening, photo cropping, and beauty filters
    • Paid version features - Basics plus features like face enhancer and background replacer
    • Customer support - Email, contact form, blog, FAQs
    An AI-powered photo and video editor

    Facetune focuses on using AI to create quality visual content. It’s compatible with Android and Apple devices and is straightforward to install and register. Prices are comparable to other basic photo and editing apps and come in three plans—monthly, yearly, and a one-time purchase. The free version has limited features and ads, but you can use the seven-day free trial to try the premium tools. 

    Customer support and advice on using Facetune comes via email support, blog posts, and FAQs. The app also has good reviews, and the company responds to customer complaints quickly. Facetune is worth considering for your photo and video editing needs.

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    Facetune Pros & Cons


    App trial for seven days
    Various customer support options
    iOS and Android apps


    Unpaid version puts watermarks on photos
    Free version has many ads
    facetune logo
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    High-quality and effortless AI photo editing
    • Best for - Beginner-friendly quick photo editing
    • Base price - $3.33/month (billed at $39.99 yearly)
    • Free version features - Basic photo editing and AI tools, watermarked JPEG downloads
    • Paid version features - Full suite of editing and AI tools, watermark removal, JPEG and PNG downloads
    • Customer support - Web form, email, help center FAQs
    High-quality and effortless AI photo editing

    Photoleap is a user-friendly mobile photo editor that lets you edit and transform your photos in seconds. You can use editing tools like instant enhancement, cut-outs, and many AI filters and modifications for free. For instance, you can remove and add objects and apply new styles to interior design images.

    The paid plan—just $3.33/month when billed annually—includes advanced editing tools like blemish removal and packs extra AI filters and styles. Plus, you can download your creations in more formats and without watermarks. 

    Overall, the app produces quick, high-quality results. While the pricing could be more transparent, setting up an account is straightforward, and you’re offered a free seven-day trial of the premium plan.

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    Photoleap Pros & Cons


    Impressive AI photo editing
    Free plan available


    Website could offer more transparent pricing
    Support only by email and web form
    photoleap logo
    A video editor with several useful AI tools
    • Best for - Best for social media video creation
    • Base price - Free ($7.99 per month for the Pro version)
    • Free version features - Overlays, text, filters, stickers, templates, effects, some AI tools
    • Paid version features - Additional AI tools, Infinite Zoom, advanced editing tools, extra audiovisual effects
    • Customer support - Email and online form
    A video editor with several useful AI tools

    Videoleap is a video editing platform with hundreds of features, effects, and AI tools to create video content. Some are basic tools for making minor adjustments, while others can completely change how your video looks or sounds. Videoleap has been downloaded tens of millions of times and has hundreds of thousands of reviews.

    The app is free to download and use, but the Pro version unlocks even more features and additional AI tools. It also removes the Videoleap watermark from your content. Videoleap is user-friendly, and it’s very straightforward to navigate through the various features. You can also get started in seconds with only your email address.

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    Videoleap Pros & Cons


    Hundreds of different editing features and tools
    Easy-to-use and streamlined design
    A variety of pre-made content to explore and use


    A watermark for non-subscribers
    You need the Pro version for many of the AI editing features
    videoleap logo
    AI-powered editor with dozens of tools
    • Best for - AI image enhancement
    • Base price - $15 monthly (or $7.50 monthly if billed yearly)
    • Free version features - Standard editing tools, free images and templates, limited use of AI features, 100 MB of cloud storage
    • Paid version features - Additional editing tools, expanded use of AI tools, batch editing, and up to 20 GB of cloud storage.
    • Customer support - Online help center and support request form
    AI-powered editor with dozens of tools

    Picsart is an online editor that uses AI to streamline your work. It provides a variety of standard editing tools like filters, effects, blur, stickers, and text.

    You can use the platform on a computer or take your editing on the go with the mobile app. It’s also a social network, so you can explore what others have created, leave comments, and share your edits.

    While the free version is great for many people, upgrading to Picsart Plus or Picsart Pro unlocks further editing features, additional AI tools, and extra cloud storage. Pricing is comparable to the industry average, and the platform has millions of users.

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    Picsart Pros & Cons


    Plenty of useful AI-powered features
    Social networking
    Use at home on your computer or on-the-go


    Busy user interface
    Only a few features and options available for free
    picsart logo
    Versatile and intuitive AI-powered online photo ...
    • Best for - AI-powered photo editing
    • Base price - $8.99/month or $39.99/year
    • Free version features - Basic editing tools, filters, and effects
    • Paid version features - AI enhancement and effects, batch processing, watermark-free exports
    • Customer support - Email, live chat, WhatsApp, knowledge base
    Versatile and intuitive AI-powered online photo e...

    Fotor is an impressive browser-based photo editing tool that combines a user-friendly interface with a robust set of features.

    The free version of Fotor is more of a taster, as upgrading to a paid plan unlocks Fotor's most powerful features, such as AI art effects, background remover, and batch processing. The pricing is competitive, with the Pro plan offering excellent value for those who need access to the advanced tools.

    While it lacks phone support, Fotor remains a top alternative to more expensive photo editing software for anyone seeking a versatile and accessible online photo editor.

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    Fotor Pros & Cons


    Intuitive interface suitable for all skill levels
    Impressive AI-powered enhancement tools
    Extensive collection of filters, overlays, and effects


    No phone support
    Most AI features require a paid subscription
    Intuitive and easy-to-use video editing platform
    • Best for - Best for beginners
    • Base price - $79.95 for one year
    • Free version features - N/A
    • Paid version features - Overlays, transitions, filters, AI tools, color correction, and many more.
    • Customer support - Email, online form, and live chat.
    Intuitive and easy-to-use video editing platform

    Movavi is a popular and affordable video editing program with millions of downloads and thousands of positive reviews on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Trustpilot. The platform has support for over a dozen languages and is used in nearly 200 countries.

    It’s great for all experience levels, as it packs several useful features (including AI tools) into an intuitive and user-friendly design. Movavi is easy to navigate, too. There’s no free version, but you can try before you buy with a seven-day free trial. However, the trial version has a watermark and a 60-second limit on videos.

    You can get started with Movavi in only a few minutes. The website also offers a collection of helpful resources, including dozens of guides and hundreds of FAQs. Movavi provides customer support via numerous channels, including email, an online form, and live chat.

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    Movavi Pros & Cons


    A large variety of useful editing tools
    AI features to refine your videos
    Easy-to-use platform for both new and experienced users


    Only a seven-day free trial—no free version
    Missing some advanced tools and features
    High-quality headshot photos
    • Best for - Editing photo portraits
    • Base price - $7.99/month
    • Free version features - Face sculpt, blur, acne removal, skin tone adjustments
    • Paid version features - AI retouch tool, contouring, eraser, relighting, and more
    • Customer support - Email, FAQs, tutorials, blog
    High-quality headshot photos

    AirBrush is a user-friendly, AI-powered image editor with extensive free and paid features. Free tools include teeth whitening and blemish removal. Notable among paid features is the AI photo retouching tool. It’s best for editing headshots or portraits and works on a web browser or as an Android or Apple app. 

    Downloading and signing up for the app is straightforward and quick. There’s a seven-day free trial to test the premium service and monthly or annual payment options. Pricing is competitive compared to rivals, and paying removes the ads you get in the free version. Bottom line, if you want a top-notch photo editor to improve or fix your images, AirBrush is worth considering.

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    Airbrush.com Pros & Cons


    Free trial for seven days
    Top-notch free and premium features
    iOS and Android apps available


    Free version contains ads
    Some problems with AI-generated images
    airbrushcom logo

Photo and Video Editing Apps

What Are Photo and Video Editing Apps?

Photo and video editing apps are sophisticated tools designed to tweak, alter, and craft visual content. These platforms range from straightforward photo editors with essential adjustments like crop and filter to complex software such as Adobe Photoshop, which enables intricate image manipulation. They're aimed at a diverse audience, from individuals seeking to enhance the photo background for an eye-catching profile picture to professionals making detailed edits on headshots or promotional videos.

Why Use Photo and Video Editing Apps?

Utilizing photo and video editing apps transcends simple beautification. They're crucial for content creators, marketers, and everyday users looking to produce engaging visuals. Whether for boosting social media engagement, establishing professional identity, or personal expression, these tools provide features like object removal, photo quality enhancement, and video background change. Apps like Canva and TikTok Editor further facilitate content creation with user-friendly video editing features, making creative expression more accessible.

What Features Do Photo and Video Editing Apps Have?

From basic adjustments to advanced capabilities, photo and video editing apps are packed with features. These include AI photo effects, face editing, and precise object removal techniques. Apps cater to personalizing visuals further with options to blur photo backgrounds, integrate makeup apps, and generate AI avatars. For those looking to commemorate special occasions with birthday images or collages, these apps offer the necessary tools. Moreover, AI-driven features like generative fill and photo enhancement push the boundaries of traditional editing.

How Do Photo and Video Editing Apps Use AI?

AI technology significantly enhances the functionality of photo and video editing apps, offering innovative solutions. AI photo editors like Facetune and PhotoLeap automatically improve photo quality, while face apps and beauty apps utilize AI for skin smoothing and digital makeup applications. Video editing has been revolutionized with apps like VideoLeap, simplifying tasks such as background removal and automated editing. AI not only makes editing more accessible but also opens up new avenues for creative exploration.

The Benefits of Using Photo and Video Editing Apps

The advantages of photo and video editing apps are vast, streamlining the content creation process and enabling the production of professional-grade visuals. For influencers, marketers, and corporations, these tools are indispensable in crafting content that captivates their audience. Every day users enjoy refining their photos, from perfecting selfies with Facetune to creating engaging birthday collages. These apps democratize creativity, allowing anyone with a device to unlock their creative potential. With AI integration, achieving professional-level outcomes, from photo and video quality enhancement to generating compelling AI artworks, has become a staple in the digital toolbox.

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